Research Collaboration Awards - Recipients 2017

A focus on research of an international quality and the fostering of an outstanding research culture have positioned UWA as one of the best universities in Australia and in the top 150 in the world.

Lead CISchoolProject TitleCollaborating InstitutionsFunds Awarded
Vaille DawsonGraduate School of EducationImproving critical thinking skills in disadvantaged secondary school science studentsUniversity College London, Hebrew University of Jerusalem$23000
Bernard GutmannARC Centre for Plant Energy BiologyDeveloping new antiviroid proteinsInstitut de Biologie Moleculaire des Plantes IBMP$15900
Jiake XuSchool of Pathology and Laboratory MedicineMolecular Mechanisms and therapeutic effects of cumambrin A on osteoporosisNanjing University$14700
Graeme MartinSchool of Animal BiologyGut health – defining the immune system components that cause diarrhoeaWA Department of Agriculture & Food, Nanjing Agricultural University$20000
Luca CorteseInternational Centre for Radio Astronomy ResearchResolving the star formation history of galaxies across thirteen billion yearsNational Aeronautics & Space Administration NASA$12500
Mark HowardCentre for Microscopy, Characterisation and AnalysisA Passport to PIMLICo at UWAUniversity of Oxford$25000
Debra PalmerSchool of Paediatrics and Child HealthWUN in-FLAME: Global Environment InitiativeUniversity of Sydney, Norwegian Institute of Public Health, University of Southampton, Henry Ford Health System, University of Alberta, Imperial College London, University of Chicago, University of Maastricht, University of Munich$20000
Haibo JiangCentre for Microscopy, Characterisation and AnalysisTowards the Understanding of Antimicrobial Resistance of TuberculosisNational Physical Laboratory, The Francis Crick Institute$28000
Joshua MylneSchool of Chemistry and BiochemistryStructural analysis of cutting enzymes that evolved to glueWeizmann Institute of Science$9872
Rob CoverSchool of Social SciencesDigital Stereotypes: Combatting Minority Stereotypes of Sexual and Gender Diverse Persons in Digital Search Images OnlineNational University of Singapore, University of New South Wales, University of Durham, University of Queensland, University of Salford, Deakin University, Monash University, University of Tasmania, University of Amsterdam$29160
David SampsonSchool of Electrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringVisualising the airway smooth muscle layer using polarisation-sensitive optical coherence tomography to better understand and treat asthmaHarvard Medical School, Harvard Medical School$20000
Timothy ColmerSchool of Plant BiologyRice and seagrass roots in anoxic sediments: coping with soil phytotoxins for productive wetland crops and aquatic ecosystemsNagoya University, University of Copenhagen $26151
Killugudi Swaminatha IyerSchool of Chemistry and BiochemistryDeveloping a 3D Mimic of the BrainUniversity of Cape Town, University of New South Wales$28000
Livia CarvalhoCentre for Ophthalmology and Visual ScienceEvaluating cone-specific neuroprotective approachesUniversitat Tubingen$29000
Loretta BaldassarSchool of Social SciencesAgeing and New MediaUniversity of Massachusetts Boston, University of Trento, Zhejiang University, University of Sydney, National University of Singapore, Pennsylvania State University, University of Sheffield, University of Bristol, Johannes Gutenberg-Universtaet, University of Southampton, La Trobe University$20000
Herbert IuSchool of Electrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringDevelopment of Memristive Array Structures amd Implementation into an Artificial Retina-Based SensorChungbuk National University, University of California Berkeley, Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology$20000
Lister Staveley-SmithInternational Centre for Radio Astronomy ResearchSKA WUN collaboration and workshopsUniversity of Cape Town$10000
Susan ByrneSchool of PsychologyDefining the role of the intestinal microbiota in Anorexia Nervosa: A feasibility studyUniversity of North Carolina$22990
Wenhua ZhaoCentre for Offshore Foundation SystemsFluid resonance in the gap between two side‐by‐side offshore floating structures with square bilgesUniversity of Oxford, Shanghai Jiao Tong University$26320
Brendan KennedySchool of Electrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringQuantitative 3D imaging of the mechanical micro-environment in biomimetic engineered tissuesUniversity College London, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute$20000
Steven JanowieckiInternational Centre for Radio Astronomy ResearchFinding stars in the faintest gas-rich ALFALFA galaxiesCornell University, Indiana University Bloomington$25000
Caitlin WyrwollSchool of Anatomy, Physiology and Human BiologyTargeting the placenta: Manipulating gene expression and vascular formUniversity of Edinburgh, University of Manchester$15000
Verena SchoepfSchool of Earth and EnvironmentAdaptation to the extreme: mechanisms of heat tolerance in corals from the Kimberley region, Western AustraliaStanford University$26785
Suzanne WijsmanSchool of MusicMusician's Performance Health Education: A Translational ApproachUniversity of Sydney, University of Alberta, University of Lethbridge$22000
Ylva OlsenSchool of Plant BiologyThe relationship between plant functional traits and primary production in temperate seagrass meadowsUniversity of Helsinki$20895
Zachary AmanSchool of Mechanical and Chemical EngineeringTerahertz radiation for sensing water vapour in gas pipelinesUniversity of Cambridge$25000
Christina DaviesSchool of Population HealthExploring the relationship between arts engagement and population healthUniversity of Canterbury Christchurch, Nick Ewbank Associates NEA    $6843
Gregory IveySchool of Civil, Environmental and Mining EngineeringThe capture of motile particles by subaquatic structuresEidgenoessische Technische Hochschule (ETH) Zuerich      $20000
Tara RichmanUWA Centre for Medical ResearchBuilding a collaborative resource for mitochondrial genetics in the mouseMax Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing      $15000
Charles BondSchool of Chemistry and BiochemistryThe role of formation of protein-RNA droplets in gene regulationHokkaido University      $24420
Christopher PowerInternational Centre for Radio Astronomy ResearchSynthetic Universes for Future Surveys (SURFS) - An International Theory Support Network for Future Galaxy SurveysUniversidad Autonoma De Madrid, University of Durham, Pontifical Catholic University of Chile     $29190
Eric MaySchool of Mechanical and Chemical EngineeringAdvanced property measurements of high-pressure multi-phase mixturesImperial College London      $24000
Belinda GuoSchool of Pathology and Laboratory MedicinePhylogenetic evolution of genetic defects in megakaryocytes in proliferative bone marrow neoplasmsUniversity of Cambridge$24000
Yit heng ChooiSchool of Chemistry and BiochemistryAssessing and expanding Nature's chemical diversity via synthetic biology and pathway engineeringMicrobial Screening Technologies, University of California Los Angeles    $28000
Yinghui TianCentre for Offshore Foundation SystemsInnovating offshore anchoring design to survive extreme sea statesZhejiang University      $20000
Peter Le SouefSchool of Paediatrics and Child HealthWorld Population and Child Health Research Workshop: Modelling the effects of population growth and environmental change on child healthUniversity of Toronto, University of Adelaide, University of British Columbia     $26367
Peter MetaxasSchool of PhysicsOptimised readout methods for fast nano-magnetic field detectionUnite Mixte De Physique CNRS, Universite Paris-Sud 11, Advanced Industrial Science and Technology AIST     $28000
Giacinta ParishSchool of Electrical, Electronic and Computer EngineeringAdvanced fabrication and characterisation techniques to enable rugged industrial applications of gallium nitride-based transistorsFraunhofer Institute for Applied Solid State Physics      $23000

New Century Research Endowment Fund

The following UWA Research Collaboration Awards were funded by the New Century Endowment Fund and the bequest of Mr Jack Tiddy to support research into breast cancer and kidney disease.

Lead CISchoolProject TitleCollaborating InstitutionsFunds Awarded
Theodore NgSchool of Medicine and PharmacologyMetabolomics profiling of Chronic Kidney DiseaseSir Charles Gairdner Hospital, National University of Singapore    $28000
Peter LeedmanUWA Centre for Medical ResearchGeneration and testing of novel thyroid receptor beta agonists for breast cancerEpichem Pty Ltd, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School, Singapore$30000
Cao Quang Bao TruongSchool of PhysicsImprove imaging contrast of intra-operative THz probes for breast cancer margin assessment during the breast conserving surgeryUniversity College London, TeraView Ltd    $12850
Aron ChakeraSchool of Medicine and PharmacologyModelling peritoneal infection in patients with chronic kidney diseaseThermo Fisher Scientific, USA      $30000
Fiona PixleySchool of Medicine and PharmacologyTargeting macrophage motility to prevent breast cancer invasionUniversity of California San Diego      $25992