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The Research Impact Series showcases some of our key research and discoveries. Come and learn about the problems we are working on, and how research has contributed to change in our community.

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      • Community

        Loneliness during pandemic lockdown life – role of social activity and depression

        This webinar takes a look at the effect of lockdown on those who already suffer loneliness. What measures can help promote resilience and what has the most protective effect?

      • Community

        Western Australian Legacies of British Slavery

        Profesor Jane Lydon reviews the WA Legacies of British slavery project, which aims to trace the movement of people, goods, capital, and practices from the Caribbean to WA by applying a biographical method

      • Community

        I am not a Kanaka or a N__' Slave pasts and kidnapped men in the Pacific

        This talk explores questions about slavery, freedom, and ‘blackness’ of black seamen within the colonial Pacific Labour arena.

      • Community

        Pastoralism, Aboriginal labour and the shift towards convict transportation in Western Australia

        Jeremy Martens examines the WA pastoral industry’s demand for and dependence on Aboriginal labour from the late 1830s until the mid-1840s, in the aftermath of the conquest of the Avon valley.

      • Community

        Future-ready crops for a changing climate: the role of bioinformatics

        With bush fires and record droughts, the effects of climate change are impacting Australia now. This team work closely with plant breeders to bring useful genes into breeding pipelines to breed improved crops, that have the potential to be future-proofed.

      • Community

        James Stirling, first governor of Western Australia and imperial investor

        This talk explores whether the intergenerational biographical method expands and enlivens, or reduces our understanding of the legacies of British slavery in the Australian settler colonies.

      • Community

        2021 Laki Jayasuriya Oration “Multiculturalism and the politics of fear and exclusion”

        The 2021 Laki Jayasuriya Oration, delivered by human rights advocate and writer Nyadol Nyuon who will be speaking on multiculturalism and the politics of fear and exclusion.

      • Community

        Pingelly Astrofest 2021

        This astronomically awesome FREE event will have a myriad of interesting and engaging activities to help stargazers young and old learn more about the night sky.

      • Community

        Cultural and Linguistic Diversity Inclusion Seminar: `Building meaningful connections: Moving beyond multicultural food to multicultural connection?

        The seminar by Immigration, Race and Representation Researcher, Cathy Martin will be followed by a panel who will discuss their lived experiences and how we can make meaningful connections as a diverse community.

      • Community

        Echoes of slavery in the colonisation of Western Australia's north

        This talk takes a look at the agitation of the 1880’s in WA. A time when colonists were demonstrating their ability to control the vast last with cheap, reliable labour.

      • Community

        Going Further, Faster ? A Policy Agenda for WA 2021

        Join us for the official launch. Experts will also offer their views on what needs to be done to make rapid progress in securing future prosperity and a sustainable and fair society for WA.

      • Community

        National biographies and transnational lives: legacies of British slavery across the empire

        This talk explores how Britain and its other settler colonies remembered, forgot, or suppressed, the legacies of British slavery in their national biographical dictionaries.

      • Community

        Exhibiting slavery

        This talk investigates the recent shifts in narrative and interpretive strategies, within global social, political and historical contexts, in relation to past exhibitions from the Americas, Africa, Europe and Oceania.

      • Community

        Linking the legacies of British slave-ownership to Australian colonisation

        This final session in the Writing Slavery into Australian History series brings together members of the Western Australian Legacies of British Slavery project research team in Australia and the UK.

      • Community

        The African diaspora in Australia and transnational political, economic and socio-cultural engagement: preliminary findings from a Delphi study

        This seminar looks at transnational contributions of the African-Australian diaspora to the socio-economic, political and cultural landscapes of home and host regions.

      • Community

        Developing better treatments for kids with brain cancer

        Very little research focuses on children’s cancers, and new treatments are desperately needed to improve both survival and quality of life. This talk focusses on finding ways to develop more effective treatments that have less side effects for kids with brain cancer.

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