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The University of Western Australia
35 Stirling Highway
Perth WA 6009
(+61 8) 6488 6000
(+61 8) 6488 1380
[email protected]
Map of Office of Research (campus map location 2065) at latitude -31.976430 and longitude 115.817000, label: Office of Research

Key Contacts

Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research)

Page, Professor Andrew Pro Vice-Chancellor (Research) +61 8 6488 3577 [email protected] M460

Office of Research

Thomson, Dr Campbell Director, Office of Research +61 8 6488 3027 [email protected] M459

Research Enterprise

Simpson, Dr LailaAssociate Director, Research Operations+61 8 6488 1715[email protected]M459

Research Infrastructure & Partnerships

Chapman, Dr CarolineManager (Research Infrastructure & Partnerships)+61 8 6488 7354[email protected]M459
Linck, Mr IeuanSenior Adviser (Research Infrastructure & Partnerships)+61 8 6488 3597[email protected]M459
Mandelbaum, LorenSupport Officer (Research Infrastructure & Partnerships)+61 8 6488 3025[email protected]M459

Major Initiatives

Johnstone, Dr VickyManager (Major Research Initiatives)+61 8 6488 7255[email protected]M082

Research Commercialisation

Pymar, Dr LouisSenior Commercialisation Officer+61 8 6488 4363louis.pyma[email protected]M459
Nicholls, Mr RussellSenior Commercialisation Officer[email protected]M459

Research Operations

Simpson, Dr LailaAssociate Director, Research Operations+61 8 6488 1715[email protected]M459

Research Ethics and Compliance

Kahler, Assoc/Prof CharleneChair, Institutional Biosafety Committee+61 8 6457 2058[email protected]M504
McLean, Mr NeilChair+61 8 6488 3580[email protected]M304
Oldham, Prof CarolynChair, Animal Ethics Committee+61 8 6488 3531[email protected]M019
O'Leary, Adj/Prof PeterChair[email protected]M358
Davies, Mr MarkManager (Research Ethics & Compliance+61 8 6488 4703[email protected]M459
McDonald, SueSenior Adviser (Animal Ethics)+61 8 6488 3703[email protected]M459
Li, Dr CaixiaSenior Adviser (Biosafety and Compliance)+61 8 6488 4701[email protected]M459
Mundekkadan, Mr ShihabSenior Officer (Clinical Trials & Human Ethics) +61 8 6488 4577[email protected]M459
Moosa, FatimaSenior Officer (International & Defence Compliance)+61 8 6488 7613[email protected]M459
Stewart , NickiEthics Officer+61 8 6488 4714[email protected]M459
Dodangoda, SonaliEthics Officer+61 8 6488 3703[email protected]M459
Sackville, LeahEthics Officer+61 8 6488 3266[email protected]M459

Research Impact and Assessment

Marchesani, Ms RosannaManager (Research Impact & Assessment)+61 8 6488 7172[email protected]M459
Genevieve, Mr MattSenior Research Impact Officer+61 8 6488 7924[email protected]M459
Yeats, Ms BreeResearch Data Analyst (Tue-Fri)+61 8 6488 2650[email protected]M459


Wood, Ms MelinaResearch Manager (Pre-Award)+61 8 6488 2936[email protected]M459
Dench, Dr EvendaResearch Manager (Pre-Award)+61 8 6457 2146[email protected]M459
Arnott, Ms DianeSenior Research Adviser (Pre-Award)+61 8 6488 1827[email protected]M459
Elford, Mr PeterSenior Research Adviser (Pre-Award)+61 8 6488 5536[email protected]M459
Dubbini, Ms JacquiResearch Support Officer (Pre-Award)+61 8 6488 5926[email protected]M459
Taylor, Ms LeylaniResearch Support Officer (Pre-Award)+61 8 6488 1760[email protected]M459


Roche, Mr RobertResearch Manager (Post-Award)+61 8 6488 2033[email protected]M459
Tanner, HelenResearch Grants Officer (Post-Award)+61 8 6488 1627[email protected]M459
Miotti, Mrs FionaResearch Grants Officer (Post-Award)+61 8 6488 4708[email protected]M459

Research Integrity

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