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Research Involving Govt. Agencies
The following information on contact and policy requirements for research with WA Government agencies is provided to assist UWA researchers who may wish to undertake research activities involving these agencies.

Researchers should understand that, where WA Government agencies impose policy and procedural requirements, these are in addition to the requirement to obtain ethics approval for your research from the University.

Further information on policies and administrative requirements for other government agencies will be added to this web page when available.

WA Department of Education

Departmental policies

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WA Police Department

Contact information:
Corporate Research Unit
WA Police Academy
81 Lakeside Drive, Joondalup
Tel: (08) 9301 9616, (08) 9301 9571 


Department of Health WA

Contact information:
HREC Executive Officer
(08) 9222 4278

Department of Health WA, Human Research Ethics Committee