Annual reporting of animal use statistics

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Further Information

Please contact the Animal Ethics Office if you required additional time of assistance with completing your reports.

Annual reporting of Animal Use is due in January each year.

As a licensed scientific establishment, which applies for licences to use animals for scientific purposes, The University of Western Australia (UWA) is required to monitor and report on the establishment’s animal use to the Government of Western Australia, Department of PrimaryIndustries and Regional Development (DPIRD), each calendar year.

It is the responsibility of the Chief Investigator to complete and submit a UWA Annual Report and the Government of Western Australia Animal Use Statistics in January each year.  Each Chief Investigator is required to submit:

1. UWA Annual Report - Research, Teaching or Breeding and

2. State Government Annual Animal Use Statistics

  • When no animal work has been carried out, a NIL return is required on both forms.
  • If a protocol has expired or was completed during the year, you are required to submit both reports in order for the file to be closed.


Failure to supply both the UWA Annual Report and the Government of Western Australia forms by the required deadline is considered a ‘Breach of Compliance’ of the NHMRC Scientific Use Code and may result in  AEC approval being withdrawn.

The information you supply on both UWA Annual Report and the Government form is used to compile reports to the State Government. It is therefore critically important that the information you supply is timely, accurate and numerically correct to enable us to meet the reporting requirements.

Both forms are to be submitted to the Animal Ethics Office by 18 January.