Human research ethics management at UWA

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Human Research Ethics Procedures

HRE Management
The Human Research Ethics Office (HREO) provides advice, guidance and support to staff and student researchers in meeting their ethics obligations for human research.

After consulting the information contained on this web site, if you still have questions or concerns, please contact the HREO team for assistance.

Roles and responsibilities (HREO)

The HREO performs the following functions in assisting researchers and in managing the human research ethics obligation of the University of Western Australia:

  • Provides advice and guidance regarding the ethical design of research projects and procedures for ethics compliance.
  • Receives all applications for human research ethics approval.
  • Undertakes the risk assessment of all human research ethics applications to determine which ethics review body should evaluate and approve an application.
  • Reviews and approves Level 1 (‘negligible risk’) human research applications.
  • Refers all Level 3 (‘higher risk’ applications) to the HREC for ethics review and approval.
  • Refers all Level 2 (‘low risk’ applications) to one of the 7 RERCs for ethics review and approval.
  • Provides administrative support for the HREC and the RERCs.
  • Reviews and approves requests for amendment to on-going research projects.
  • Reviews and approves requests for recognition of existing ethics approvals from other institutions.
  • Monitors all approved human research projects, including receipt, review and approval of Progress Reports for approved projects.
  • Undertakes random audits of existing projects to ensure ethics compliance.
  • Provides first the point of contact for complaints about researchers, research projects, or other ethics-related issues.
  • Coordinates ethics education and training activities for researchers and ethics reviewers.