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Applications for submission to the UWA Animal Ethics Committees to undertake Research, Teaching or Breeding involving the use of animals, is now administered via UWA’s new Research Online Application Portal (ROAP).

It is recommended that you consult with the Animal Welfare and Veterinary Advisor (AWVA) to assist you in the preparation of your application
(contact [email protected]). Note a preparatory review is mandatory for first time applications by new principal authors (see below):

You may also need to consult with the animal facility curator, this may involve a pre-application process.

Preparatory Review of Applications to the Animal Ethics Committee

The University of Western Australia does not require comprehensive preparatory review of all applications prior to submission to the Animal Ethics Committee (AEC). However, the following targeted requirements are to be observed:

1. Pre-Review: The AEC require that all applications are pre-reviewed prior to submission, by a researcher with experience in applying for UWA AEC ethics approval.  This person must be identified on the application as a team member, and 'Application Pre-Reviewer' selected in Investigator Roles.

2. Monitoring sheets: Appropriate monitoring cover sheet and record sheet/s are required for project specific monitoring. Standardised templates are available below.

3. Scientific peer review: Although not strictly mandated, scientific peer review of applications for new projects prior to submission to the AEC is strongly encouraged. In many instances, scientific peer review will have been achieved already through a range of mechanisms, including: assessment processes of research funding bodies; independent reviews of research degree plans; manuscript reviews by scientific journals of earlier cognate work; or invited expert peer-review arranged by the research team. Where the scientific content of an animal ethics application has not already been subjected to peer review, Schools/Institutes should offer a local review process with the aim of ensuring that all new applications have been scientifically peer reviewed.

Amendments to AEC Approvals - Minor and Major

The AEC requires that Amendments be presented as a change to the approved application.  

For projects managed in UWA's Research Online Application Portal (ROAP), instructions on how to submit an amendment to a project that was created in ROAP is available at

To submit an Amendment for a project that was not started in ROAP, you should complete the AEC Amendment Coversheet - Major or Minor - available below.

Please Note: The total number of Major Amendments permitted per project will be at the discretion of the AEC on a  case-by-case basis.

After 31st December 2022, the Animal Ethics Office will no longer process major amendments to protocols that were approved outside of the ROAP system. A new AEC application via ROAP will be required. If you need to make a major amendment to a pre-ROAP application (ref type RA/3) after 2022, please allow sufficient time for the new ROAP application to be processed and reviewed by the AEC.

NB: Change of Personnel should be submitted as a minor Amendment.

Guidelines and Policy

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Training Record - This is used for personnel who have indicated they require training in specific procedures or the AEC has requested a training record at the completion of the specific training.

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Observational Studies: Researchers who use animals in observational studies are required to submit Animal Use Statistics to the Government of Western Australia, Department of Agriculture and Food (DAFWA).

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Annual Progress Reports; Animal Use Statistics; and Pilot project.

Pilot Study report form is to be used when the Chief Investigator is required to forward a report to the Animal Ethics Committee as part of the research project. In some instances the report may be required before full approval of the project is given.

Applications dealing with GM animals

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Permission to Work with Animals (PWA)

Every person listed on a UWA animal ethics approved application, or working with animals at UWA, must obtain PWA approval.

PWA approval is valid for 5 years, and can be used on any animal ethics applications on which you are named.

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Standard Operating Procedures

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