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Further information

Access the UWA InfoEd system here:-

InfoEd - UWA Research Management Database

InfoEd uses the UWA Single Sign On (SSO) environment for user authentication, so you will need your Pheme user name and password.


A letter to stakeholders from the Project Owner, Dr Campbell Thomson:

Stakeholder letter [PDF, 32.4 KB]
Updated 20 Oct 2009

The primary application currently used for eRM is InfoEd, a browser based, secure system available to UWA staff and other authorised users.

So what is electronic research management (eRM)?

Electronic research management (eRM) - also sometimes called electronic research administration - is a collection of software services available to you via your web browser.

As a researcher, eRM provides services that allow you:

  • to submit and view research grant proposals;
  • to submit and view ethics and bio-safety applications, and
  • to submit required regular progress reports about your research.

As a staff member in the Office of Research, eRM provides services

  • to report on grant proposals and awards, and
  • to co-ordinate ethics and bio-safety committee processing.

If you work with animals, eRM also provides animal tracking to those facilities that use the system.

...and what is InfoEd?

InfoEd is software that runs on UWA servers to provide the eRM services described above. UWA purchased InfoEd from InfoEd Global, Inc., of Albany, New York in 2007.

Additional services have also been set up by the Office of Research to augment InfoEd. These include reporting tools, so that you can view relevant and timely information extracted from the InfoEd database (we currently use SSRS - SQL Server Reporting Services for this) and some custom-built services. All of these can be accessed using your web browser.

GOOGLE CHROME is the preferred browser when using InfoEd, however RSU will also provide support for:

  • Microsoft Internet Explorer;
  • Mozilla FireFox, and
  • Apple Safari.

Other browsers also work in almost every circumstance, but if you experience problems with eRM services, we will probably need to try out the problem scenario on one of the supported browsers before we can assist you further.

So - how do I get help with eRM or InfoEd?

Are you required to use InfoEd to:

  • create a research submission;
  • report on your research;
  • collect research statistics associated with your School or faculty, or
  • use InfoEd facilities in your normal daily work?

Further information and detailed training material on InfoEd is available for both researchers and administrative staff.

If you have any further questions, or need assistance send an email to InfoEd Help.