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Human Ethics Resources

Managing Your Research Data

Undertaking research in the field, possibly in unfamiliar surroundings and circumstances, can impose risks for researchers, whilst research involving door knocking should also be designed in recognition of personal safety issues.

The following policies are provided for your assistance.

Fieldwork policy

Field activities in rural and remote locations form an essential part of many teaching and research functions at the University of Western Australia.

Field work may be required in unfamiliar surroundings involving different risks from those that are well known and controlled during normal campus activities. Therefore, ethics approval would not be possible where an ethics review body regards a researcher as being subject to unacceptable risk from the conduct of fieldwork-based research.

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Door knocking for research purposes

Entering private property to undertake research and data gathering may require that a researcher have a National Police Certificate.

It is recommended that when door knocking a researcher be accompanied by a second person for their own personal protection.

Researchers (and anyone accompanying them) should wear and/or carry appropriate University of Western Australia identification.