Professor Robyn Owens
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(Research), UWA

The University of Western Australia has proven once again in 2017 that our research and researchers are relevant, impactful, successful and world-leading. UWA has improved its position across all five monitored international rankings, with a top 100 place in the QS (93), USN&W (88) and ARWU (91).

Our researchers have won dozens of state, national, and international awards this year, including the Scientist of the Year at the 2017 Premier’s Science Awards. UWA research continues to strive to achieve the world best in all areas, and to use our strengths for the engagement and betterment of the world.

In its 4th year, UWA Research Week hosted more than 5000 visitors and participants at 60 free events across campus. Our community now have a greater appreciation of the huge body of work taking place at UWA, and the value and impact of the research we do.

The timeline below illustrates and recognises some of the UWA Research highlights of 2017. We look forward to another year of success in 2018.

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January 4, 2017 UWA Researchers awarded funding to find new ways of treating obesity and type 2 diabetes >>

A GROUP of WA researchers including Kelmscott resident Vance Matthews have been awarded funding to support their investigation into new ways of treating obesity and type 2 diabetes. Assistant Professor Matthews is part of the team from the faculty of the University of Western Australia’s School of Medicine and Pharmacology.
ID: 4639

January 5, 2017 Make some noise for the Noisy Guts Project! >>

The Marshall Centre''s Noisy Guts Project Team is thrilled to be selected onto CSIRO''s national sci-tech program - a 12-week, full time accelerator that brings together the experience and expertise of established researchers, entrepreneurs and inspiring mentors.
ID: 4640

January 11, 2017 UWA scientist wins prestigious senior TED Fellowship >>

Senior Research Fellow Dr Laura Boykin, from UWA’s School of Chemistry and Biochemistry and the Australian Research Council’s Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology, has been appointed 2017 Senior TED Fellow, one of just 10 people selected worldwide.

Dr Boykin is working to save cassava, a food staple that feeds 500 million people in east Africa, from pests and disease. Smallholder farmers rely on cassava for their daily calorie intake but cassava crops are dying at alarming rates.
ID: 4641

January 13, 2017 How soil organisms can help plant species coexist >>

A new study of shrublands in Southwest Australia has identified how plant species can successfully coexist while competing for space and limited resources.

A team of international researchers, including Dr François Teste, Dr Michael Renton and Dr Etienne Laliberté from The University of Western Australia, found that part of the answer for high plant diversity is due to the many organisms that live in soils.
ID: 3245

January 13, 2017 UWA Researchers capture first glimpse of ruby seadragons in the wild >>

A scientific expedition off the coast of Western Australia led to researchers from The University of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum and Scripps Institution of Oceanography catching a rare glimpse of the newly discovered ruby seadragon in the wild.
ID: 3246

January 15, 2017 CRC for Water Sensitive Cities research to secure our water supplies >>

Our climate is getting warmer with dwindling rainfall our dams are becoming drier, with Western Australia’s population expected to grow to 3.5 million by 2050 our water supplies will fade if continual steps are not taken to preserve our water provisions.

Experts like Professor Anas Ghandouani and his team at CRS for water sensitive cities, work closely with the Water Corporation to research securing our water supplies.
ID: 4642

January 19, 2017 Trial determines safest airway device for babies in surgery >>

A ground-breaking Western Australian medical trial, involving babies with breathing problems, has determined that a laryngeal mask is the preferred option over an endotracheal tube during minor surgical procedures.
ID: 3228

January 23, 2017 A novel avenue for breeding drought-tolerant wheat >>

New insight into how different wheat varieties respond to drought, published by researchers from The University of Western Australia, shows a novel avenue for breeding drought-tolerant wheat.
ID: 3229

January 29, 2017 RecFishing Visions – Understanding Recreational Fishing Communities >>

Been fishing for fun lately? Fishers of all levels and abilities encouraged to take part in a UWA Crowd Research survey to help researchers understand how the public would like to see their local waters managed.
ID: 4643

January 30, 2017 Infant lung function a predictor of adult asthma >>

UWA study has found reduced lung function in infants is an accurate predictor of asthma in young adults.
ID: 4626



February 2, 2017 Why some people are taller than others >>

Researchers from The University of Western Australia have been involved in the largest ever international research collaboration to identify genes associated with height.

The research discovered 83 new genetic variations that control human height, in a study that involved more than 300 researchers across five continents and 700,000 participants.
ID: 4564

February 3, 2017 Recognition for UWA gravitational waves team >>

Twenty-one scientists at The University of Western Australia have received Breakthrough Prize medals to recognise their part in one of the century’s most important science discoveries: Gravitational Waves.
ID: 4623

February 6, 2017 UWA research helping Western Force reduce the effects of jet lag >>

Watch how UWA researchers are helping the Western Force rugby team reduce the effects of jet lag for their upcoming Super Rugby season.
ID: 4622

February 6, 2017 Teaching plants to be better spenders >>

Energy is an all-important currency for plants, and scientists have now calculated the cost of one of their biggest expenses. The knowledge could be a key to creating more energy efficient crops.
ID: 4607

February 7, 2017 Researchers discover new genes that affect lung function >>

Researchers from The University of Western Australia and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital in collaboration with the Busselton Health Study are part of an international team that have identified 43 new genes that affect lung function.

The breakthrough will lead to a better understanding of how to prevent diseases and problems associated with lung functioning.
ID: 3232

February 8, 2017 Bees give up searching for food when we degrade their land >>

A new study into honey bees has revealed the significant effect human impact has on a bee’s metabolism, and ultimately its survival. Conducted by researchers The University of Western Australia in collaboration with Kings Park and Botanic Garden, Curtin University and CSIRO this world-first study on insect metabolism in free flying insects with a focus on the honey bee.
ID: 4619

February 10, 2017 Study shows long-term implications of amphetamine use >>

Research carried out by scientists from The University of Western Australia has shown the detrimental effects of long-term amphetamine use on the vascular system.
ID: 3235

February 12, 2017 International Day of Women and Girls in Science >>

Celebrating all the inspiring women and girls in science across the globe, including UWA researcher Dr Boykin, who is on a mission to increase food security in East Africa and has been named the first Australian-based Senior TED Fellow in the history of the program.
ID: 4646

February 13, 2017 Researchers find new way to study cholesterol distribution and movement >>

An international team of researchers has developed a new way of visualizing the distribution of cholesterol in cells and tissues. Their work could eventually lead to new therapies for cardiovascular disease.
ID: 4648

February 13, 2017 Why it's time for Australia to launch its own NASA >>

Professor Simon Driver, The University of Western Australia explains why Australia should launch its own NASA.
ID: 4598

February 14, 2017 Microscope-in-a-needle licensed for commercialisation >>

UWA’s award winning invention, a miniaturised optical imaging probe known as the microscope-in-a-needle, has been licensed to Miniprobes Pty Ltd. so it can be developed and commercialised for use by surgeons.
ID: 4589

February 14, 2017 Opportunity tipped as China shifts trade environment >>

Professor Yanrui Wu, The University of Western Australia speaks to Business News about the ongoing shift in China’s economy from manufacturing to services, particularly environmental.
ID: 4651

February 15, 2017 Research to help fight multi-resistant bacteria >>

An international collaboration led by scientists from The University of Western Australia has uncovered the three-dimensional molecular structure of a protein, called EptA, which is responsible for multi-drug resistance in many disease-causing bacteria.
ID: 3237

February 15, 2017 UWA scientists make breakthrough in fight against superbugs and antibiotic resistance >>

See how UWA scientists are making a breakthrough in fight against superbugs and antibiotic resistance.
ID: 4569

February 16, 2017 Researchers at UWA continue to make a significant contribution to a global sustainable future >>

From helping reduce hunger in Timor Leste, to using DNA sequencing to produce disease resistant cassava in East Africa, UWA researchers are leading the way in achieving globally significant outcomes in food security, sustainable cities, healthy ecosystems and health, knowledge and human rights.
ID: 4654

February 17, 2017 Minor planet named Bernard >>

A minor planet in the Solar System will officially be known as Bernardbowen after Australian citizen science project theSkyNet won a competition to name the celestial body.

The minor planet, which sits in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter was named by the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) in honour of their founding chairman Dr Bernard Bowen.
ID: 4555

February 21, 2017 UWA celebrates medical school’s 60th with $7 million upgrade >>

The project will transform the UWA Medical and Dental Library at the Queen Elizabeth II Medical Centre into a modern, vibrant and dynamic learning space for students, graduates and the community – including high school students who aspire to be our doctors, medical professionals and researchers of tomorrow.
ID: 4536

February 22, 2017 Staoil visits UWA Offshore Hub >>

Simon Davies of Statoil ASA has toured UWA's Offshore Hub and UWA facilities and has met with researchers who are making a difference in the industry.
ID: 4529

February 23, 2017 Research Impact Workshops >>

Learning the impact of research at the Research Impact Workshop with Tamika Heiden from Knowledge Translation Australia.
ID: 4528

February 23, 2017 The impact of overfishing on our coral reefs >>

A study by UWA marine biologists finds overfishing of sharks may have already impacted our coral reefs.
ID: 4664

February 24, 2017 Tiny mutation makes plants less resistant to stressful conditions >>

Scientists from The University of Western Australia have identified a tiny mutation in plants that can influence how well a plant recovers from stressful conditions, and ultimately impact a plant’s survival.
ID: 3220

February 27, 2017 Preventing rare diseases >>

Professor Nigel Laing and his team are playing a huge part in preventing rare diseases, of which 80% are genetic. With research, possibilities are limitless.
ID: 4675

February 27, 2017 Homeward Bound >>

What if achieving gender balance at the leadership table was one of the most effective ways to influence environmental sustainability and reduce human impact? Congratulations to the 2017 team of Homeward Bound on their return.
ID: 4513

February 28, 2017 UWA's Zadko Telescope captured birth of a black hole 12 billion light years away >>

The University of Western Australia's Zadko Telescope recorded the intergalactic event on February 2 when a NASA satellite orbiting the Earth sent an alert to the gravitational research facility about 70 kilometres north of Perth.
ID: 4499

February 28, 2017 Improving mental health screening for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pregnant women and new mums >>

The University of Western Australia Prof David Atkinson is involved in a study to improve mental health for for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander pregnant women and new mums living in remote areas.
ID: 4677



March 1, 2017 UWA Research impact story: Understanding and Predicting Ocean Weather >>

Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi and his team are using the latest technology to collect data and make predictions about ocean currents, wind and wave climate, sea level variability, beach stability and natural disasters.

Their research has helped communities in providing early warning systems and mitigating strategies to help minimise the effects of natural disasters with evidence based predictions on the ocean state as well as predictions regarding changing climate.
ID: 4679

March 1, 2017 UWA Crowd Research project: Wing Threads - Flight to the Tundra >>

This adventurous UWA zoologist and pilot, Amellia Formby (Milly) intends to fly a microlight from Australia to Siberia to promote urgent action for shorebirds. Milly needs your help to give this project wings! Crowd Research at UWA Wing Threads: Flight to the Tundra
ID: 4682

March 3, 2017 UWA geologist helps unearth world's oldest fossil >>

Remains of microorganisms at least 3,770 million years old have been discovered by an international team of scientists including a researcher from The University of Western Australia, providing direct evidence of one of the oldest life forms on Earth.
ID: 4485

March 4, 2017 New WA trial aims to reduce heart attack and stroke >>

A common medicine used to treat gout could be a new way to treat hear disease. Thousands of Australians are helping researchers find out in what is one of Australia''s biggest clinical trials.
ID: 4482

March 6, 2017 Researchers find the dark matter of the bread wheat genome >>

Professor David Edwards and his team of researchers from The University of Western Australia have identified 21,000 new genes in bread wheat.

The discovery is a big step forward in the continued improvement of bread wheat, which provides roughly one fifth of the world’s food.
ID: 3223

March 7, 2017 Star clusters discovery could upset the astronomical applecart >>

The discovery of young stars in old star clusters could send scientists back to the drawing board for one of the Universe’s most common objects.

Dr Bi-Qing For, from the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research in Perth and The University of Western Australia, said our understanding of how stars evolve is a cornerstone of astronomical science.
ID: 4465

March 8, 2017 Understanding chronic kidney disease >>

Most people don't realise they have chronic kidney disease until it's too late. Professor Aron Chakera is educating people about the importance of kidneys and getting tested.
ID: 4706

March 9, 2017 UWA business leaders shine in the 2017 40under40 Awards >>

Huge congratulations to the 5 UWA staff named in this year's 40under40 Awards. Alarm Azimi, co-founded not-for-profit organisation ‘I am Other’ to bridge the social divide between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. Callum Ormonde, works in research to determine new ways of targeting cancers. Peter Santa Maria, an ear, nose and throat surgeon at the Ear Science Institute and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital. Kevin Pfleger, medical researcher dedicated to improving the lives of those suffering from ill health. Andrew Whitehouse has helped make important discoveries regarding autism in children.
ID: 4710

March 9, 2017 The launch of the Centre for Indigenous Peoples and Community Justice >>

The Centre for Indigenous Peoples and Community Justice delivers high-quality research, scholarship and advocacy on one of the most pressing issues in Western Australia, that of the over-representation of Indigenous peoples in the state’s criminal justice and related systems.
ID: 4437

March 10, 2017 Cervical length the key to preventing premature birth >>

A team of researchers from The University of Western Australia says that measuring the length of a woman’s cervix at mid-pregnancy can help decrease the chance of preterm birth.

A short cervical length in mid-pregnancy can dramatically increase the risk of preterm birth. Preterm birth is the largest cause of infant death and can result in organs in babies not developing properly. It occurs in eight per cent of births in Australia (26,000 babies every year).
ID: 4431

March 14, 2017 UWA ranked in top 50 for seven subjects in QS rankings >>

The University of Western Australia has had seven subjects ranked in the top 50 in the QS World University Rankings by Subject, up from 6 last year!
ID: 4719

March 15, 2017 City of Mandurah teams up with UWA on coastal research program >>

UWA researchers are working with Peron Naturaliste Partnership and nine local governments on a project to improve understanding of the erosion and changes to the coastline over the last few decades and to help with future planning for a sustainable, long-term coastal monitoring program.
ID: 4725

March 15, 2017 Protein doppelgangers are long-lost cousins >>

A 60-year-old mystery has been solved by biochemists at The University of Western Australia investigating the origin of a type of digestion-inhibiting proteins thought only to exist in two plant families that contain the important legume and cereal crops.
ID: 3227

March 17, 2017 New honey bee research centre to create a buzz >>

A new Cooperative Research Centre (CRC) led by The University of Western Australia will provide a much-needed boost to Australia’s valuable, but largely untapped honey bee products, by bringing together both industry and academic expertise from across Australia.
ID: 3209

March 18, 2017 Ezone a step closer for UWA >>

The University of Western Australia’s proposed $600 million engineering zone at its Crawley campus has taken a major step towards construction, with plans lodged to build the development’s $80 million first stage.

UWA has been planning the construction of its ‘Ezone’ since 2013, with the facility to be the new home for the university’s faculty of engineering and mathematical sciences.
ID: 4410

March 20, 2017 UWA Crowd Research project Oral Health for Aboriginal Children >>

The University of Western Australia researchers are working on creating important messages to improve oral health care in Indigenous communities.
ID: 4733

March 20, 2017 A meeting of World-Class minds to help in the discovery of World-Class Mines, at Target 2017 >>

The University of Western Australia (UWA) is proud to host the Target 2017 Conference, organised by Geoconferences (WA) Inc.

The conference will provide an opportunity for geoscientists operating globally in government, industry and academia to discuss the most current and successful strategies for mineral exploration.
ID: 3210

March 22, 2017 Seedflamer innovation >>

The Innovator of the Year award winning technology Seedflamer is set to have a huge impact on minesite revegetation
ID: 4400

March 24, 2017 Unusually calm weather on top of global warming causes coral die-off >>

An international team of researchers, including a scientist from The University of Western Australia, has warned of the devastating consequences for shallow reef ecosystems when global warming combines with local weather anomalies.
ID: 3212

March 25, 2017 The crazy ideas Perth rejected for its waterfront >>

A massive $2.6 billion development at Elizabeth Quay is changing the face of Perth’s waterfront.

But the prime Swan River precinct has attracted more than its share of harebrained ideas and plans for its revival.

Dr Julian Bolleter, Australian Urban Design Research Centre has written a book tracing the story of Perth’s foreshore: Take me to the River
ID: 4757

March 27, 2017 Something big exploded in a galaxy far, far away: what was it? >>

On February 2, 2017, cosmic gamma rays hit the NASA satellite, Swift, orbiting the Earth.

Within seconds of the detection, an alert was automatically sent to UWA''s Zadko Telescope. It swung into robotic action, taking images of the sky location in the constellation Ophiuchus.

What emerged from the blackness, where nothing was seen before, was a rapidly brightening “optical transient”, which is something visible in the sky for a brief period of time.
ID: 4761

March 27, 2017 Astronomers Probe Swirling Particles in Halo of Starburst Galaxy >>

Astronomers have used a radio telescope in outback Western Australia to see the halo of a nearby starburst galaxy in unprecedented detail.

A starburst galaxy is a galaxy experiencing a period of intense star formation and this one, known as NGC 253 or the Sculptor Galaxy, is approximately 11.5 million light-years from Earth.
ID: 4764

March 27, 2017 Extraordinary life of an Indigenous medical researcher >>

Throughout her career, Professor Sandra Eades has experienced and contributed to numerous significant changes that have improved national health outcomes, especially for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians.

Sandra, a Noongar woman from Mount Barker in WA, was the first in her family to complete high school. She left home at a tender age to study medicine across the country at the University of Newcastle, which at the time only had three other Indigenous medical students.
ID: 4372

March 28, 2017 International recognition for UWA mesothelioma expert >>

A world-leading researcher into asbestos-related diseases at The University of Western Australia has received an international award for her outstanding contribution to mesothelioma research.

Professor Anna Nowak, medical oncologist and a senior researcher at the National Centre for Asbestos Related Diseases is this year’s recipient of the Pioneer Award from the International Mesothelioma Applied Research Foundation for her exceptional achievements and dedication to mesothelioma research.
ID: 4369

March 30, 2017 Food Security: Empowering young scientists in East Africa >>

One of the greatest challenges facing communities in East Africa is food security. Currently, pests and diseases are devastating key staple crops, such as Cassava.

Cassava is a staple food and source of income for the population, however, the degradation of crops, due to the transmission of whitefly viruses, is devastating the livelihood and wellbeing of locals.
ID: 4777



April 3, 2017 Chemicals that cure malaria can kill weeds too >>

Plant biologists at The University of Western Australia have revealed the relationship between plants and the parasite that causes malaria is close enough to mean many antimalarial drugs are effective herbicides.
ID: 4319

April 4, 2017 Study reveals how ulcer-inducing bacteria survive in the stomach >>

Scientists at The University of Western Australia, in collaboration with researchers at Imperial College London and Perth-based biotech Ondek Pty Ltd, have revealed new insights into the structure of an important biomolecule in Helicobacter pylori, the bacterium that causes stomach ulcers.H. pylori, discovered by UWA Professor Barry Marshall and Emeritus Professor Robin Warren, infects the human stomach and causes ulcers.
ID: 3215

April 6, 2017 Grain production and food security in China >>

China must balance its grain production in the Northern and Southern regions if it wants to maintain food security and environmental sustainability, according to a study published by researchers from Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University in China and The University of Western Australia.
ID: 3199

April 6, 2017 UWA advances in race to develop quantum computer >>

In our fast-paced world where quicker computer search engine speeds are like gold, an international research team that includes UWA scientists has identified a way to analyse information quicker than ever before.
ID: 3200

April 11, 2017 Excellence in India >>

Vice Chancellor Dawn Freshwater and the Go8 Vice Chancellors in New Delhi, India for the launch of 'Excellence in India'.

The publication celebrates the rich and diverse research ties that exist between Australia and India, highlights the strength of the collaboration between our two countries and recognises the accomplishments of our researchers.
ID: 4289

April 11, 2017 ARMS Accreditation Program at UWA >>

The UWA Office of Research Enterprise hosted this year's ARMS Foundation Level Accreditation Program. Those completing the course have been accredited with Foundation Level Research Management certification.
ID: 4304

April 12, 2017 Poor diet 'reprograms' male sperm to produce smaller offspring >>

Researchers from The University of Western Australia have found that a change in a male’s diet can have profound negative effects on sperm quality, and that these effects can influence the quality of his offspring.

The study, published in the Royal Society journal Biology Letters, shows these paternal effects can be transmitted to offspring exclusively via semen, influencing their offspring’s size and potentially their survival prospects.
ID: 4295

April 18, 2017 UWA Research impact story: The Business of Breastfeeding >>

Using ultrasound, Dr Donna Geddes, Senior Research Fellow at the School of Molecular Sciences, UWA is producing new knowledge on human lactation.

Innovative products which, have been developed as a result of her research, have already empowered mothers as well as clinicians with tools to provide babies more breast milk and enhance breastfeeding and ultimately improving the long term health of babies worldwide.
ID: 4816

April 19, 2017 Shark deterrent inquiry to be held in WA >>

A Senate committee inquiry into the efficacy and regulation of shark deterrent measures will be held in Perth, coinciding with the reignited debate on sharks after a teenage girl died in a fatal attack in the state''s south.

Shark researchers from The University of Western Australia will also provide evidence, as will representatives from Surf Life Saving WA, Sea Shepherd Australia, Shark Shield and Shark Alert.
ID: 4818

April 21, 2017 Safescape has the edge on mine roads >>

The Safescape Edge Protector product, is a modular plastic wall system designed to support the dirt embankments that line the edge of haul roads in open pit mines.

Designed with research input from mathematics professors at the University of Western Australia, the Edge Protector aims to stop haul trucks driving over the dirt embankments and toppling over the edge.
ID: 4251

April 26, 2017 Breaking new ground in ancient land - Professor Jo McDonald featured in UWA's 'Be Inspired' campaign >>

Professor Jo McDonald is one of the rare few who can say her work has changed history. Recently recognised for her outstanding contribution to Australian archaeology, Professor McDonald is best known for her research on Aboriginal rock art.

However, she has also pioneered the direct dating of pigment art sites, helped Aboriginal communities attain Native Title and assessed rock art significance at both national and World Heritage levels.
ID: 4836

April 27, 2017 Dentists new ‘smart glasses’ to cut down time in the chair >>

The often dreaded visit to the dentist could be about to get quicker and less frequent thanks to new technology developed by University of Western Australia students.
ID: 4843

April 27, 2017 Two new plant species rise like a phoenix from the ashes of WA bushfires, then vanish >>

Internationally-renowned plant conservation biologist professor Stephen Hopper has discovered a new plant species; pennywort rising from the ashes of two major bushfires near Albany in Western Australia.
ID: 4844

April 27, 2017 UWA’s international partnership to enhance global wheat yields >>

The University of Western Australia has been awarded a major grant to improve wheat production, in response to rising global demand for food in a changing and variable climate.
ID: 3205



May 2, 2017 Peta Beasley and Colin Yeo present their research at Bite-Sized Austen >>

Drawing upon the latest literary and historical research, UWA researchers tackle key themes in Austen's work and the wider social and cultural contexts in which she created her now world-famous novels.
ID: 4209

May 2, 2017 UWA-led study finds plants listen for sounds of water >>

A UWA-led study has found plants have far more complex and developed senses than we thought with the ability to detect and respond to sounds to find water, and ultimately survive.

Researchers found that plants could sense sound vibrations from running water moving through pipes or in the soil, to help their roots move towards the source of water.
ID: 4854

May 3, 2017 Study reveals new insight into susceptibility to pneumonia >>

A new research study of immune responses to pneumococcal vaccines, commonly given to people with compromised immune systems, young children and people over 65, has identified a type of immune cell which is important in generating antibodies that prevent people from developing pneumococcal pneumonia.
ID: 3188

May 24, 2017 UWA Research Fellow, Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti, wins Cancer Researcher of the Year award >>

An internationally recognised immunologist has received the Cancer Researcher of the year award. Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti is an NHMRC Principal Research Fellow at the University of Western Australia and Head of the Immunology Division and Research at the Lions Eye Institute.

Her ground breaking work has shed light on the viral complications that can occur following bone marrow transplantation, which is generally considered the best treatment for blood cancer patients.
ID: 4101

May 26, 2017 Prof Tim Inglis publishes new method for rapid profiling of antibiotic resistant bacteria. >>

Congratulations to Assoc/Professor Tim Inglis and his team on their recent publication on “Rapid susceptibility profiling of carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae” in Scientific Reports.
ID: 3196

May 26, 2017 OceanWorks Entrepreneurship Prize for UWA Professor >>

With an impressive pitch on increasing the effectiveness of deep sea anchors, Professor Yuxia Hu from the School of Civil, Environmental and Mining Engineering has won the 2017 Start Something @ Woodside Oceanworks Entrepreneurship Prize.
ID: 4913

May 31, 2017 UWA projects win national research funding >>

Research that aims to reduce the risk of mine tailings failure and a project to improve understanding of the ecology and hydrology of streams in arid areas are two new research projects at The University of Western Australia to receive Federal Government funding.
ID: 3197



June 1, 2017 Big marine parks needed to protect sharks >>

Marine reserves that protect the entire reef ecosystem are more likely to sustain healthy shark populations than single species ‘shark sanctuaries’ or zoned schemes that only fully protect a few reefs within an area, according to an international study led by The University of Western Australia.
ID: 3178

June 2, 2017 UWA researchers find merging of black holes caused space quake that hit Earth >>

An interstellar collision, producing more energy than is radiated as light by all the stars and galaxies in the universe caused a “space quake” that hit our planet in January.

Didn’t feel it? That’s because you don’t have a billion-dollar Laser Interferometer Gravitational-wave Observatory. Professor David Blair, UWA’s School of Physics, leads 21 researchers on the LIGO project and said “space quakes”, more commonly known as gravitational waves, could be passing through Earth every five minutes.
ID: 4072

June 2, 2017 UWA Medical Research secures $6m in funding >>

Newly established Perth company, OncoRes Medical, has secured up to $6 million of funding to commercialise a surgical tool developed by researchers at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the University of Western Australia.

The funding will be used to develop a hand-held imaging probe to assist surgeons treating breast cancer. The probe will help surgeons delineate cancerous tissue, with the aim of cutting down the amount of follow-up surgery required by women with breast cancer.
ID: 4931

June 5, 2017 $200 million agreement to support research and innovation >>

Australia’s Group of Eight Universities (Go8), which is comprised of the nation’s eight leading research intensive universities and includes The University of Western Australia, has entered a landmark agreement, the first of its type in Australasia, with UK based IP Group PLC.

The agreement will see at least $200 million invested in finding and developing companies involved in research and innovation.
ID: 4934

June 5, 2017 Worry study a national research funding winner >>

A project that aims to help people worry about the right things is one of three new projects at UWA to receive Federal Government funding.

Professor Colin MacLeod, from UWA’s School of Psychology will use a $2.3 million grant to study the individual cognitive differences between productive worry (such as concern about bushfires or personal health) and unproductive worry, with the goal of helping people ultimately focus what they worry about in ways that help them to take beneficial action.
ID: 4064

June 7, 2017 UWA researchers find rare glass spearhead on Rottnest Island >>

Staff and students from UWA’s School of Indigenous Studies have made an exciting discovery on Rottnest Island (Wadjemup).

Professor Len Collard (UWA) said the staff and students were on Rottnest learning about the Indigenous history of the island when one of the students uncovered a sparkling object. “Imagine our excitement when we realised it was a rare glass spearhead that is at least 100 years old. It’s not every day that you uncover an artefact of this significance,” Professor Collard said.
ID: 4048

June 9, 2017 UWA partners Ausplow Farming Systems to optimise seeding performance >>

The University of Western Australia has entered a research and development partnership with Ausplow Farming Systems to improve crop yields and machine performance.
ID: 3183

June 12, 2017 Experts show new way to store clean, energy-rich gases >>

An international team of scientists and engineers has discovered a solution to a long-standing scientific problem of storing gases in common minerals. It could form the basis for a cheap and efficient way to power hydrogen-fuelled vehicles of the future.

The study was led by researchers from The Fluid Science and Resources Group and The Australian Centre for LNG Futures at The University of Western Australia.
ID: 3184

June 12, 2017 Subsea pipelines make fish safe havens >>

A first-of-its-kind study, led by UWA, into the ecological value of offshore infrastructure has revealed that subsea pipelines in north-west Australia provide safe havens for commercially important fish.

It is the most extensive research published about fish on pipelines in Australia and one of only a few studies worldwide.
ID: 3186

June 15, 2017 UWA Library partnerships helping researchers maximise the benefits of their research >>

UWA Library is engaging in new global initiatives to provide open access publishing support and options for UWA researchers to maximise the benefits of research by increasing its visibility, accessibility and discovery.
ID: 3187

June 15, 2017 UWA has the edge on innovation >>

WA's innovation, entrepreneurship and research expertise was celebrated last night at UWA’s inaugural IQ Awards. Three very different projects were awarded for their impact and ingenuity.

Professor Jo McDonald, Director of the Centre for Rock Art Research and Management, was named UWA's Innovation Champion for her commitment to promoting a culture of innovation and engagement between the Indigenous community and industry in her work on heritage management and preserving rock art in the Pilbara.
ID: 4015



July 12, 2017 Health of parents before and during pregnancy linked to fatty liver in teenagers >>

A Perth study, led by researchers from The University of Western Australian, Edith Cowan University, Curtin University and the Western Australian Cohort (Raine) Study has discovered that a significant part of the risk for fatty liver in teenagers is linked to their parent’s health and lifestyle before and during their mother’s pregnancy.
ID: 3160

July 13, 2017 Harry Perkins spinout company reports positive clinical trial results >>

Dimerix Limited, a company founded on technology developed by researchers at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research, today announced positive safety and efficacy data following its Phase 2a clinical trials.

The trial determined if Dimerix’s flagship treatment, DMX-200, was safe for use in patients with Chronic Kidney Disease. The treatment aims to control protein leakage (proteinuria) from the kidneys, a common symptom of chronic kidney disease.
ID: 5008

July 14, 2017 NHMRC Research Excellence Awards 2016 >>

Dr Willem Joost Lesterhuis was awarded an RD Wright Biomedical Fellowship (top ranking candidate for Level 1) and the inaugural Bernie Banton Fellowship at the 2016 NHMRC Excellence Awards.
ID: 3946

July 19, 2017 UWA Research Impact story: Drop by Drop >>

Professor Anas Ghadouani has worked in water research for over 30 years and is the Regional Executive Director of the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) based at UWA.

By using a multidisciplinary approach, he and his team, including his students have been dedicated to helping communities close the loop on the water cycle at a local level.
ID: 5020

July 21, 2017 Two EMS Researchers win large grant for UWA >>

Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) researchers in the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, Dr Mehrdad Kimiaei and Dr Hongwei An, have won a Cooperative Research Centres Project (CRC-P) Grant, a first for the University of Western Australia (UWA) and the oil and gas industry.
ID: 3163

July 25, 2017 UWA's Helen Milroy – Australia's first indigenous doctor >>

Growing up in an Aboriginal family in Perth in the ’60s and ’70s, Helen Milroy reflects that it was like living two worlds – an Aboriginal world at home and a Western world at school and trying to bridge the two worlds together and make sense of it.
ID: 5024

July 26, 2017 Mechanical Engineering student wins first prize in the Mimics Innovation Award >>

The Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences is celebrating the success of one its Mechanical Engineering students and Harry Perkins Researcher, Nikhilesh Bappoo, who has won first prize in the Mimics Innovation Award, Asia-Pacific Region, at the International Society of Biomechanics conference in Brisbane.
ID: 5028



August 1, 2017 An Australian-first study by UWA Oceans Institute researchers suggests that offshore pipelines have been offering shelter for fish >>

The study used video from remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs) that inspect infrastructure on the North West Shelf.

Dr Dianne McLean says the study is the first published research looking at how fish use subsea pipelines in Australia. This research provides crucial scientific evidence that can help inform different decommissioning alternatives.
ID: 5035

August 2, 2017 New UWA centre enables largest marine research capability in Indian Ocean rim >>

Western Australia and the Nation are set to become a global leader in marine and ocean research with the opening today of a new multi-million dollar research centre at The University of Western Australia.

The Indian Ocean Marine Research Centre (IOMRC), which is home to the largest cohort of marine researchers in Australia, was opened today by the Federal Education and Training Minister Simon Birmingham.
ID: 3869

August 10, 2017 New drug to benefit cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy >>

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have developed an innovative approach to prevent one of the most serious side-effects of chemotherapy, known as myelosuppression.
ID: 5042

August 14, 2017 Congratulations to these very worthy UWA winners at this years Premier’s Science Awards. Important research that is changing lives >>

Professor Christobel Saunders, of UWA Medical School’s surgery division, and Professor Harvey Millar from UWA’s School of Molecular Sciences and National Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology were named joint Scientist of the Year.

David Gozzard, a PhD candidate in UWA’s School of Physics and Astrophysics was named ExxonMobil Student Scientist of the Year while Dr Asha Bowen, Senior Clinical Lecturer from UWA’s Medical School was named Woodside Early Scientist of the Year
ID: 5054

August 14, 2017 275 million-year-old starfish fossil found in Western Australia >>

A research team led by The University of Western Australia has discovered a 275 million-year-old fossilised starfish-like creature in the north-west town of Gascoyne Junction.
ID: 3150

August 15, 2017 UWA moves up in the Academic Ranking of World Universities rankings >>

These results demonstrate that we are an internationally reputed research-intensive university, which is delivering world-class outcomes not only for our students, but also for our broad range of stakeholders.
ID: 3835

August 18, 2017 Resistance to major fungal disease in oilseed crops now possible >>

In a world first, researchers from The University of Western Australia in collaboration with Punjab Agricultural University in India have found the key to resistance to Sclerotinia stem rot, a major fungal disease in Brassica oilseed crops globally.
ID: 3152

August 18, 2017 Faulty gene linked to obesity in adults >>

Groundbreaking new research linking obesity and metabolic dysfunction to a problem in the energy generators in cells has been published by researchers from the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and The University of Western Australia.
ID: 3153

August 22, 2017 $6 million to commercialise EMS Research in new medical start-up >>

The company has recently secured up to $6 million of funding to commercialise a surgical tool, developed by Dr Kennedy’s team of researchers at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and the University of Western Australia.

The funding, from the Medical Research Commercialisation Fund (MRCF), will be used to develop a hand-held imaging probe to assist surgeons treating breast cancer.
ID: 3155

August 25, 2017 Researchers discover Australian canyons are hotspots for fish life >>

Research carried out by scientists from The University of Western Australia has found that underwater canyons may be critical and overlooked habitats for many commercially valuable species of fish such as tuna, swordfish and mackerel.
ID: 3801

August 25, 2017 Computer algorithm links facial masculinity to autism >>

A link between masculine facial features and autism has been discovered by researchers from The University of Western Australia, Telethon Kids Institute and Princess Margaret Hospital for Children.
ID: 5099

August 25, 2017 A world first clinical trial, that could provide hope for patients with mesothelioma >>

UWA's Anna Nowak and her team talk on 'Today Tonight' about their clinical trials in mesothelioma research.
ID: 5100

August 30, 2017 The most powerful optical microscopes on the planet are now at the new Nikon Centre of Excellence in Optical Microscopy at UWA >>

The new facility, located at the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research is home to six instruments, including some of the most powerful optical microscopes on the planet, up to 20 times more powerful than the previous generation of optical instruments.
ID: 5117

August 31, 2017 World-first hypertension treatment a success >>

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have taken a step forward in the fight against high blood pressure after the first human trials of a ground-breaking treatment produced successful results.
ID: 5125

August 31, 2017 UWA Autism researcher awarded prestigious Eureka Award >>

Leading autism researcher, Professor Andrew Whitehouse from The University of Western Australia and Telethon Kids Institute, has been awarded the most prestigious award in the country for young researchers – the 3M Eureka Prize for Emerging Leader in Science for 2017.
ID: 3140



September 1, 2017 Y-Hub: Yanchep innovation research and enterprise hub opens >>

The $10 million first stage of the Y-Hub on Yanchep Beach Road includes two two-storey buildings that house a co-working space and UWA’s honey bee co-operative research centre.
ID: 3715

September 3, 2017 The 2 Norty Broz Shamsta and Jamahl from Noongar Radio broadcast live from the UWA Research Week marquee >>

Guest panellists included Professor Jo McDonald, Professor Alistair Paterson, Anthropologist Andrew Dowding, Ngarluma man and actor Patrick Churnside, Murujuga Elder Tootsie Daniels and rangers of The Burrup Peninsula, home to possibly the largest collection of engraved rock art in the world.
ID: 5133

September 4, 2017 UWA Research Week 2017 >>

Video: In Research Week, we celebrate and promote the work that we do at UWA in discovering new knowledge and creating new methods and techniques for the community that we serve.
ID: 5040

September 6, 2017 UWA improves in Times Higher Education World University Rankings >>

The University of Western Australia has climbed 14 places to 111 in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.

The THE rankings focus on the top 1000 universities from 77 countries worldwide with analysts assessing more than 20,000 academic responses to surveys and 62 million research publication citations.
ID: 3594

September 6, 2017 UWA Astronomer helps explosive discovery >>

With the help of Astronomer Paul Luckas from The University of Western Australia node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR), researchers at Michigan State University (MSU) in the United States have observed a super-luminous nova in unparalleled detail and proven a theory that explains the phenomena.

The results indicate that powerful shockwaves amplify the explosions beyond any traditional scale for nuclear explosions.
ID: 3145

September 6, 2017 Ageing and Youth in the spotlight at the UWA's 2017 WA Migration and Mobilities Conference >>

Care of the aged, parent migration, challenges facing youth and the range of services and programs available to assist migrants were discussed at UWA's WA Migration and Mobilities Conference, bringing together policy makers, community organisations and researchers.
ID: 5454

September 8, 2017 Biomedical engineering student wins UWA's Three Minute Thesis >>

PhD student Gavrielle Untracht who is studying optical and biomedical engineering at UWA will be competing in the national finals of the Three Minute Thesis (3MT) competition in Queensland in October after winning the competition at The University of Western Australia.
ID: 3146

September 8, 2017 International award for early childhood researcher >>

A researcher from UWA’s Graduate School of Education, Dr Fiona Mayne, has won the 2017 European Early Childhood Education Research Association (EECERA) Student Research Award
ID: 3147

September 9, 2017 UWA Research Week 2017 - highlights >>

In 2017, Research Week hosted more than 5000 visitors and participants at 60 free events across campus.

Our community now have a greater appreciation of the huge body of work taking place at UWA, and the value and impact of the research we do.
ID: 5442

September 18, 2017 UWA Professor recognised for global leadership in agriculture research >>

The University of Western Australia’s Hackett Professor of Agriculture Kadambot Siddique has been recognised on the international stage for his global contribution to dryland agriculture.
ID: 3128

September 18, 2017 UWA's Dr Laura Boykin and Dr Joseph Ndunguru talk to BBC World GMT >>

Watch the interview as they discuss how the introduction of NanoCore technology in the form of a portable DNA sequencing device could help local farmers in Uganda and Tanzania identify and treat diseases in cassava crops, a staple food source in the region.
ID: 5174

September 19, 2017 Students sold on new cutting-edge trading room >>

“It is the largest training facility of its kind in Australia and features state-of-the-art technology in financial terminals from some of the industry’s leading providers, providing an excellent springboard for international research opportunities,” Professor Freshwater
ID: 5176

September 22, 2017 Mental Health Commission teams up with UWA and Professor Sharon Parker to improve mental health in the workplace >>

Researchers at The University Western Australia are to team up with the Western Australian Mental Health Commission to assist workplaces to promote and support employees’ mental health.

The Mental Health Commission has partnered with UWA’s Centre for Transformative Work Design to support the development of evidence-based activities and resources within the Centre’s state-wide Thrive@Work Strategy.
ID: 3477

September 28, 2017 UWA researchers find 'surfer's eye' may be an indication of melanoma >>

A person with a pterygium on the eye is 24 per cent more likely to develop malignant melanoma of the skin, a new study from the Lions Eye Institute (LEI) has revealed.

Researchers from LEI examined almost 24,000 WA patient records of hospital-treated pterygium from 1979 to 2014 and found a strong link between the eye condition and melanoma - the most deadly form of skin cancer.
ID: 3454

September 29, 2017 UWA Researcher working towards making 3D printable hearts >>

Dr Barry Doyle from the University of Western Australia''s Biomedical Engineering team discusses his research into making 3D printable hearts possible.
ID: 3443

September 29, 2017 New drug to supercharge immune cells in the fight against cancer >>

A new cancer treatment with the ability to normalise tumour blood vessels and boost the body’s immune system has been developed by researchers from The University of Western Australia and the Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research.
ID: 3447



October 3, 2017 ARC funds 'Dating the aboriginal rock art sequence of the Kimberley in north west Australia' Linkage Project for 4 years >> >>

UWA's CRAR+M makes up a key part of the project's team, which has many partners (see below) including Indigenous, academic, government, philanthropy and pastoral.

This project runs in paralle with the other ARC LP - Kimberley Visions: Rock Art Style Provinces of North Australia led by CRAR+M, to constitute a long-term intellectual and applied investment into one of the world's premier rock art regions.
ID: 5191

October 3, 2017 UWA Archaeologists and Rock Art Researchers receive major ARC Funding to date WA's Kimberley Rock Art >>

Prof. Peter Veth and Dr. Sven Ouzman are Chief Investigators in aground-breaking new project to date the Aboriginal rock art of the Kimberley. The ARC Linkage Project (LP170100155) "Dating the aboriginal rock art sequence of the Kimberley in north west Australia" ($1.98 million).

This multi--partner project works alongside Indigenous partners to better understand how people have managed social and environmental change over the last 60,000 years.
ID: 6445

October 5, 2017 Gravitational waves from a binary black hole merger observed by LIGO and Virgo >>

UWA is part of an international team that includes the LIGO Scientific Collaboration and the Virgo collaboration that have reported the first joint detection of gravitational waves with both the LIGO and Virgo detectors.

This is the fourth announced detection of a binary black hole system and the first significant gravitational-wave signal recorded by the Virgo detector, and highlights the scientific potential of a three-detector network of gravitational-wave detectors.
ID: 5194

October 6, 2017 New UWA-led wave energy centre to be established in Albany >>

WA’s renewable energy future has received a boost with the State Government awarding $3.75 million to The University of Western Australia to establish a new wave energy centre in Albany.

The Wave Energy Research Centre will put Western Australia at the forefront of offshore renewable energy research and technology and help increase our knowledge and understanding of wave, tidal and offshore wind energy.
ID: 3434

October 9, 2017 Innovations in Breast Cancer: better diagnosis, better surgery >>

Around 1.7 million women are diagnosed with breast cancer world-wide each year, with more than 15,000 women and over 100 men affected in Australia. Of these, around one in four will need repeat surgery to remove tumour cells, often missed in the initial surgery.

The Optical Micro-Elastography device will image the stiffness of malignant tissue at a microscopic level, allowing surgeons to feel whether all the tumour is gone.
ID: 5201

October 9, 2017 Scientists discover more about the ingredients for star formation >>

Astronomers have shed fresh light on the importance of hydrogen atoms in the birth of new stars. Only hydrogen molecules are thought to directly fuel star formation but research published today shows there are more hydrogen atoms than molecules even in young galaxies that are making a lot of stars.
ID: 5204

October 11, 2017 UWA Researchers join Balanggarra people to look at rock art >>

Traditional owners from the Kimberley’s north take university researchers on a survey tour north and east of Kalumburu in search of rock art sites.
ID: 5208

October 11, 2017 UWA has received nearly $500K to carry out research into the wellbeing and mental health impact of FIFO workers >>

The State Government has granted The University of Western Australia’s (UWA) Centre for Transformative Work Design $498,841 to carry out research into the wellbeing and mental health impact of fly-in fly-out (FIFO) arrangements on workers. The announcement coincides with Mental Health Week.
ID: 3418

October 12, 2017 UWA Crowd Research: Endangered chimpanzee conservation >>

UWA Crowd Research project helping researchers better understand the effects of habitat loss and fragmentation on endangered eastern chimpanzees in Rwanda, which will help to improve efforts to conserve this iconic and endangered species.
ID: 5209

October 16, 2017 Sleep disorders and stroke research to benefit from NHMRC funding >>

Treating sleep disorders, improving the mental health of Australian young people and reducing and preventing the incidence of stroke are among the research projects at UWA to receive almost $4 million in funding through the NHMRC fellowship schemes.
ID: 3134

October 18, 2017 UWA $1.8 million deal with China to research ammonia as clean fuel >>

The University of Western Australia has signed a collaborative research agreement with China’s National Institute of Clean and Low Carbon Energy to research the use of ammonia as a clean transport fuel.
ID: 5220

October 19, 2017 UWA Professors Carol Bower, Karen Simmer and Steve Zubrick inducted to the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences >>

Congratulations to Professor Carol Bower, Professor Karen Simmer and Professor Stephen Zubrick for being inducted into the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences Fellowship.

This is a wonderful achievement and national recognition of three outstanding researchers in health and medical sciences.
ID: 3387

October 20, 2017 Research measures Indigenous outcomes in the Kimberley and Pilbara >>

A study commissioned by the State Government and carried out by researchers from The University of Western Australia has provided the first detailed analysis of government service provision and expenditure in the Kimberley and the Pilbara and its impact on Indigenous communities.
ID: 3137

October 25, 2017 UWA Crowd Research Project exceeds target of 600 participants for pilot study breast density study >>

Increased breast density is a strong risk factor for breast cancer. Women between the ages of 18 and 40 are invited to have their breast density measured. It is completely safe, painless and takes 20 minutes from start to finish.
ID: 5227

October 26, 2017 $2 million in funding to boost medical research >>

Research into developing new medical technologies and ways of improving patient care will receive a $1 million boost from MTPConnect (the Australian Government funded Medical Technologies and Pharmaceuticals Industry Growth Centre) which will be matched by $1 million from the medical sector.
ID: 3118

October 26, 2017 UWA physicists celebrate Nobel Prize for Gravitational Waves >>

Two of the US scientists who last week won the Nobel Prize in Physics have visited Western Australia’s Gravity Discovery Centre and one of them, Kip Thorne, even has a tree named after him at the gravitational wave research facility.
ID: 3119

October 26, 2017 UWA climbs in global rankings >>

The University of Western Australia has climbed seven places in the 2018 Best Global Universities rankings to be placed 88th in the world and 7th overall in Australia and New Zealand.

The Best Global Universities rankings evaluate universities on their research performance and their ratings by members of the academic community around the world.
ID: 3365

October 27, 2017 UWA’s Returning Photos Project is reuniting Aboriginal photographic collections to their families from overseas museums >>

Donna Oxenham, a Yamatji woman and PhD candidate at UWA, is working on the global project to provide community members with copies of photographs pertaining to loved ones and images of their traditional country.

The Returning Photos Project involves Pitt Rivers Museum, Oxford, the Museum of Archaeology and Anthropology, Cambridge, Museum Volkenkunde, Leiden, and Musee du Quai Branly in Paris.
ID: 5231



November 1, 2017 UWA and Botanic Gardens win at WA Innovator of the Year 2016 >>

Researchers from UWA and the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority have won a top prize at the 2016 WA Innovator of the Year awards. The ‘seed flamer’ won the Mitsubishi Corporation Emerging Innovation Category at the State awards ceremony held last night.

Their innovation will transform how vast areas such as mine sites and degraded agricultural lands are revegetated.
ID: 3355

November 2, 2017 Plant biologist wins 2017 Young Tall Poppy Award >>

Plant biologist Dr Monika Murcha from The University of Western Australia was today recognised as Western Australia’s brightest emerging scientist at this year’s Young Tall Poppy Science Awards.
ID: 5453

November 3, 2017 UWA receive $447 million software grant from Siemens >>

UWA have received a major industrial software investment from the global technology company Siemens, to help students develop the skills needed for the highly digitalised world of the future.

The $447 million grant will give UWA students and academics access to global, cutting edge technology, used by some of the world’s leading companies, and help boost local innovation, particularly in industries important to Western Australia, such as energy, engineering and shipbuilding.
ID: 3346

November 3, 2017 UWA Alumni win the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture >>

Congratulations go to Jennie Officer and Trent Woods of Officer Woods Architects (both UWA alumni), for winning the Sir Zelman Cowen Award for Public Architecture in the 2017 National Architecture Awards.

The jury described it as a “masterstroke building-within-a-building concept” that “enabled “a group of remote Indigenous artists to make a substantial and tangible contribution to a town centre, thereby exemplifying reconciliation in this country.”
ID: 5240

November 6, 2017 UWA Research examines impact of coral bleaching on the WA coastline >>

Researchers from The University of Western Australia, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies, and Western Australian Marine Science Institution have examined the impact of the 2016 mass bleaching event on reefs in Western Australia.
ID: 3122

November 7, 2017 UWA innovators part of TEDxPerth >>

TEDxPerth returns to the Perth Concert Hall on Saturday 11 November 2017 with sixteen powerful talks by some of Western Australia's leading thinkers and doers, including four from UWA.

Professor Ray Willis, Emeritus Professor Alan Harvey, Professor Anas Ghadouani and Ian Dunican will all give talks at the event.
ID: 3341

November 9, 2017 Congratulations to Orthocell Ltd (a UWA born company) - now entering European markets with CelGro. >>

Orthocell Ltd, a company that started at UWA, is now entering European markets with CelGro. The company uses its proprietary SMRT tissue engineering process, developed in conjunction with Professor Minghao Zheng and the University of Western Australia.

CelGro is used for a range of dental bone and soft tissue regeneration procedures as it offers superior functionality over existing products for improved tissue repair.
ID: 5247

November 10, 2017 UWA researchers awarded $14.75 million in Federal funding >>

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have received $14.75 million in funding for 26 projects through the Federal Government’s Australian Research Council.

UWA received $9.6 million for 25 Discovery Projects, $2.9 million for eight Early Career Researcher Awards and $2.2 million for three Linkage, Infrastructure, Equipment and Facilities.
ID: 3125

November 13, 2017 UWA researchers identify eight new species of spinifex, one the flavour of salt and vinegar-flavoured chips. >>

UWA research scientist Matthew Barrett and PhD student Ben Anderson have discovered eight new species of spinifex, including one they say has the flavour of salt and vinegar-flavoured chips.

The pair made the surprising discovery of the Drought-resistant perennial grass by accident, while working late one night in Perth. "We were doing late night experiments … handling specimens of that species," Dr Barrett said. "Someone licked their hand at some point and tasted that flavour."
ID: 3330

November 15, 2017 UWA wins the Planning Minister's Award at the Planning Institute of Australia Planning Excellence awards for The Freo Alternative project >>

Australian Urban Design Research Centre, UWA has won the Planning Minister's Award at the Planning Institute of Australia Planning Excellence awards for The Freo Alternative project.

The project is a great research partnership with City of Fremantle and Creating Communities Australia - developing new policy approaches to offer housing choice in our suburbs.
ID: 5254

November 15, 2017 UWA Crowd Research project: A new study at UWA looks into FIFO workers’ mental health and wellbeing. >>

This study aims to capture the views of at least 1500 FIFO workers. In doing so, it will provide a conclusive overview of mental health, wellbeing and work factors experienced by FIFOs.

The research will be ideally placed to form the basis of guidance and support for workers and families. It will also provide evidence that companies can use to design workplaces that are positive for mental health and wellbeing. The research can also help inform government policies on FIFO work.
ID: 5255

November 16, 2017 Congratulations to Prof Amir Karton, awarded the Australian Academy of Science 2018 Le Févre Medal >>

Congratulations to Prof Amir Karton from UWA who was awarded the Australian Academy of Science 2018 Le Févre Medal. Amir has played a leading role in the development of quantum chemical methods for highly accurate calculations of chemical properties such as reaction barrier heights.
ID: 5258

November 16, 2017 UQ honours UWA Emeritus Professor with Honorary Mathematics Doctorate >>

An internationally acclaimed mathematician, UWA Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger, has been awarded an honorary doctorate from The University of Queensland (UQ), in recognition of her distinguished service to mathematics.

UWA Pro Vice-Chancellor and Executive Dean of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS), Professor John Dell said the honorary doctorate of Mathematics celebrated Professor Praeger’s significant achievements as Australia's most highly cited pure mathematician.
ID: 3126

November 17, 2017 UWA develops new technique to detect oil in water during LNG processing >>

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have developed a new prototype instrument, based on Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR), to detect trace quantities of oil in water, and that may enable engineers to use it in deep water for the first time.

Funded by Chevron and the Federal Government’s Australian Research Council (ARC), the new method of analysis using NMR is thought to be a more effective, reliable and accurate monitoring method than techniques currently being used by industry.
ID: 3127

November 17, 2017 Professor Killugudi Swaminathan Iyer, School of Molecular Sciences, wins 2018 Jacques Miller Medal for experimental biomedicine >>

Professor Killugudi Swaminathan Iyer, School of Molecular Sciences, has received a 2018 honorific award for his outstanding contribution to science, recognised by the Australian Academy of Science.

Leading a research program in the field of bionanotechnology, the ultimate goal of his research is to enable an overall increase in quality and length of life for patients, through informed decisions about timing, dosage, drug choice, and treatment strategies for personalised medicine.
ID: 3316

November 20, 2017 UWA study to find out if exercise can help people with lung disease >>

A team of WA researchers is set to discover whether weekly community-based exercise sessions for people with moderate to severe lung impairment can significantly enhance participants’ wellbeing and reduce their cost to the health system.
ID: 5443

November 28, 2017 UWA Medical researchers awarded more than $27 million in national funding >>

Twenty seven significant research projects at The University of Western Australia awarded more than $27 million in funding from the Federal Government.
ID: 5444

November 30, 2017 Personality Factors are Potential Endophenotypes for Schizophrenia >>

Researchers from the Centre for Genetic Origins of Health and Disease (GOHaD) at UWA and Curtin and the UWA Centre for Clinical Research in Neuropsychiatry (CCRN) have shown for the first time that the strength of genetic support for personality traits as endophenotypes for schizophrenia is broadly equivalent to that of cognitive traits.
ID: 5445

November 30, 2017 UWA FABLE staff win numerous awards >>

Staff at the University of Western Australia’s Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Education (FABLE) have picked up numerous awards and grants as 2017 draws to a close.

Staff from across FABLE have secured more than $3million in funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) under both the Discovery and the Discovery Early Career Researcher Awards (DECRA) schemes.
ID: 5451



December 4, 2017 Astronomer’s map reveals location of mysterious fast-moving gas >>

UWA astronomer Dr Tobias Westmeier has created the most detailed map ever of clouds of high-velocity gas in the Universe around us. The map covers the entire sky and shows curious clouds of neutral hydrogen gas that are moving at a different speed to the normal rotation of the Milky Way.

The map will be freely available to astronomers around the world, helping us to learn more about high-velocity clouds and the local Universe.
ID: 5446

December 5, 2017 Big data helps researchers in battle to control plant invaders >>

Researchers at The University of Western Australia are part of an international team that has discovered why some plant species are more successful than others at successfully invading new regions.
ID: 5447

December 6, 2017 Florey Medal honours lifetime of scientific research >>

Western Australian molecular ophthalmologist Professor Elizabeth Rakoczy from UWA’s Centre for Ophthalmology and Visual Science and the Lions Eye Institute (LEI) will receive the 2017 Florey Medal at a ceremony in Canberra this evening.

The Florey Medal, established by the Australian Institute of Policy and Science, recognises significant lifetime achievement in biomedical science and/or human health advancement and carries a $50,000 prize supported by CSL Limited.
ID: 5452

December 8, 2017 UWA teams fast-tracked in CSIRO's Accelerate program >>

Two UWA teams have been fast-tracked as part of the prestigious CSIRO’s ON Accelerate program for scientific inventions to detect muscle health for elite athletes and gut health.
ID: 5448

December 12, 2017 $675,400 funding for UWA project to improve success rate of native plant restoration >>

Researchers at The University of Western Australia have been awarded $675,400 in Federal Government funding to reconstruct plant communities that are resistant to invasion and resilient within disturbed landscapes in a biodiversity hotspot.
ID: 5449

December 13, 2017 New collaboration between UWA and Rio Tinto Iron Ore >>

A new major industry research collaboration between The University of Western Australia (UWA) and Rio Tinto Iron Ore will commence in 2018.

UWA’s Geodata Algorithms Team will engage with Rio Tinto Iron Ore for the next four years on diverse data analytics and data mining research projects including automated 3D geological modelling.
ID: 5450

December 21, 2017 UWA pioneers world-first research into bomb-detecting drones >>

The Department of Defence has awarded a major research project to a consortium led by UWA to develop high-tech sensors that could detect terrorist threats.

Once perfected, the technology will have also have applications in food & agriculture, and in remote sensing for mineral exploration.
ID: 6443

December 21, 2017 UWA's Microelectronics Research Group (MRG) wins 2.9M in Defence's Counter Improvised Threats Grand Challenge >>

The School of Electrical, Electronic and Computer Engineering would like to congratulate members of our Microelectronics Research Group (MRG) for attracting $2.9 million from Australia’s Defence Next Generation Technologies Fund. They received the largest grant of the 13 successful awarded proposals.

The Department of Defence Science and Technology Group (DST) is collaborating with external partners from industry and academia, to pursue high-impact research in it's 'Grand Challenges for Safeguarding Australia'.
ID: 6444