Research Ethics and Compliance, within Research Operations, is your main contact for administration and policy relating to research involving people, or animals and for biological safety.

Research Ethics and Compliance incorporates:

These sections of the Office of Research are coordinated by Associate Director, Research Operations Dr Laila Simpson.

Administrative staff receive and process research applications for consideration by the Human Research Ethics Committee, the Animal Ethics Committee, and the Biosafety Committee to ensure procedural and policy compliance with State and Federal Government legislation and associated regulations.

Research Ethics and Compliance team

Kahler, Assoc/Prof CharleneChair, Institutional Biosafety Committee+61 8 6457 2058[email protected]M504
Oldham, Prof CarolynChair, Animal Ethics Committee+61 8 6488 3531[email protected]M019
McLean, Mr NeilChair, Human Ethics+61 8 6488 3580[email protected]M304
O'Leary, Adj/Prof PeterChair, Human Ethics[email protected]M358
Davies, Mr MarkManager (Research Ethics & Compliance+61 8 6488 4703[email protected]M459
McDonald, SueSenior Adviser (Animal Ethics)+61 8 6488 3703[email protected]M459
Li, Dr CaixiaSenior Adviser (Biosafety and Compliance)+61 8 6488 4701[email protected]M459
Mundekkadan, Mr ShihabSenior Officer (Clinical Trials & Human Ethics)+61 8 6488 4577[email protected]M459
Moosa, FatimaSenior Officer (International & Defence Compliance)+61 8 6488 7613[email protected]M459
Dodangoda, SonaliEthics Officer+61 8 6488 3703[email protected]M459
Mackellar, BelindaEthics Officer+61 8 6488 3266[email protected]M459
Stewart, NickiEthics Officer+61 8 6488 3033[email protected]M459