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All human research ethics applications must contain an Application Form and a Risk Assessment Checklist. On most occasions you will also need to provide additional documents.

For your convenience, a short-cut for access to the mandatory application and risk assessment documents is provided below.

When your research project has been completed, a Project Closure Report must be submitted to the Human Research Ethics Office (HREO).

Closure reports

Your obligations

In addition to the requirement to provide regular Annual Milestone Reports while your research project is active, researchers are also required to provide a Closure Report at the completion of the project.

The Chief Investigator is responsible for ensuring that a Project Closure Report is completed and submitted to the HREO at the end of the project.

This should be done when all research activities have been completed and when all contact with participants has been finalised.


A project Closure Report should be submitted by the Chief Investigator, when the research project has been completed.

Because the maximum duration of ethics approval for a project is 5 years, and because regular Annual Milestone Reports are required, the submission of a Closure Report can be initiated in 2 ways:

  1. By the Chief Investigator at the completion of the research project. (When you finish your project, you must initiate the submission of a Closure Report.)
  2. By the HREO when the maximum 5-year ethics approval period comes to an end.  

If you have been requested to submit a Milestone Report but your project has finished, access the milestone report facility through ROAP and indicate that the project has been completed when submitting this report..

For convenience, the Closure Report may be completed by any member of the research team. However, before submission of the Closure Report to the HREO, it must be checked and submitted by the Chief Investigator, who takes responsibility for all information contained in the report.

Closure Report template

Submission of your Closure Report
Please submit your completed Closure Report, including any attached documents, to the Human Ethics office.

(Please note that the HE office will only accept an electronic version of your Closure Report.)