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The Research Impact Toolkit has been created to help you plan and execute an impact strategy for your research.

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Research Online Application Portal (ROAP)

Research grants, along with animal ethics, human ethics and biosafety applications are managed through ROAP. Processes have been simplified through the removal of paper forms and automated sign off.

In addition, ROAP will provide researchers, committee members and approvers with up-to-date information regarding the current status of all applications.

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Research Grants and Research Finance

Research Grants and Research Finance are responsible for the procurement and administration of internally and externally funded research awards and can provide support throughout the lifecycle of the funding.

Research Development

Research Development Advisers understand the dynamics of the academic research environment. We seek opportunities to bridge gaps, act as connectors; we are facilitators, educators, coaches, advisers and introducers. 

Research Innovation

The RDI office works with researchers to:

  • develop research opportunities
  • create impact from research
  • protect and commercialise intellectual property created at UWA

The RDI also works with industry to facilitate collaborative research projects and access to new technologies.

Research Ethics and Integrity

Research Ethics and Compliance and Research Integrity is your main contact for administration and policy relating to research involving people, or animals and for biological safety.

Defence Trade Controls, Sanctions and Foreign Interference Awareness

  • Check you're in compliance with Defence Trade Controls
  • DFAT Sanctions sensitive topics
  • Foreign interference guidelines

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