Professor Tim Colmer
Professor Tim Colmer
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(Research), UWA

Outstanding research is a critical foundation of an innovative and modern society. In 2019, UWA continues to perform at global standards in all areas of research. UWA maintained a top 100 ranked position in the ARWU (99th), QS (86th) and US N&W (86th) ranking systems – an achievement made possible by the strength, quality and diversity of research undertaken by UWA academics.

In 2019, UWA’s Research Impact Series celebrated the impact of UWA’s research through over 60 public events, including Raising the Bar.

Below are some of UWA’s research highlights for 2019. I look forward to the achievements to come in 2020.

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January 13, 2019 UWA researcher named the AFL's first Indigenous Commissioner

Professor Helen Milroy has been named the AFL's first Indigenous Commissioner, bringing more than three decades of experience in the health and medical welfare areas to the role.
ID: 15600

January 21, 2019 Man Vs Fat first season success

87 men have lost a combined 515kg in the first season of the UWA initiative Man vs Fat UWA soccer league. Designed especially for Australia, the soccer league is just for guys who want to lose weight. Every player is in the same situation and wants the same thing - to enjoy soccer, lose weight and get healthier.
ID: 11808

January 28, 2019 UWA staff and graduates recognised in Australia Day honours list

Congratulations to the well deserving 21 UWA graduates and five staff members who were recognised in this year's Australia Day Honours List.
ID: 15570

January 30, 2019 The heat is on to reduce workplace injuries

Safe Work Australia and SafeWork SA have been working with researchers from a variety of institutions including at UWA, on a national project focused on preventing work-related injury in hot conditions.
ID: 11661

January 31, 2019 Sleep health awareness in Australia

UWA academics, including Professor Romola Bucks, contribute to a government inquiry at public hearing into sleep health awareness in Australia.
ID: 15708

January 31, 2019 Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Writing for Young Adults

Dr Ambelin Kwaymullina of the UWA Law School and co-author Ezekiel Kwaymullina received the Victorian Premier’s Literary Award for Writing for Young Adults for their book Catching Teller Crow.
ID: 12008



February 6, 2019 $10 million funding boost for Australian National Phenome Centre

Congratulations to the Perth-based Australian National Phenome Centre at Murdoch University & its partners including UWA for their $10 million funding for diagnosis, prevention and precision treatment of numerous medical conditions.
ID: 15706

February 7, 2019 UWA researcher awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Professor Natalie Skead, Dean and Head of UWA Law School, has been awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy.
ID: 11651

February 9, 2019 University Librarian awarded Principal Fellow of the Higher Education Academy

Jill Benn, University Librarian has joined an esteemed list of principal fellows of the Higher Education Academy.
ID: 15704

February 11, 2019 Project that can predict risk of fatal illnesses selected for development by CSIRO

A team from UWA, including Research Fellow Sylvia Young and colleague Professor Grant Morahan, have developed a new way of analysing genetic data to determine the risk of diseases such as cancer and heart attack. They've been selected to develop their technology through the prestigious CSIRO ON Accelerate program.
ID: 11643

February 11, 2019 Researchers speed up detection of blood infection

Researchers from UWA Medical School have developed a new method of detecting blood infection that they hope will dramatically speed up diagnosis and treatment of severe infection.
ID: 15545

February 13, 2019 Green light for Freo's alternative approach to infill housing

Congratulations to the team at AUDRC Australian Urban Design Research Centre on final approval for The Freo Alternative - Big Thinking about Small Housing Policy. The planning policy is designed to stimulate development of a wider choice of housing in Fremantle's suburban areas.
ID: 11634

February 14, 2019 Professor Dawn Freshwater named Chair of Go8

For the first time, a woman has been named chair of Australia's Group Of Eight Universities. Congratulations to UWA Vice-Chancellor Professor Dawn Freshwater.
ID: 15531

February 25, 2019 UWA researchers launch a new tool to combat non-wetting soils

Professor Daniel Murphy (soils research) is among a group of researchers that have launched a new tool to combat non-wetting soils, 'Divine' is a new product to the surfactant market, designed to help lock more moisture into non-wetting soils.
ID: 11798

February 28, 2019 UWA researcher awarded the Nancy Mills Medal for Women in Science

Congratulations to Professor Jacqueline Batley, awarded the prestigious 2019 Nancy Millis Medal for Women in Science! Her research is working to improve crop production security which will have huge benefits to populations and the agriculture industry across the globe.
ID: 15502



March 7, 2019 UWA researcher paper selected as a Nature Human Behaviour Journal highlight

Congratulations to Dr Luke Strickland from Human Factors & Applied Cognition Lab whose Psych Review paper on prospective memory was selected as a Research Highlight in Nature Human Behaviour Journal.
ID: 11794

March 7, 2019 Future Fellowships from the Australian Research Council

Associate Professor Muhammad Hossain and Dr Danail Obreschkow have been awarded Future Fellowships from the ARC. Hossain's project focuses on a solution for Australia's deep-water gas development and Danail's project explores 'The Enigma of Galactic Rotation'.
ID: 15894

March 8, 2019 Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize for Quantitative Financial Innovation

UWA Business School Professor Philip Brown wins the 2019 Wharton-Jacobs Levy Prize for Quantitative Financial Innovation along with Professor Ray Ball - recognized for their influential work linking stock prices to accounting data.
ID: 11988

March 11, 2019 $50 million funding for research on traumatic brain injury over next 10 years

Over the next 10 years, the Federal Government will fund $50 million research on traumatic brain injury - affecting 20,000 Australians each year and important UWA research.
ID: 15694

March 11, 2019 UWA researcher winner at Pro Bono Impact 25 Awards

Congratulations to Ramon Wenzel on his Pro Bono Impact 25 Award. Ramon provides state of the art workforce analytics to all NFP organisations for free. His landmark research on the Social Return on Education and Training has been intensely used to inform professional development policy, practice and funding in the NFP context.
ID: 11580

March 12, 2019 Seagrass revegetation in Cockburn Sound

Gardening Australia traveled to Cockburn Sound where our researchers are working to propagate, reseed and restore lost seagrass meadows to bring life back to the sound.
ID: 15692

March 13, 2019 OncoRes Medical win at 40 under 40 awards

Congratulations to Dr Brendan Kennedy on his win at the 40 under 40 awards. These awards acknowledge the work of 40 outstanding local professionals under the age of 40 for their business success and community contributions.
ID: 11790

March 15, 2019 Research Impact Story - Parkinson's disease: when you sleep better, you feel better

A focus on the work of Dr Maria Pushpanathan and her colleagues in understanding the relationship between sleep issues and cognitive symptoms. Their research seeks to ultimately help patients with a better quality of life, through personalised care.
ID: 15473

March 15, 2019 UWA / TKI researcher awarded an NHMRC Excellence Award

Congratulations to Dr Sally Brinkman, a paediatric epidemiologist - on receiving NHMRC Excellence Award. Her research focuses on improving health & devpt of young children, particularly on those living in highly disadvantaged communities.
ID: 10378

March 19, 2019 UWA reseacher named Pharmaceutical Society of Australia WA Pharmacist of the Year 2019

Congratulations to our lead researcher Melinda Boss on being named the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia Western Australian Pharmacist of the Year 2019 for her innovative work in lactation.
ID: 15467

March 19, 2019 Best Paper Prize at the Corporate Law Teachers Association

Congratulations to Doctor Sagi Peari who was awarded the Best Paper Prize at the Corporate Law Teachers Association (CLTA) conference in Auckland.
ID: 12007

March 22, 2019 UWA student researchers finalists at Australian Agriculture Forum

Well done to UWA students Subash Chavva, Ci Sun & Ya-Chun Yu, finalists at Ag Institute Australia’s Young Professional in Agriculture Forum. DPIRDs Ben Biddulph inspired on the importance of establishing meaningful interactions with growers & industry.
ID: 15689

March 26, 2019 Research Impact Story update - What's a breastfeed?

The LactaResearch Group have launched LactaMap! This online lactation care system is a great resource for doctors to help breastfeeding mums with lactation issues.
ID: 11549

March 27, 2019 UWA recognised for research excellence in ERA 2018

Excellent outcomes for UWA in ERA2018. Achieving world-class ratings and well beyond reflects the quality of UWA research, dedication of our researchers and strength in partnerships. 14 disciplines recognised for translation of research into highly beneficial impacts for society, the economy and/or the environment.
ID: 15441

March 28, 2019 2019 Business News 40under40

UWA Clinical Associate Professor Chan Cheah was one of two winners of the Woodside STEM Excellence award in the 2019 Business News 40under40.
ID: 12016

March 29, 2019 UWA recognised in the 2018 ARC Engagement and Impact Assessment

The ARC EI2018 has recognised 14 UWA disciplines as translating research into highly beneficial impacts for society, the economy and/or the environment.
ID: 232090



April 4, 2019 UWA researcher honoured by the Australian Academy of Technology & Engineering

Congratulations to Jessica Meeuwig, Director of the UWA Centre for Marine Futures who was named the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering’s Eminent Speaker for 2019.
ID: 11522

April 7, 2019 UWA researcher receives Gold Quill Award

Congratulations to Law School Professor Camilla Andersen, who was one of the recipients of a Gold Quill Award of Merit for her work on visual contracts for Aurecon.
ID: 15414

April 7, 2019 Research Impact Story - The power of people in shaping good health

This Research Impact Story - video: The power of people in shaping good health examines how a strong support network can have positive effects on an individual’s general health and wellbeing.
ID: 11707

April 18, 2019 Researcher of the Year - SMHS-Excellence Awards

Adjunct Associate Professor Dayse Tavora-Vieira was named Researcher of the Year at the inaugural South Metropolitan Health Service (SMHS) Excellence Awards.
ID: 172005



May 2, 2019 UWA collaborates to win at AHI Professional Excellence in Housing Awards

UWA collaboration to house & support most vulnerable rough sleepers - 50 lives 50 homes - wins excellence in social housing award 2019.
ID: 11777

May 3, 2019 UWA researchers wins Piers Sellers Prize

Congratulations to Petra Tschakert on winning the 2019 Piers Sellers Prize from the Priestley Centre for her work on environmental justice.
ID: 15677

May 12, 2019 The UWA 2019 Research Impact Series

The UWA Research Impact Series 2019 launches! Attend events to hear from UWA researchers who are tackling global, national and regional challenges to make the world a better place.
ID: 11451

May 15, 2019 2019 Museums and Galleries National Award

Professor Alistair Paterson of the School of Social Sciences, together with the Western Australian Museum, won a 2019 Museums and Galleries National Award for their exhibition: Shipwrecks of the Roaring Forties.
ID: 63915

May 16, 2019 UWA pays tribute to the Honourable Dr Bob Hawke, LLB, BA, DLitt

UWA mourns the passing of one of its most outstanding graduates, the Honourable Dr Bob Hawke, LLB, BA, DLitt. UWA awarded Dr Hawke a Bachelor of Laws in 1951 and a Bachelor of Arts in 1955. Upon his election as Prime Minister, the University also honoured him with an Honorary Doctorate of Letters in 1984.
ID: 11433

May 26, 2019 UWA AUDRC researcher appointed to State Design Review Panel

Congratulations to Dr Anthony Duckworth who has been appointed to the inaugural State Design Review Panel as an urban design specialist.
ID: 15319

May 28, 2019 Orthocell, UWA spin-out's continued success

Orthocell's Paul Anderson showcases the CelGro story and the global potential for the bioscaffold that was developed by UWA researchers in this podcast.
ID: 11411

May 28, 2019 How necessity inspires invention in the mind of engineer James Trevelyan

Mechanical engineer Professor James Trevelyan's inventions have had an impact on society. From small, quiet air conditioning to leading the team that pioneered sheep-shearing robots between 1976-1989.
ID: 15313

May 28, 2019 Formation of the The Western Australian Cardiovascular Research Alliance (WACRA)

Professor Livia Hool initiated the formation of an alliance of WA cardiovascular researchers (WACRA) to advocate for greater funding and public awareness of the impressive work occurring in this State.
ID: 12004

May 30, 2019 Shine Dome award for UWA researcher

Congratulations to Professor Jacqueline Batley for her Shine Dome 19 award. Science at the Shine Dome is a three-day event where Australia’s most influential scientists gather to honour outstanding achievements in science.
ID: 15673



June 4, 2019 Federal funding boost for Indigenous mental health services

A research program led by UWA Poche Centre has received $5 million to improve the delivery of mental health services for Australia's Indigenous population.
ID: 11398

June 4, 2019 Leading eye doctor recognised at the West Australian of the Year awards

Leading eye doctor Dr Angus Turner has been recognised at the Western Australian of the Year awards while three of our alumni also took home awards.
ID: 15302

June 6, 2019 Australian Centre for Geomechanics appoints new director

Associate Professor Johan Wesseloo has been appointed director of the Australian Centre for Geomechanics at UWA.
ID: 11934

June 9, 2019 UWA postgrad student takes up Naked Internship

Ben McAllister, Department of Physics, reflects on his research journey and linking up with The Naked Scientists.
ID: 15288

June 9, 2019 Seven academics from UWA announced as finalists in the 2019 Premier's Science Awards

UWA finalists include Professor Wendy Erber, Professor Ryan Lister, Dr Philipp Bayer, Dr Haibo Jiang, Jessica Kretzmann, Belinda Martin and Hayley Passmore.
ID: 12003

June 10, 2019 UWA School board member recognised with an Order of Australia

UWA Business School board member, Diane Smith-Gander has been recognised as an Officer of the Order of Australia for her distinguished service to business, women's engagement and gender equality.
ID: 15283

June 11, 2019 Graduates and staff recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours

Congratulations to the five staff and twenty two graduates recognised in the Queen's birthday honours- including: Professor David Mackey, Dr Bill Carroll, Associate Professor Prudence Manners, Professor Dao-Yi Yu and Dr Brad Norman.
ID: 11373

June 14, 2019 UWA research featured in $67.5 million funding

New funding awards UWA and partner organisations combined $67.5 million towards world-class STEM research and industries. Congratulations to recipients UWA Microelectronics Research Group, The UWA Oceans Institute, CMCA, and UWA Terrestrial Ecosystem Network.
ID: 15264

June 14, 2019 Cancer Council WA awards Cancer Researcher of the Year to UWA researcher

Congratulations to Professor Gary Lee, named the Cancel Council WA Cancer Researcher of 2019.
ID: 11769

June 18, 2019 The University of Western Australia rises in QS World Rankings

UWA has risen 5 places to 86 in the QS World University Rankings 2020, up 16 places in 3 years.
ID: 15254

June 20, 2019 Research Impact Story - Stay well, play well

Researchers, including Suzanne Wijsman at UWA Conservatorium of Music have developed Sound Performers. This online tool is helping musicians and music teachers to optimise their physical and mental performance health through healthy practice.
ID: 11348

June 21, 2019 OncoRes wins MedTech Innovator award

Congratulations to OncoRes Medical, UWA spin-out, winner of the $25,000 MedTech Innovator Value Award by audience vote.
ID: 15668

June 23, 2019 UWA researcher awarded esteemed plant scientist award

School of Molecular Sciences group leader, Monika Murcha has been awarded the esteemed Australian Society of Plant Scientists Jan Anderson Award for 2019.
ID: 11341

June 23, 2019 Top Indigenous STEM students make finals of Premier's Science Awards

Congratulations to UWA's Premier Science Awards finalists: UWA students have taken out all four finalist places in a new Aboriginal STEM Student of the Year category. Including Jedd Bell, Sharynne Hamilton, Simone Harrington and Kirsty McLean.
ID: 15245



July 2, 2019 Australian Medical Association (WA) Hippocrates Award

UWA Professor John Newnham was awarded the prestigious Australian Medical Association (WA) Hippocrates Award for Outstanding Contribution to Medicine.
ID: 12018

July 5, 2019 2019 Daniel Beck Memorial Award for Schizophrenia Research

UWA Assist Professor Anna Waterreus has won the 2019 Daniel Beck Memorial Award for Schizophrenia Research by Neuroscience Research.
ID: 15898

July 10, 2019 UWA School of Design researcher wins Architecture award

Congratulations to UWA School of Design Adjunct Professor Patrick Beale and all of the team from Advanced Timber Concepts Studio and Iredale Pedersen Hook architects for winning the 2019 Architecture of Necessity Awards in Sweden for their project the Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre in Pingelly.
ID: 11307

July 10, 2019 UWA Researcher named one of Australia's most innovative engineers

UWA Postdoctoral Research Fellow Arman Siahvashi has been named as one of Australia's Most Innovative Engineers for 2019 in the mining, oil & gas category by create magazine - the publication of Engineers Australia.
ID: 15210

July 12, 2019 UWA node of ICRAR achieves Gold Pleiades Award

The International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR) has been recognised by the Astronomical Society of Australia for its commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion in astronomical sciences and technology.
ID: 11998

July 24, 2019 New 5-year agreement with Rio Tinto to preserve WA rock art

UWA signs partnership with Rio Tinto to protect and study WA rock art. The new five-year agreement will help preserve the State’s rock art and Aboriginal story telling.
ID: 15661

July 25, 2019 Dr Raj Kurup selected as one of Australia's top 30 Most Innovative Engineers 2019

UWA Convocation Council member Dr Raj Kurup has been selected as one of Australia’s top 30 Most Innovative Engineers 2019 by the Institution of Engineers Australia, an honour for which he was previously recognised in 2017.
ID: 11898

July 25, 2019 Site handback to Murujuga National Park

Another historic moment for Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation with the handback of Site L to Murujuga National Park. As Premier Mark McGowan said: “this is a significant step towards World Heritage recognition for this place and a show of the government's commitment to ensure the long term preservation of this important cultural estate”.
ID: 15184



August 2, 2019 Industry collaboration to produce the world's first electric hydrofoil jet ski

UWA's Renewable Energy Vehicle Project has teamed up with technology partner Electro.Aero, a Perth-based start-up company, and funding sponsor Galaxy Resources, an ASX-listed lithium producer, to develop the world’s first electric hydrofoil personal watercraft, named WaveFlyer.
ID: 11902

August 5, 2019 Walter McRae Russel Award

UWA Professor Hughes-d'Aeth has received the Walter McRae Russel Award for his book, 'Like Nothing on this Earth: A Literary History of the Wheatbelt'. The award recognises outstanding works of literary scholarship on an Australian subject.
ID: 15895

August 6, 2019 Breaking the cycle between family violence and homelessness

Women who become homeless as a result of family and domestic violence are also facing legal and financial issues that make it hard for them to make a fresh start, according to an evaluation report on the Safe as Houses pilot program. The lead researcher is Associate Professor Lisa Wood.
ID: 11269

August 6, 2019 Lithospheric evolution of the Yilgarn Craton

Supported by the $2 million, 3 year Yilgarn 2020 initiative - a UWA team (led by Dr Alan Aitken) is collaborating with the CET, the State Government and industry sponsors on a project to enhance our ability to predict the distribution of mineralised camps.
ID: 220071

August 8, 2019 International Society of Root Research (ISRR) Medal

UWA Professor Hans Lambers has been awarded the International Society of Root Research (ISRR) Medal during an event organised by the Dundee Roots Group. The medal recognises his significant commitment to advancing research and understanding into plant root systems and soil.
ID: 11996

August 9, 2019 UWA researcher wins the James S.W Wong JMAA Prize

EMS Professor Enrico Valdinoci has been awarded the James S.W Wong JMAA Prize for his article "Mountain Pass solutions for non-local elliptic operators". The award is bestowed every 2 years for the best paper published on the Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications in the last 10 years.
ID: 15162

August 10, 2019 UWA researcher wins prestigious prize

Congratulations to Associate Professor Livia Hool on winning the prestigious 2019 RT Hall Prize.
ID: 11758

August 13, 2019 Professor Mark Reed visits UWA to deliver Research Impact Workshop

As part of the UWA Research Impact Series, Professor Mark Reed, University of Newcastle, delivered a Research Impact Workshop to UWA researchers.
ID: 13251

August 14, 2019 UWA wins at Premier's Science Awards

Congratulations to Jessica Kretzmann and Sharynne Hamilton recognised at the Premier's Science Awards. Jessica won Student Scientist of the Year and Sharynne was named Aboriginal STEM Student of the Year.
ID: 11246

August 15, 2019 Early career researchers awarded science PhD Fellowships

Seven early career researchers from UWA (Omar Anwar, Liam Cummins, Katarina Doughty, Gereltsetseg Enkhbat, Saleh Kaji Esfahani, Jiayue Li, and Grace Scullet-Dean) are among 13 recipients to receive prestigious WA Government Science Industry PhD Fellowships.
ID: 15790

August 15, 2019 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities

The University of Western Australia maintained its top 100 ranking 99 in 2019 Academic Ranking of World Universities.
ID: 12021

August 19, 2019 Microsoft AI grant to help protect threatened species

UWA Associate Professor Parwinder Kaur is working to reverse the decline of 1 million at risk species with the help of a Microsoft AI for Earth grant. The global DNA Zoo brings together more than 55 collaborative partners in eight countries in a bid to slow, then arrest the rate of extinction.
ID: 15652

August 19, 2019 UWA / TKI Science Hall of Fame inductee

Congratulations to Professor Carol Bower, inducted into the WA Science Hall of Fame for her incredible contribution to child health.
ID: 11752

August 21, 2019 Purpose built Bilya Marlee building at UWA

The Bilya Marlee building (est completion 2020) is a new purpose-built facility. It will be a key component within the southern precinct of the UWA campus, and will greatly improve the facilities for the School of Indigenous Studies, the Centre for Aboriginal Medical and Dental Health and POCHE Centre for Indigenous Health.
ID: 15130

August 23, 2019 UWA's youngest graduate and Fields Medal Winner awarded an honorary doctorate

Professor Venkatesh returns to UWA to receive an honorary doctorate for his outstanding contribution to mathematics and delivers a sellout public lecture on Geometry and the theory of numbers.
ID: 11748

August 28, 2019 UWA researcher wins McCredie Musicological Award

Congratulations to Sarah Collins for winning the 2019 McCredie Musicological Award which recognises outstanding contribution in musicology by an Australian scholar.
ID: 15647

August 28, 2019 ARC to fund $10 million Training Centre in Data Analytics

The $10 million Training Centre in Data Analytics for Resources and Environments has been funded by the ARC. Congratulations to Mark Jessell, Mark Lindsay and Ed Cripps, who spearhead the UWA team.
ID: 11210

August 28, 2019 UWA researcher awarded Young Scientist of the Year

Congratulations to CET Adjunct Dr Crystal La Flamme on being awarded the Young Scientist Award 2019 by the Society for Geology Applied to Mineral Deposits.
ID: 15113

August 29, 2019 UWA research student awarded Forrest Fellowship

Dr Jessica Buck has been awarded a prestigious Forrest Fellowship. The first Indigenous Forrest Fellow, Dr Buck will take up her Fellowship UWA and TKI to improve the treatment of brain tumours in children.
ID: 11744

August 29, 2019 Leading eye research team wins Eureka Prize

Researchers at the Lions Eye Institute have won a prestigious Australian Museum Eureka Prize for developing a highly effective strategy to improve the management of one of the most common viral infections caused by cytomegalovirus, following transplantation.
ID: 15785

August 29, 2019 Noisy Guts project wins at the 2019 iAwards

The Noisy Guts project, developed by the Marshall Centre for Infectious Diseases has taken out the national Community Service Markets award at the 2019 iAwards hosted in Melbourne. The project aims to diagnose and monitor common gut disorders by using machine learning to decode gut noises.
ID: 12000



September 5, 2019 UWA researcher listed in top 40 who are less than 10 years into their careers

Dr Ella Prihatini, from the School of Social Sciences has been listed one of Australia's top 40 researchers who are less than 10 years into their careers by 'The Australian'.
ID: 51910

September 5, 2019 Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence for 2019

UWA Senior Adjunct Research Fellow Sandra Bellekom has been named one of The Australian Financial Review 100 Women of Influence for 2019.
ID: 12014

September 12, 2019 Times Higher Education ranking

UWA is the highest ranked university in WA and one of Australia's top ranked universities, improving to 131st in the Times Higher Education World University Rankings.
ID: 15081

September 15, 2019 Research Impact Story - Democracy and divided societies

Professor Benjamin Reilly's research has helped shape political and electoral reform in new and emerging democracies in the indo-pacific region.
ID: 11706

September 17, 2019 Top UWA mathematician awarded prestigious fellowship

Congratulations to Professor Enrico Valdinoci (Department of Physics) who has been awarded the prestigious Laureate Fellowship by the Australian Research Council.
ID: 15072

September 18, 2019 UWA's Three Minute Thesis winners announced

Congratulations go to the winners of the UWA Three Minute Thesis Finals. The Overall winner was Katarina Doughty, and runner up was Danielle Finn. The People’s Choice Award also went to Katarina Doughty. Along with the winner and runner up, James Youd was named as a Matariki Network representative.
ID: 11160

September 22, 2019 UWA Researchers recognised in Young Tall Poppy Awards

Three researchers from UWA and its affiliate Telethon Kids Institute have been recognised in this year' WA Young Tall Poppy Science Awards. Congratulations to Chris Brennan-Jones, Willem (Joost) Lesterhuis and Asha Bowen.
ID: 15057

September 29, 2019 30 under 30 Awards win for UWA researcher

Congratulations to Liam Elphick of the Law School, for winning a 30 Under 30 LGBTIQ+ Role Model Award last week and for winning the category award for 'tangible contribution to bettering the lives of LGBTIQ+ people'.
ID: 11141



October 4, 2019 Geotechnical Research Award to UWA researchers

The ICE Publishing Geotechnical Research Medal awarded to authors Pauline Truong Suzuki and Barry Lehane.
ID: 15637

October 4, 2019 Friendship Award given to UWA researcher by Chinese Goverment

Professor Kadambot Siddique received a Friendship Award; the highest award established by Chinese Government to Foreign Experts.
ID: 11737

October 9, 2019 UWA at Fresh Science 2019

Congratulations to the UWA Fresh Science presenters: Alba Arteaga Caramunt (bat diet), Vanessa Brown (seed spaghetti), Charlotte Birkmanis (sharks), Dayna Cenin (colorectal screening) and Akila Rekima (breastmilk allergens).
ID: 12839

October 10, 2019 UWA researcher co-wins second ARIA Award

Congratulations to James Ledger upon winning his second ARIA Award with Paul Kelly. James is the Chair of Orchestral Composition at the UWA Conservatorium of Music.
ID: 11734

October 10, 2019 TED talk by Laura Boykin: How we're using DNA tech to help farmers fight crop diseases

UWA Computational biologist and TED Senior Fellow Dr Laura Boykin presents the work that her team has been doing to help farmers fight crop diseases. Their portable DNA lab and mini supercomputer can identify viruses in hours, instead of months.
ID: 15636

October 10, 2019 Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences

Professor Tim Davis from the UWA Medical School who has been elected to Fellowship of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences.
ID: 12013

October 15, 2019 AILA creative directors announced

UWA School of Design academics Maria Ignatieva, Christina Nicholson, Robyn Renton have been announced as Creative Directors for the AILA 2020 Festival of Landscape Architecture.
ID: 14994

October 16, 2019 UWA Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger wins Prime Minister's Prize for Science

Congratulations to Emeritus Professor Cheryl Praeger AM FAA - this year's well deserved winner of the Prime Minister's Prize for Science. Professor Praegar is internationally acclaimed for her 40 years of research in mathematics.
ID: 11086

October 21, 2019 2019 US News & World Ranking

The University of Western Australia has maintained its top 100 position, placing 86th in the US News & World Ranking.
ID: 256131

October 22, 2019 ARC Future Fellowships awarded to UWA researchers

Congratulations to UWA researchers Associate Professor Shayne Loft and Associate Professor Ullrich Ecker have been awarded ARC Future Fellowships for their research projects.
ID: 11060

October 23, 2019 Prime Minister's Literary Award awarded to UWA researcher

Congratulations to Associate Professors Tanya Dalziell and Paul Genoni, winning a Prime Minister's Literary Award for their book Half the Perfect World: Writers, Dreamers and Drifters on Hydra, 1955 - 1964
ID: 15631

October 25, 2019 UWA Albany celebrates 20 years

On Friday 25 October 2019, UWA alumni, students, staff and friends of UWA Albany took part in a procession down York St to the Albany Entertainment Centre in celebration of 20 years in the region.
ID: 11729

October 28, 2019 Matariki Network 3MT winners announced

The winners of the Matariki Network 3MT include Katarina Doughty for UWA who won first place prize for 'Reducing global food waste through insect farming'.
ID: 15628

October 29, 2019 UWA researcher wins Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship

Congratulations to Dr Hayley Christian on being awarded a Heart Foundation Future Leader Fellowship. Her research is focused on improving young children’s physical activity to reduce obesity.
ID: 11726

October 29, 2019 UWA researchers at Raising the Bar Perth

The Perth community filled 10 city bars to hear from 22 UWA researchers speaking about the impact of their research.
ID: 13841

October 30, 2019 UWA STEM role model recognised in the 2019 Women in Technology Awards

Dr Lakshini Herat from the UWA Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences was recognised for her research into testing a new class of anti-diabetic drugs that could be used in particular to treat diabetic eye complications.
ID: 12012



November 1, 2019 Minister for Regional Development, Alannah MacTiernan officially opens new Albany Wave Energy Research Centre

In collaboration with UWA Research, the centre will provide opportunities for technology developers, researchers and marine scientists from around Australia and internationally to better understand the wave resource and conditions in WA.
ID: 14925

November 5, 2019 UWA Research Fellow Ramon Wenzel recognised in the 2019 Workplace Excellence Awards

Congratulations go to Ramon Wenzel who was recognised in the 2019 Workplace Excellence Awards for Workforce Analytics, which has been announced as runner up in the Science for Good category.
ID: 11721

November 7, 2019 2019 WA Health Excellence Awards

Professor Tim Inglis received the Jill Porteous Memorial Award and Dr Gareth Baynam received Minister's Award at the WA Health Excellence Awards.
ID: 15619

November 7, 2019 Postdoctoral researcher wins ACS Medal for UWA thesis

Congratulations to postdoctoral researcher Dr Qiuhong Ke on winning the inaugural Australian Computer Society 1962 Medal for her UWA PhD thesis. Her research includes developing new methods for skeleton-based action recognition.
ID: 11006

November 7, 2019 New UWA research links across the Indian Ocean

UWA's Oceans Institute and the Sindhu Swadhyay Sanstha School of Integrated Aquatic Education at the University of Mumbai in India have signed an MoU to promote marine research links across the Indian Ocean. The signing took place in the presence of WA Premier Mark McGowan.
ID: 14914

November 7, 2019 UWA Law School ranked 75th in world

The UWA Law School has improved significantly across both its teaching scores and research indicators in the international Times Higher Education World Subject Rankings up from 126-150, in the fields of Law and Business and Economics.
ID: 11014

November 7, 2019 Weed chipper recognised in WA Innovator of the Year awards

Congratulations to Dr Andrew Guzzomi and Dr Carlo Peressini on winning the Rio Tinto Emerging Innovation award at the WA Innovator of the Year awards.
ID: 14917

November 8, 2019 UWA researcher wins the 2019 National Measurement Institute Prize

Dr Maxim Goryachev is awarded the NMI Prize, recognising outstanding achievement in measurement research and excellence in practical measurements by a young person in Australia.
ID: 11719

November 8, 2019 2019 APS Presidents Award for distinguished contribution to Psychology

Professor Pat Dudgeon, from the School of Indigenous Studies, has won the 2019 APS Presidents Award for her distinguished contribution to Psychology in Australia.
ID: 15902

November 10, 2019 UWA professors have been elected Fellows of the Academy of the Social Sciences in Australia

Congratulations to Professor John Cordery, Professor Mark Griffin and Professor Rod Tyers.

These fellowships are a significant achievement and a testament to the world-class quality of their research.
ID: 11000

November 11, 2019 UWA Research Impact Story: The beauty of symmetry

For over 40 years, Professor Cheryl Praeger UWA Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences has been dedicated to mathematical knowledge. Her work in pure maths has provided tools and theories with academic and real world application.
ID: 14895

November 11, 2019 Multitude of awards for OncoRes in 2019

Perkins-based spinout company OncoRes finished as a Top 5 Finalist (and Value Award winner) in the 2019 MedTech Innovator Accelerator Program, 'Greatest Potential Award 2019' at Tech23 in Sydney and 'Emerging Company of the Year' at The AusBiotech and Johnson & Johnson Innovation Industry Excellence Awards in Melbourne.
ID: 10995

November 12, 2019 UWA researchers recognised in the 2020 WA Australian of the Year Awards

Philanthropist and education advocate Dr Annie Fogarty AM and world-leading pre-term birth expert Professor John Newnham have been recognised in the 2020 WA Australian of the Year Awards.
ID: 14890

November 20, 2019 Science, Indigenous knowledge and AI weave environmental magic

UWA involved in a project with the Kakadu Board of Management, Bininj co-researchers and Indigenous rangers, CSIRO, Microsoft, Parks Australia, NESP and CDU to use AI to power a new framework to help Indigenous communities protect the environment and preserve biodiversity.
ID: 11714

November 21, 2019 BBC Cutting-edge radio show 'Naked Scientist' comes calling for UWA PhD candidate

UWA Ocean Institute’s Charlotte Birkmanis will hone her science communication skills with some of the best in the world, after winning an internship with BBC’s The Naked Scientists.
ID: 15613

November 21, 2019 Maggie Dent, one of Australia’s favourite parenting authors and educators, references UWA research

In her recent article 'The magic of movement' Maggie dent (the 'queen of common sense') references Associate Professor Hayley Christian's expertise on fundamental movement skills.
ID: 11713

November 21, 2019 A win for UWA at the 2019 AIRAH Awards

Congratulations to Professor Hui Tong Chua for winning the Excellence in HVAC&R Research at the 2019 AIRAH Awards. Hui Tong was nominated with DevelopmentWA for his work on the Cool Earth Project, which explores alternative options for heating and cooling homes in Perth's unique environment.
ID: 14863

November 22, 2019 Celia Hammond MP visits UWA after $2 million DECRA funding awarded to 5 research projects

Celia Hammond MP met with the DVC(R) and researchers to learn more about the projects, ranging from rare breed poultry and livestock conservation, to helping those with severe anxiety.
ID: 10960

November 25, 2019 UWA leading the world in developing technology that is paving the way for cleaner, sustainable energy

UWA's Fluid Sciences and Resources research cluster has earned $20 million in investment, nine patents and developed two spin-off commercialisations in its first 15 years.

Expected to not only help reduce global carbon emissions, but also support WA's competitiveness in oil and gas production over the coming decades, potentially creating thousands of jobs for the State.
ID: 14854

November 25, 2019 2019 UWA Highly Cited Researchers identified by Clarivate

Congratulations to the following UWA researchers who have been identified by Clarivate as Highly Cited Researchers: A/Prof David Edwards, Prof Graeme Hankey, Prof Richard J Hobbs, Prof Davey L. Jones, Adj/Prof John A.Kirkegaard, A/Prof Etienne Laliberte, Prof Hans Lambers, Prof Jeremy O'Brien, Adj/Prof Franco Pirajno, Prof Stephen B. Powles, Prof Kadambot Siddique, Prof Enrico Valdinoci, Prof Rajeev Varshney, Prof Gerald Watts, Dr Thomas Wernberg and Adj/Prof Shaun Wilson.
ID: 11711

November 29, 2019 UWA leads the world in publications on mesothelioma and asbestos

In the last 5 years, of all the publications worldwide on the topics of mesothelioma and asbestos, Web of Science shows that UWA has produced the most of any institution.

UWA research is proud of our critical mass and focus on this devastating disease and deadly dust.
ID: 15610

November 29, 2019 WA Premier announces the opening of the Centre for Long Subsea Tiebacks laboratory at UWA

Premier Mark McGowan has praised The University of Western Australia (UWA) and industry partners for a joint research laboratory that will position Western Australia as a global energy hub leader, stimulating the economy and creating jobs.
ID: 11710

November 30, 2019 After many years of dedicated service UWA's DVC(R) retires

Professor Robyn Owens' contribution to UWA has been immeasurable. She has performed numerous roles at UWA, including two terms as Deputy Vice Chancellor, Research, where she led the University’s research strategy and played a critical role as a member of the UWA Executive.
ID: 15609



December 3, 2019 Clinician Research Fellowship

Dr Emma Hamilton, Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences, awarded a Clinician Research Fellowship by the Raine Medical Research Foundation for her project Improving Outcomes for Patients with Diabetes-Related Foot Disease.
ID: 11990

December 3, 2019 2020 Cockell Research Collaboration Awards

Dr Julie Ji and Dr Laura Dondzilo for being awarded 2020 Cockell Research Collaboration Awards from the Raine Medical Research Foundation.
ID: 15893

December 4, 2019 UWA researchers awarded $12.2 million in federal funding

Prime Minister's Prize for Science winner Professor Cheryl Praeger is among several researchers at UWA to be awarded $12.2 million in Federal Government funding for 27 projects.

The projects, ranging from WA legacies of British slavery to working out who’s who in the plant gene world, are funded under the ARC Discovery Project scheme.
ID: 11814

December 4, 2019 Election to the Russian Academy of Sciences

UWA Professor Yuri Estrin has been elected into the prestigious Russian Academy of Sciences as one of only 300 foreign members.
ID: 15892

December 5, 2019 $4.6 million research centre to help improve safety on WA roads

A new centre to carry out road safety research is being established at UWA, which has been awarded the State Government’s $4.6 million road safety research contract for the next five years with support from the Road Safety Commission.
ID: 11816

December 12, 2019 UWA architects win at world Architecture Festival

Congratulations to Adjunct Professor Patrick Beale and team for winning the 'Best Use of Certified Timber' award at the recent World Architecture Festival in Amsterdam for their project Pingelly Recreation and Cultural Centre.
ID: 111945

December 16, 2019 2019 UWA Research Impact Series wraps up

IT'S A WRAP - In 2019, the Research Impact Series attracted audiences to over 60 research events, including Raising the Bar. The image gallery is available for viewing.
ID: 12009