Professor Robyn Owens
Deputy Vice-Chancellor
(Research), UWA

Outstanding research is a critical foundation of an innovative and prosperous modern society. In 2018, UWA launched the Research Impact Series to celebrate the impact UWA research has had within our community. At UWA our world-leading researchers tackle global, national and regional issues to make the world a better place.

UWA research continues to strive to achieve the world best in all areas. In 2018, UWA maintained a top 100 ranked position in the ARWU (93rd), QS (91st) and US N&W (81st) ranking systems – an achievement made possible by the strength, quality and diversity of research undertaken by UWA academics.

Below are some of UWA's research highlights of 2018. I look forward to the achievements to come in 2019.

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January 22, 2018 UWA Crowd Research project: The Mummy Buddy Program: A trial study to improve maternal mental health >>

Through UWA Crowd Research, the Mummy Buddy Program engages with 73 participants from the community to improve maternal mental health.
ID: 8216

January 23, 2018 In a world first, UWA researchers have invented a new way of monitoring leukaemia >>

Researchers at UWA have invented a new, highly sensitive way of monitoring leukaemia cells in the blood that can detect genetic changes inside the leukaemia cell.
ID: 8217

January 24, 2018 UWA researchers collaborating with the CRCWSC and WA’s Water Corporation >>

UWA, the Cooperative Research Centre for Water Sensitive Cities (CRCWSC) and WA’s Water Corporation have collaborated on a joint Research and Development project to trial automated data analysis software to help save water.
ID: 9347

January 29, 2018 UWA congratulates recipients of Australia Day Honours >>

Olympic gold medallist Rechelle Hawkes was among 15 graduates and Clinical Associate Professor Phillip House and Dr Michael Philip from UWA staff recognised in this year’s Australia Day Honours List.
ID: 7595



February 1, 2018 UWA researcher appears on 9 News Perth >>

Professor Markus Schlaich talks to 9 News Perth about the high risk of Australians living with type 2 diabetes suffering a sudden cardiac death.
ID: 9339

February 1, 2018 UWA partners with industry, targeting sleep disorders, autism and eczema >>

UWA Centre for Sleep Science is partnering with Zelda Therapeutics to hold clinical trials for insomnia as part of a program of human trials targeting sleep disorders, autism and eczema.
ID: 9340

February 14, 2018 UWA researchers help uncover inaccuracies in the data collected globally on fish catches >>

Research carried out by UWA and The University of British Columbia has found inaccuracies in the data collected globally on fish catches.

Lead author, Professor Dirk Zeller, highlights the misconception that there are more fish in the ocean, when in fact global marine catches have been declining by around 1.2 million tonnes per year since 1996.
ID: 9312

February 15, 2018 Astronomers from ICRAR reveal that the Andromeda galaxy will not engulf the Milky Way >>

It had been thought that Andromeda was two to three times the size of the Milky Way, and that our own galaxy would ultimately be engulfed by our bigger neighbour.

Astrophysicist Dr Prajwal Kafle, from the UWA node of ICRAR, said the study used a new technique to tie down the mass of Andromeda - which is roughly the same size as the Milky Way.
ID: 9303

February 16, 2018 Lupins shown to have anti-inflammatory properties >>

A global team including researchers from Spain, CSIRO and UWA have shown that narrow-leafed lupins can provide alternative therapies for the prevention and treatment of inflammatory-related diseases.

Co-author UWA Professor Kadambot Siddique said that there's an increasing demand for plant-derived proteins as components of functional foods in the nutraceutical industry.
ID: 7558

February 19, 2018 UWA's future leaders awarded Industry scholarships from Westpac >>

Two West Australian researchers are among 17 young Australians to be awarded a Westpac Future Leaders Scholarship to undertake postgraduate study at one of Australia’s top universities.

Ryan Bunney, 22, of Nedlands, and Sabrina Davies, 21, of Australind, will undertake PhD studies at The University of Western Australia.
ID: 7560

February 20, 2018 Nikhilesh Bappoo wins the Mimics Innovation Award >>

UWA PhD candidate Nikhilesh Bappoo's award celebrates researchers who have demonstrated innovation and excellence in the field of medical technology.

The reward offers international recognition as well as a monetary prize to help fund a healthy continuation of the research.
ID: 8229

February 22, 2018 In a world first, researchers at UWA have quantified the number of shark bite-offs of recreationally caught fish in the Ningaloo region >>

The findings are important to fishers and both marine park and fisheries managers as they identify the factors affecting shark bite-offs, which is a vital first step in developing science-based strategies to mitigate the impacts.
ID: 7542

February 26, 2018 UWA Research finds that the majority of midwives support childhood vaccination >>

Dr Katie Attwell, UWA’s School of Social Sciences, reviewed nine studies from five developed countries about midwives’ beliefs, attitudes and communication practices toward childhood vaccination, as part of a project funded by the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases at the Telethon Kids Institute.
ID: 7543

February 26, 2018 UWA researchers are collaborating with industry upon NERA Funded Subsea Project >>

Funded by National Energy Resources Australia, the Transforming Australia Subsea Equipment Reliability (TASER) project, led by Wood and in collaboration with Chevron, Shell and Woodside, is focused on improving subsea equipment design. UWA researchers will be validating the results.
ID: 9286

February 28, 2018 A first-of-its-kind study maps the global movements of a range of marine animals, including whales, sharks, sea birds and polar bears >>

Lead author Dr Ana Sequeira, from the UWA Oceans Institute said it was important to understand how animals adapt their movement patterns to different environments, particularly as rapid changes are taking place in the ocean, with potentially profound effects on the conservation of these species.
ID: 8235

February 28, 2018 UWA Research Impact Story: Stopping the Spread (of MenW) in Western Australia >>

Since 2013, a team of researchers at UWA led by Dr Charlene Kahler have been researching IMD and MenW and have been instrumental in informing the WA government of the need to act in delivering vaccinations to the community, the most effective preventative measure to eradicate this disease.
ID: 8237



March 3, 2018 UWA partners with the GRDC to drive new crop nutrition research >>

The Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC) is partnering with multiple organisations from the public and private sectors to invest in a $14.6 million suite of Western Australian soils and crop nutrition research projects.
ID: 9272

March 5, 2018 UWA Graduate awarded Knight-Hennessy Scholarship to Stanford University >>

UWA Electrical Engineering and Mathematics graduate, Brooke Krajancich, has been awarded an inaugural Knight-Hennessy scholarship to Stanford University.
ID: 7597

March 7, 2018 UWA business leaders recognised in the 2018 40under40 Awards >>

UWA researchers Dr Tristan Clemons and Dr Andrew Guzzomi, along with eight graduates, were recognised in the 2018 40under40 Awards. UWA’s Caine Chennatt was a finalist.
ID: 8249

March 8, 2018 Professor Christobel Saunders inducted into WA Women's Hall of Fame >>

UWA Internationally renowned breast cancer surgeon Professor Christobel Saunders is one of 14 women who have been inducted into the WA Women’s Hall of Fame.
ID: 7548

March 12, 2018 Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development collaborate with UWA >>

DPIRD collaborates with universities (including UWA) and sheep producers in research aimed at increasing on-farm productivity and profitability.
ID: 9246

March 15, 2018 Dr Judith Katzenellenbogen speaks at the Rural and Remote Health Scientific Symposium >>

During the 'Closing the Gap' Plenary Session, Dr Judith Katzenellenbogen talks about Cardiovascular disease in Aboriginal West Australians and findings from a decade of research & current initiatives.
ID: 9231

March 15, 2018 Erasing a bit of chemistry from history >>

Using a specialised piece of equipment located at UWA called a Raman spectrometer, a new study by a research team at The University of Western Australia and Murdoch University has found that an ion considered an essential part of chemistry calculations does not exist.

This new understanding could impact on a wide range of industrial and environmental processes that use this as the basis for their chemistry calculations.
ID: 7549

March 21, 2018 7 News Perth features story of research from TKI and UWA showing link between sun exposure and autism >>

Professor Andrew Whitehouse (TKI) and Dr. Caitlin Wyroll (UWA) take an in-depth look at the animal study that hints at links between vitamin D and autism.
ID: 8272

March 21, 2018 UWA's Thriving-DAYS program wins a 2018 WA AOD Excellence Award >>

The program is designed to support the physical and mental health of youth undergoing treatment for substance use disorders, and the role of exercise within drug and alcohol programs.
ID: 9200

March 21, 2018 Professor Dao-Yi Yu and his team's new surgical treatment for glaucoma now approved for use in Australia >>

The new surgical treatment for glaucoma is set to become a popular choice for lowering pressure in the eye after being approved for general use in Australia.

The microfistula tube was patented in the US by the Lions Eye Institute (LEI) under agreement with The University of Western Australia in 2003.
ID: 9205

March 23, 2018 Senate success for the UWA Centre for Rock Art Research + Management >>

The long awaited Senate Inquiry into the protection of rock art on the Dampier Archipelago (Murujuga) has been handed down this week in Canberra.
ID: 8276

March 26, 2018 UWA Crowd Research project: The jungle supermarket: Indigenous people and endangered species >>

The hunter gather Jahai people of Malaysia rely on bush meat for food, but the declining mammal populations mean that this hunting is a threat to endangered mammals and the Jahai. Community support enabled the UWA researchers to hire local guides and fieldwork teams to assist with the research.
ID: 8280

March 29, 2018 Tylah Miles from UWA and the Institute for Respiratory Health wins a Respiratory Research Excellence Award >>

Tylah’s research project focuses on investigating the functional role of immune cells in the development and progression of lung fibrosis.
ID: 9168



April 4, 2018 Dr Mitali Sarkar-Tyson wins Project Leader Award >>

Dr Mitali Sarkar-Tyson from the School of Biomedical Sciences has won the Project Leader Award from the Defence Materials Technology Centre (DMTC).
ID: 7611

April 5, 2018 UWA leads largest global study to examine physical activity in children >>

Led by The University of Western Australia, The PLAYCE study is the largest global study to examine physical activity in children aged between 2-5 years. It has found 66% of children are not getting the nationally recommended 3 hours of daily physical activity needed for their growth and development.
ID: 8289

April 5, 2018 Stunning new species of sea slugs discovered >>

A small team of scientists at The University of Western Australia, the Western Australian Museum, and the California Academy of Sciences has identified 18 new species of sea slugs, including some only found in WA.
ID: 9137

April 9, 2018 Business School lecturer presents gig economy research to Australian Senate Inquiry >>

Dr Caleb Goods, UWA Business School has presented collaborative research findings on workers' experience in the food delivery sector to the Australian Senate Inquiry. The research focuses on the Australian gig economy, paying particular attention to work arranged in online platforms such as Uber Eats and Deliveroo.
ID: 8292

April 10, 2018 International study by UWA finds increasing marine heatwaves threaten our oceans >>

Marine heatwaves have increased by more than 50% over the past century with devastating effects on global marine ecosystems. The researchers warn these extreme events will become even longer and more frequent under continued global warming.

Study co-author Dr Thomas Wernberg, from UWA’s Oceans Institute, said the research had important implications for marine biodiversity and marine industries.
ID: 8295

April 11, 2018 First study of its kind: The State of Homelessness in Australia's Cities >>

Australia’s veterans and Indigenous Australians are at significant risk of experiencing homelessness and sleeping rough in Australia’s cities according to new research by the Centre for Social Impact at UWA, in partnership with the Australian Alliance to End Homelessness (AAEH).
ID: 8296

April 13, 2018 UWA Conservatorium of Music and the Perth community come together to launch the #EndHomelessnessWA Campaign >>

The streets of Perth came alive on Friday 13 April when close to 1000 singers and musicians gathered to harness the power of music and raise awareness of homelessness in Western Australia.

It featured a new arrangement of a 1971 composition by Gavin Bryars called Jesus' Blood Never Failed Me Yet, which loops a recording of an unknown homeless man singing a hymn.
ID: 12664

April 16, 2018 UWA Crowd Research project: Identifying teamwork behaviours through computer simulation >>

The aim of the study is to investigate how teams and leaders work effectively together in a computer-based team simulation. 324 Participants registered through the UWA Crowd Research website.

The results of this study will be used to identify crucial skills and behaviours within effective teams, and will assist in developing training programs for leaders and their teams in the United States Army.
ID: 8298

April 18, 2018 Modern scientists adopt ancient Roman concepts to better farm wheat >>

Studies by researchers at UWA The ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology found wheat was more susceptible to damage from flooding in warmer temperatures, something ancient Roman farmers apparently already knew.

Prof. Harvey Millar said as well as delivering hotter temperatures, climate change will also increase the risk of more flooding events, a major concern for the food security of future generations.
ID: 8300

April 18, 2018 UWA's Professor Alan Robson Professor Alan Robson and farmer Eric Farleigh are the 62nd and 63rd inductees into the Agriculture Hall of Fame >>

Professor Alan Robson is recognised internationally for his research on the mineral nutrition of plants and soil fertility and Eric Farleigh was a pioneer farmer where his innovative use of the most modern methods of the day contributed to the success of many farmers in his district.
ID: 9073

April 20, 2018 UWA Researcher Awarded CSIRO Breakout Female Scientist >>

Dr Mary Webberley, from UWA’s School of Biomedical Sciences, has been recognised for her achievements in science and tireless work on the Noisy Guts Project with the CSIRO Breakout Female Scientist Award, presented at the annual ON-Accelerate Program.
ID: 9062

April 23, 2018 UWA researchers awarded $2.5 million for dementia prevention >>

A research team led by Dr Kate Smith at The University of Western Australia has been awarded $2.5 million in federal funding to reduce the prevalence of dementia in Aboriginal Australians.
ID: 8304

April 24, 2018 Albany to become global leader in wave energy >>

The announcement comes after the State Government awarded $3.75 million to The University of Western Australia to establish a marine energy research hub in Albany to drive offshore research and innovation.
ID: 7537

April 30, 2018 UWA Research impact story: A Tailored Prescription in Exercise >>

As a PhD student, Daniel Green had a keen interest in finding new ways to help sporting people get better at what they do.

However, it wasn’t long before he realised that many of the techniques he used to measure human fitness and function could be applied to people at the other end of the health spectrum; patients with heart disease and end-stage heart failure.
ID: 8307



May 1, 2018 UWA and Douglas Pharmaceuticals partner on immunotherapies >>

UWA partnered with Douglas Pharmaceuticals to develop immunotherapy treatments for cancer: translating the research into smart products for improving outcomes in patients with cancers that do not respond to current therapies.
ID: 9032

May 1, 2018 Orthocell announced successful bone repair study results >>

Great progress of Orthocell's collagen scaffold product. Study results demonstrated that CelGro® guides superior quality bone formation and that it resulted on up to 26% better quality newly formed bone when compared to market leading comparative product.
ID: 9033

May 3, 2018 World-first study is a breakthrough for marine science >>

Scientists from the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (Coral CoE) at UWA have found that some corals are able to combat the effects of ocean acidification by controlling their own chemistry.

Lead UWA author Dr Thomas DeCarlo and his team developed a new method to understand the internal chemistry of corals by using specialised equipment that measures the characteristics of the molecules in coral.
ID: 8314

May 3, 2018 $1.75 million grant to help tackle disadvantage in Western Australia >>

A project addressing entrenched disadvantage in WA in which The University of Western Australia is taking the lead research role has received $1.75 million in funding from Lotterywest.
ID: 7608

May 6, 2018 Looking good? Your brain might be playing tricks on you >>

A study led by Jason Bell from UWA School of Psychological Science at UWA found that a psychological mechanism known as 'serial dependence' may be acting on our body image perceptions.
ID: 8319

May 11, 2018 Latest in innovation showcased at the UWA IQ Awards >>

An invention to monitor leukaemia cells in the blood, methods to develop better medicines with fewer side effects and an app to help school students develop skills for the future workplace were big winners at this year's University of Western Australia IQ Awards
ID: 7589

May 13, 2018 Professor Charitha Pattiaratchi featured on 60 Minutes >>

It’s the biggest mystery of our time – where is MH370 and what brought it down? Professor Pattiaratchi joins a team of experts explaining the disappearance of MH370 and a new forensic twist in the aviation mystery.
ID: 9006

May 15, 2018 Professor Kevin Pfleger wins the UWA Innovation Champion Award >>

Professor Pfleger is known for his work developing treatments and combination therapies for kidney disease and furthering links between medical research and its application in clinics.
ID: 8332

May 16, 2018 UWA and the Royal Perth Hospital Medical Research Foundation reveal blood pressure truths >>

A global study involving Perth researchers and led by Prof Markus Schlaich has revealed that more than one-third of people have high blood pressure but many are unaware they have it.
ID: 8336

May 16, 2018 From Liquefied Natural Gas Production to Saturn's Moon Titan >>

UWA PhD student Arman Siahvashi's research in LNG production at the Australian Centre for LNG Futures attracted attention from NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in understanding and exploring Saturn's giant moon Titan.
ID: 8337

May 17, 2018 Orthocell achieves patient treatment milestone in the CelGro® human tendon regeneration study >>

Announcing the milestone of the 10th patient treatment in the CelGro® human tendon regeneration study - achieved in collaboration with UWA and St John of God Subiaco.
ID: 8987

May 18, 2018 Fossil discovery paints new picture of the history of our ocean >>

A global research team including scientists from UWA discovered sea lily (isocrinid crinoids) fossils in ancient dried river beds, providing new evidence the species lived in shallow water in the Southern Hemisphere millions of years longer than previously thought.

The discovery is significant because it challenges a major theory in palaeontology that explains the evolution of marine life occupying shallow sea floors, according to UWA's Dr Hunter.
ID: 7523

May 21, 2018 Elham Eshraghian has won the 2018 Schenberg Art Fellowship award! >>

This $40000 fellowship is awarded to one exceptional artist as a major investment in their burgeoning career and this is the first time that a UWA student has been a recipient for this award.
ID: 8351

May 22, 2018 Top science honour for UWA physicist Professor David Blair >>

After playing an integral role in the detection of the first gravitational wave, The University of Western Australia’s Professor David Blair has been recognised by his peers with election to the Australian Academy of Science.
ID: 8959

May 25, 2018 Worldwide Universities Network brings top global academic talent to Perth >>

Close to 200 academics, university leaders and researchers from across the world met at UWA to celebrate their efforts towards achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and to determine the next steps in tackling these and other global issues.
ID: 7526

May 27, 2018 WA research finds disease-carrying insects are blown hundreds of kilometres to Australia >>

Research from UWA that found foreign insects blown 100s km across the ocean have brought plant disease strains all the way from East Timor and Papua New Guinea to the northern part of the country. Researchers have called for increased surveillance of vira-pathogens to reduce the biosecurity threat to crops in the north.
ID: 8362

May 30, 2018 People voyaged to Australia by boat more than 50,000 years ago >>

By using cutting-edge modelling, UWA researchers including Peter Veth worked to solve the mystery of how people first reached Australia. Deep sea mapping, voyage simulation techniques and genetic information shows that arrival was made by sizeable groups of people deliberately voyaging between islands.
ID: 8368

May 30, 2018 Australia's first visual employment contracts launched >>

Developed in partnership with Law Professor Camilla Andersen from UWA, global engineering and infrastructure advisory company, Aurecon were the first in Australia to use visual employment contracts.

More than 4000 words have been eliminated from their employment contracts, creating a succinct and meaningful visual contract that uses illustrations to complement the text.
ID: 8919

May 30, 2018 Start-up accelerates to global status >>

UWA geospatial software start-up Mapizy gained significant traction on the international market in helping to monitor changes to built-up and natural environments for agriculture, mining, natural resources and urban infrastructure projects.
ID: 8920

May 31, 2018 Celebrating Australian excellence in measurement research >>

Congratulations to UWA PhD student Arman Siahvashi, who was awarded the 2018 NMI Prize for outstanding achievement in measurement research.
ID: 8912



June 2, 2018 Professor James Trevelyan recognised at Western Australian of the Year awards in the Professions category >>

Most recently, Professor Trevelyan has been using his profile to inspire engineers to help alleviate poverty and has invented a pioneering low-cost air conditioner that could reduce carbon dioxide emission by 12 percent, and which could have a life-changing impact on the lives of those in developing countries.
ID: 8897

June 3, 2018 UWA Physicist Receives Young Scientist Award in Italy >>

Congratulations to Dr Maxim Goryachev who was awarded the European Frequency and Time Forum (EFTF) Young Scientist Award 2018 at the 32nd European Frequency and Time Forum in Turin, Italy.
ID: 8374

June 3, 2018 Mosman Park man confined to wheelchair just five years ago runs 4km in last weekend's Run for a Reason >>

UWA's Exercise and Performance Centre impacted one member of the community who they had worked with since October. With their help, 63 year old Tom Moorman achieved his goal of running the 4km Run for a Reason.

Tom had approached the UWA team, including accredited exercise physiologist Dylan Warner, for help to achieve his goal.
ID: 8375

June 4, 2018 Role of kelp forests in mitigating climate change under threat >>

A global study led by a team from UWA and the Marine Biological Association of the UK found that kelp forests take in more than twice the amount of carbon dioxide than previously thought, which can help mitigate the impact of climate change.
ID: 7528

June 4, 2018 New UWA test can predict diabetic kidney disease before it occurs >>

A new test developed by researchers from UWA that can reliably predict the onset of diabetic kidney disease up to four years in advance has been given the green light for use.

UWA lead researcher Professor Tim Davis said PromarkerD involved a simple blood test that used a unique protein ‘fingerprint’ to detect future signs of kidney disease.
ID: 7529

June 7, 2018 UWA improves ranking among world's best universities >>

The University of Western Australia has climbed two places in the 2019 QS World University Rankings, rising to 91. The University has improved seven places over the past three years.
ID: 8858

June 8, 2018 Dolphin name game reveals complex relationships >>

Researchers from UWA have discovered male bottlenose dolphins can retain individual vocal labels, or “names”, to help recognise friends and rivals in their social network, much like humans.

Dr Stephanie King said that they discovered male dolphins retain individual vocal labels that allow them to track their cooperative partners, their competitors and help form fascinating multi-level alliances.
ID: 8854

June 11, 2018 Graduates and staff recognised in Queen's Birthday Honours >>

18 UWA graduates and three staff members have been recognised in the 2018 Queen's Birthday Honours List.
ID: 8385

June 13, 2018 The belt that listens to your bowels >>

The UWA Noisy Guts project has made international headlines with an article in The New Yorker.
ID: 8837

June 19, 2018 Michael Mosley presents during The UWA Research Impact Series >>

Dr Michael Mosley presented 'An evening with Michael Mosley on the Clever Guts Diet' during the UWA Research Impact Series.
ID: 8805

June 19, 2018 Associate Professor Amir Karton receives the 2018 Le Fèvre Memorial Prize from the Australian Academy of Science >>

Today computational chemistry is working hand-in-hand with experimental techniques to tackle challenging chemical problems.

Associate Professor Amir Karton has played a leading role in the development of quantum chemical methods for highly accurate calculations of chemical properties such as reaction barrier heights.
ID: 8815

June 28, 2018 UWA researchers make fast work of antibiotic resistance >>

At the International One Health Congress, UWA's Dr Tim Inglis showcased exciting results from a screening test to detect antibiotic resistance and to ensure the right antibiotics can be prescribed quicker.
ID: 8405

June 29, 2018 Lived Experience Project >>

The Centre of Best Practice in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention facilitated the first workshop of its kind to investigate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander lived experiences of suicide.
ID: 12668



July 5, 2018 UWA partners AgTech hub to accelerate innovation in agriculture and food technology >>

UWA and agribusiness technology commercialisation hub Oterra signed a collaboration agreement in a drive to accelerate innovation in agriculture and food technology.

“UWA is the leading Australian university in the agribusiness sector and this partnership will help translate its world leading innovation and research into commercial reality,” Oterra founder Mr Michael Minosora.
ID: 7519

July 16, 2018 IceCube blazar neutrino detection >>

An international team including ICRAR researchers detected a neutrino from a blazar, a super massive black hole. The discovery tells scientists about the inner workings of some of the most powerful engines that we have.
ID: 8746

July 17, 2018 UWA scores highly in world university subject rankings >>

UWA cemented its place among the world's top universities with nine subject areas ranked in the top 50 globally, according to the 2018 Academic Ranking of World Universities.
ID: 7505

July 17, 2018 UWA telescope to help NASA explore Saturn's largest moon! >>

The UWA Zadko Telescope was used to capture a rare astronomical event: an “occultation” (eclipse), where Saturn's largest moon Titan will pass in front of a star.
ID: 8419

July 17, 2018 Premier Science Awards finalists announced >>

Congratulations to UWA students Lucy Furfaro, Fernando Perez, Claire Ross and Arman Siahvashi who have been announced as finalists for ExxonMobil Student Scientist of the Year in the 2018 Premier's Science Awards!
ID: 8420

July 30, 2018 $3m Federal grant to help combat drug resistant bugs >>

A project involving UWA researchers to rediscover lost antibiotics and fight drug resistant bugs has secured $3 million in Federal Government funding, through the CRCP Program.

Dr Heng Chooi, an ARC Future Fellow at the UWA School of Molecular Sciences, is one of the lead researchers of the project.
ID: 7509



August 1, 2018 LactaPedia takes the guesswork out of breastfeeding >>

A world-first lactation dictionary that aims to take the confusion out of breastfeeding has been launched by researchers from UWA.

Less than 16 per cent of Australian babies are exclusively breastfed to five months of age. Lead researcher Melinda Boss aims to improve these statistics by improving on the basic medical understanding of human lactation that is often lacking in modern society.
ID: 8435

August 2, 2018 UWA maths prodigy wins international award >>

Congratulations to Professor Akshay Venkatesh on winning the Fields Medal. Akshay is only the second Australian to have been awarded the prestigious mathematical award.
ID: 8436

August 2, 2018 $100 million donation to ocean research >>

The Minderoo Foundation has announced a $100 million donation to ocean research and has established informal collaborations with leading groups including the Centre for Marine Futures at the UWA Oceans Institute.

What impact will the Minderoo Ocean Research initiative have? Channel Ten reporter Natalie Forrest spoke with Minderoo Foundation chairman Andrew Forrest and Director of the Centre for Marine Futures at the UWA Oceans Institute Jessica Meeuwig.
ID: 8439

August 2, 2018 UWA Crowd Research Project: Tell us about your IBS >>

This UWA Crowd Research Project from the Marshall Centre at UWA exceeded their participant goal of 400 IBS patients, to study and learn about symptoms and triggers, the impact of IBS on quality of life, and perspectives on diagnosis.
ID: 8446

August 2, 2018 Ten UWA projects win national research funding >>

More than $6 million of ARC funding was announced for UWA research projects spanning across the areas of molecular and biological sciences, physics, astronomy and chemical engineering and will provide real benefits to society.
ID: 7582

August 7, 2018 Emeritus Professor David Blair awarded The Royal Society of WA Medal >>

Emeritus Professor David Blair from the Department of Physics was awarded The Royal Society of WA Medal. The medal is awarded every four years for distinguished work in science connected with Western Australia.
ID: 7602

August 7, 2018 Emeritus Professor Barbara York Main was awarded a Royal Society of Western Australia Medal >>

Emeritus Professor Barbara York Main was awarded a Royal Society of Western Australia Medal. She is the first female recipient of the Medal since it was first awarded in 1924.
ID: 7605

August 8, 2018 Giant wave sets record off the coast, measured by UWA wave energy buoys >>

A 13m wave recorded during massive swells on 17 July could be the biggest ever off Albany. It was measured by one of two new UWA wave energy buoys, which were installed off Sand Patch.

The new buoys record wave strength and size, which scientists will use to design efficient and strong future wave energy devices.

UWA Wave Energy Research Centre chief investigator Jeff Hansen told the The West Australian that knowing how rough the ocean could get was vital in wave energy technology.
ID: 8463

August 9, 2018 Breakthrough discovery helping to provide a new way to target drug treatments >>

Researchers Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research and UWA have made a fundamental discovery about of the atomic structure and function of the biological ‘factories’ in cells that make energy, providing a new means to target the ‘machines’ within factories for drug treatments.
ID: 8466

August 10, 2018 Homelessness in WA: A review of the research and statistical evidence >>

Launched as a part of Homelessness Week, the UWA report, commissioned by the Department of Communities, is providing a strong knowledge base for the WA homelessness strategy.
ID: 8177

August 13, 2018 UWA's Professor Newnham appears on 7 news - Baby breakthrough: bacteria main cause of premature births >>

Australian scientists may have unlocked a major cause of early births with research identifying a combination of 4 bacteria as major culprits in premature birth.
ID: 8153

August 14, 2018 $6 million federal funding boost for medical research >>

11 research projects at UWA received $6 million in Federal Government funding to tackle issues ranging from diabetes to stillbirth, heart health, eye disease and the mental health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander LGBTIQ and young people.
ID: 7482

August 16, 2018 UWA PhD Candidate Awarded ExxonMobil Student Scientist of the Year >>

Arman is in the final year of his PhD in natural gas process engineering and has developed an innovative apparatus to visually measure the freezing temperatures of hydrocarbons at cryogenic temperatures.

This data is crucial to solve the issue of shutdowns due to blockages caused by the freeze-out of impurities, which is a major problem facing the liquefied natural gas (LNG) industry. Arman’s method of measuring data has been endorsed by NASA.
ID: 8494

August 16, 2018 WA Science Hall of Fame inductee >>

Congratulations Professor David Blair AO who was announced as the 2018 WA Science Hall of Fame Inductee.
ID: 8128

August 19, 2018 Raising the Bar Perth - I'll sleep when I'm dead (Grand Bar and Bistro) >>

Bon Jovi sang "I'll sleep when I'm dead", a self-fulfilling prophecy if ever there were one. There is a worldwide epidemic of people getting insufficient sleep. Romola Bucks discusses what normal sleep is and the psychological effects of poor-quality or insufficient sleep, with a particular emphasis on memory, thinking skills, and mental health.
ID: 12661

August 22, 2018 WA Energy Innovator of the Year Award >>

Professor Eric May was announced as WA Energy Innovator of the Year. This WA Chamber of Minerals and Energy and Australian Institute of Energy award recognises the work of companies and individuals who strive to build a worldclass energy industry in their field of expertise.
ID: 8114

August 23, 2018 UWA's Head of Percussion wins WA Performance of the Year Award >>

Dr Louise Devenish, Head of Percussion at the UWA Conservatorium of Music, awarded WA Performance of the Year at the 2018 Art Music Awards for her performance of 'Never Tilt Your Chair Back!'
ID: 8506

August 29, 2018 Crowd Research Project: Breastfeeding study – understanding the effects of nipple shield use >>

This UWA Crowd Research project launched by The Hartmann Human Lactation Research Group looked for participants for a breastfeeding study. They're looking for breastfeeding mothers and babies 1 – 6 months of age where the mothers are using a nipple shield for pain during breastfeeding.
ID: 8516

August 30, 2018 UWA team wins the Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology >>

Professor Wendy Erber, Dr Kathryn Fuller and Henry Hui were presented with the Eureka Prize for Innovative Use of Technology for developing an automated method for rapid leukaemia detection.

The fast, accurate and sensitive automated method can detect just one leukaemia cell in 10,000 normal cells, a major advance that will lead to personalised treatments and better patient care
ID: 8520

August 30, 2018 Murujuga moves closer to world heritage listing >>

Murujuga today announcing the partnership of traditional owners and the McGowan Government as we kick off the process for World Heritage listing of one of the globe's great cultural assets!
ID: 8083



September 2, 2018 UWA's Dr. David Mickler awarded 'Community Pillar' Award >>

Congratulations to Dr David Mickler, Senior Lecturer, UWA, who won the Community Pillar award at the inaugural WA African Community Awards 2018, hosted by the Organisation of African Communities (OACWA). He was joined by UWA student Nyat Mulugeta, who won the 'Outstanding Youth' Award.'
ID: 8069

September 4, 2018 Environment Minister Stephen Dawson announces strategy to protect Burrup Peninsula rock art >>

A new Stakeholder Reference Group has been formed to oversee finalisation and implementation of the Burrup Rock Art Strategy. In partnership with the Murujuga Aboriginal Corporation, the strategy will provide a long-term framework to monitor, analyse and address any changes to the Aboriginal rock art from emissions.
ID: 8528

September 7, 2018 WA BioInnovation Showcase and Networking Event - 2018 Research Impact Series >>

Opened by the WA Chief Scientist, hosted by WAHTN and supported by UWA. We hear about the latest WA biotech and healthcare investment and partnering opportunities, learn about WA’s R&D and research translation capabilities and network with Pharma and Medtech companies and investors.
ID: 8037

September 10, 2018 Kid-friendly chocolate formula helps the medicine go down >>

Researchers from UWA have developed a winning medicine formula that makes bad-tasting medicine taste nice, making it easier to treat sick children. The UWA study published by the journal Anaesthesia.

"Our hope is that this formula could result in child-friendly medicine becoming universally available and remove a common struggle when it comes to treating sick children," Dr Salman.
ID: 8537

September 11, 2018 Raising the Bar Perth - 10 UWA researchers in 10 bars! >>

As a part part of UWA's 2018 Research Impact Series, we're very excited to host Raising the Bar in Perth for the first time! This global initiative aims to make education a part of a city's popular culture by transforming local bars into classrooms.
ID: 8497

September 11, 2018 RTB - The cassava warriors in East Africa (Laneway Lounge) >>

Technology, like pocket DNA sequencing and supercomputing, is making a huge impact for farmers in sub-Saharan Africa. Dr Laura Boykin, a Computational Biologist at UWA and Senior TED Fellow, along with her team of 'Cassava Warriors' have been utilising technology to develop a cassava plant (important food crop) that is resistant to viruses and whitefly.
ID: 12654

September 11, 2018 RTB - Missing flight MH370: Contribution of oceanography (The Stables) >>

Charitha Pattiaratchi performed at the The Stables: Malaysian Airlines flight MH370 disappeared on 8 March 2014. Although several expeditions have searched potential areas based on satellite data, no wreck, as yet, has been found. Many pieces of debris from MH370 have been found in the western Indian Ocean, as was predicted by drift models.
ID: 12655

September 11, 2018 RTB - My doctor told me I needed glasses (Petition Beer Corner) >>

David Mackey performed at Petition Beer Corner: In addition to drinking glasses, many of us need glasses to see clearly – why? Lack of time outdoors and number of years in education have been shown to be major contributors. Why not raise your glass and learn about glasses and the research we are doing to prevent myopia.
ID: 12656

September 11, 2018 RTB - Spectacular suffragettes: How women changed political activism (The Mark) >>

Today we take political activists' spectacular public stunts for granted: how else to attract attention and change minds? But many of these techniques were pioneered a little more than a century ago by women campaigning for their rights, especially the vote. Suffragettes in Perth and across the British empire shared their arguments and the ‘thrilling and humorous’ episodes of their sometimes militant campaign.
ID: 12657

September 11, 2018 RTB - Water for chocolate (the Deck) >>

An entertaining and intriguing retake on water shortages and how this global challenge could be tackled, this will be an extended version of Dr Ghadouani's TEDx talk. Making the connection between food and water is something that comes as a surprise to many, especially when they realise one of the biggest water issues is to do with food production and, most importantly, food waste!
ID: 12658

September 11, 2018 RTB - Seeing in the dark, speaking in numbers and other fun stuff (The Shoe) >>

The universe is big, really big. We cannot easily explore it in person but we can study it from a distance if we have good enough eyes. Peter Quinn introduces the community to the language of the universe and how it is letting us see in the dark and make sense of what we will be able to see with a new generation of 'eyeballs' heading for WA.
ID: 12659

September 11, 2018 Raising the Bar Perth - Humour: It's funny how it helps you learn (Petition Wine) >>

Here is a body of literature linking the use of positive humour with creating a relaxed learning environment, and increasing student motivation, attendance and engagement, as well as positive student evaluations of teacher performance. Kate Offer's talk draws on the literature on using humour in teaching courses that students perceive as 'difficult' in other disciplines.
ID: 12660

September 11, 2018 RTB - Sleep: Eat: Train: Repeat (at Henry Summer) >>

What does your body do body while your mind is asleep? Louise Naylor & Jennifer Walsh explore sleep quality and explain how it interacts with what you eat and how you burn energy. Exercise is essential for improving and maintaining health. Is there is a ‘Goldilocks phenomenon’ when it comes to exercise?
ID: 12662

September 11, 2018 RTB - Next time you see a person who is homeless … (Lot 20) >>

We're all familiar with the typical media image of homelessness. Mental illness or drug use is often assumed to be the cause. How accurate are these stereotypes?

What causes homelessness in an affluent city? It has been humbling to realise that Dr Wood too had some inaccurate stereotypes and underestimated just how tough it is to live without a place to call home.
ID: 12663

September 13, 2018 UWA researcher, Professor Anas Ghadouani, named in top reviewers in Environment/Ecology >>

UWA researcher, Professor Anas Ghadouani, has been listed in the top 1% of reviewers in their field who performed the most verified pre-publication peer reviews on Publons for the 2018 global Peer Review Awards.

The Publons' Peer Review Awards honour the world's top peer reviewers and celebrate reviewers who have gone above and beyond in determining what quality, rigour, and innovation look like in their field.
ID: 7978

September 16, 2018 New Hush album features UWA composer >>

The Hush Foundation aims to reduce the stress felt by young patients in hospitals with new music from some of Australia’s foremost and emerging musicians.

UWA composer James Ledger worked with emerging artists including UWA Honours student Olivia Davies who’s heartfelt works were recorded by the ACO Collective.
ID: 7614

September 17, 2018 UWA hosts space exploration focussed conference >>

Hosted by the Perth USAsia Centre in collaboration with UWA. With Australia emerging as a leader in international space engagement, and the recent establishment of the Australian Space Agency, the conference; 'The Zone Above: the Indo-Pacific Era in Space', was a timely gathering of key stakeholders to explore three thought-provoking themes of security, earth observation and space environment.
ID: 8559

September 17, 2018 UWA researchers identify 14 Canola lines with tolerances to drought and heat >>

Drought and heat stress is impacting on Australia's $1.7 billion canola industry, and high temperatures could halve the yield potential of some varieties currently grown.

Dr Sheng Chen, and other researchers from UWA Faculty of Science UWA School of Agriculture and Environment have identified 14 canola lines with good tolerance to drought, moderate tolerance to both drought and heat and those with the ability to recover well from drought or heat.
ID: 8560

September 17, 2018 Indigenous Governance Framework >>

The Indigenous Governance for Suicide Prevention in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Communities was produced in 2018.

Along with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and organisations, the School of Indigenous Studies played an integral part in a series of national workshops to co-design and co-implement integrated approaches to governance in suicide prevention.
ID: 12667

September 19, 2018 Research Impact Story: What's a Breastfeed? >>

Over the last 100 years there have been huge advances in medical care for pregnancy and childbirth; however, we are not seeing similar advances for issues with lactation. The UWA LactaResearch Group has developed LactaPedia and LactaMap, to assist doctors in the care of families who wish to sustain lactation but are having difficulty.
ID: 12670

September 25, 2018 Indigenous Legal Experts Convened >>

The National Indigenous Legal Conference convened by UWA’s School of Indigenous Studies in partnership with the UWA Law School attracted Indigenous Legal experts and practitioners from around Australia to discuss current and emerging Indigenous legal rights issues.
ID: 12665

September 26, 2018 Marshall Centre develop a "Fitbit for the gut", diagnosing common gut disorders and IBS >>

The Noisy Guts Project and UWA research team, headed by Professor Barry Marshall and project managed by Dr Mary Webberley (CSIRO Breakout Female Scientist of the Year), have developed a device capable of using bowel sounds to diagnose and monitor common gut disorders such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
ID: 8595



October 11, 2018 UWA Research Professor elected as an AAHMS health Fellow >>

Congratulations to UWA Professor Mariapia Degli-Esposti who was elected as an AAHMS health Fellow. Mariapia joins a small but distinguished group of Western Australians providing national leadership on health and medical research.
ID: 7824

October 12, 2018 UWA awarded $490,000 to research muscular dystrophy drug >>

Researchers at UWA are investigating the use of an amino acid commonly used in energy drinks as a treatment for Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy.

Project leader Dr Peter Arthur, senior lecturer in UWA's School of Molecular Sciences, said the amino acid taurine was found in all animal tissues and was also sold as a health food supplement.
ID: 8641

October 19, 2018 Waistlines the biggest loser in Perth's MAN v FAT soccer league >>

MAN v FAT combines soccer with The Biggest Loser-style weekly weigh-ins to help overweight men kicks goals on and off the field.

With the support of UWA Sport, it is now being trialled in Perth by UWA School of Human Sciences PhD candidate Tim Budden - and the early results are so promising Healthway has already committed $375,000 in funding to help establish MAN v FAT leagues across the State.
ID: 7758

October 19, 2018 Research Impact Story: SymbioticA: provoking dialogue about artful science >>

Art is supposed to do the avant-garde, be radical and ask the deepest questions about life and about the position of the human in this world. For almost 20 years, UWA’s SymbioticA has been interested in the growing gap between our cultural understanding of life and what we know about life through science. But more importantly, what we choose to do to life through technology.
ID: 12671

October 24, 2018 Research Impact Story UPDATE: Teachers have completed over 380,000 assessments with the Brightpath platform >>

UWA Associate Professor Stephen Humphry and Dr Sandy Heldsinger have successfully developed and commercialised the Brightpath software.

600 schools across Australia are now using Brightpath and as at October 2018, teachers have completed over 380,000 assessments within the platform.
ID: 7735

October 25, 2018 Sequencing4farmers project selected at top 500 deep tech startups >>

The Sequencing 4 Farmers project, Led by Dr Laura Boykin, UWA was selected as one of the top 500 deep tech startups as part of the 'Hello Tomorrow' Global Summit.

East African Farmers, struggling with diseased cassava crops, can take immediate action to save their livelihoods based on information about the health of their plants, using the portable, real-time DNA analysis device.
ID: 7734

October 25, 2018 UWA Crowd Research project: Investigating thinking and memory in older adults >>

As part of a UWA Crowd Research initiative, Psychology PhD student India Kelsall-Foreman investigates how thinking and memory skills change over time (if at all), and also how hearing, vision and health problems might affect these skills.
ID: 8691

October 26, 2018 EMS gains two Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering >>

Two researchers from the Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences, Professor Eric May (Professor of Chemical Engineering/Chevron Chair in Gas Process Engineering) and Professor Philipp Watson (Shell Chair/ITRH Hub Director, UWA Oceans Institute).
ID: 8692

October 26, 2018 UWA researcher receives Young Tall Poppy Science Award >>

Andrew Guzzomi, a UWA researcher from the School of Engineering, is a the recipient of a Young Tall Poppy Science Award for his work in agricultural engineering.
ID: 7720

October 29, 2018 UWA research fellow recognised for outstanding achievements in Young Tall Poppy awards >>

Congratulations to Verena Schoepf, UWA, who was recognised for her outstanding achievements as a young researcher in the sciences in Western Australia's Young Tall Poppy awards.

A research fellow The UWA Oceans Institute, Verena's research explores how reef-building corals are affected by climate and environmental change.
ID: 8698

October 31, 2018 UWA researchers attend Prime Minister's Prizes for Science >>

UWA researchers Professor Eric May and Arman Siavashi attended the Prime Minister's Prizes for Science last week in recognition of their work and spoke with Prime Minister Scott Morrison and Minister for Science Karen Andrews.
ID: 7702

October 31, 2018 Telethon Kids skin researcher awarded prestigious L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science fellowship >>

Dr Bowen, Head of Skin Health at the Wesfarmers Centre of Vaccines and Infectious Diseases has been awarded a 2018 Fellowship as part of the prestigious L'Oréal-UNESCO Women in Science program.

Dr Bowen's dedication to ending skin infections in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children made her a stand-out choice as one the most outstanding early-career female scientific researchers in Australia.
ID: 7703

October 31, 2018 Artificial intelligence bot trained to recognise galaxies >>

UWA researchers have taught an artificial intelligence program used to recognise faces on Facebook to identify galaxies in deep space. The result is an AI bot named ClaRAN that scans images taken by radio telescopes.

ClaRAN is the brainchild of big data specialist Dr Chen Wu and astronomer Dr Ivy Wong, both from The UWA node of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy Research (ICRAR).
ID: 7707



November 1, 2018 UWA ranked 81st in U.S. News rankings >>

The University of Western Australia has been named among the top 100 in the world in the U.S. News ranking of 1,250 universities around the globe.

The U.S. News Best Global Universities Rankings are based on 13 indicators that measure the academic research performance and global and regional reputations of universities in 75 countries.
ID: 8710

November 7, 2018 Australian of the Year (WA) Awards >>

Dr Angus Turner, McCusker Director of Lions Outback Vision was honoured as one of four Finalists in the 2019 Australian of the Year (WA) Awards.
ID: 8715

November 7, 2018 Calum Braham awarded Rhodes Scholarship >>

Congratulations to Calum Braham who was named Western Australia's 2019 Rhodes Scholar!

Calum is a UWA Master of Philosophy student, mathematician, choral singer and pianist and will be packing his bags for the University of Oxford.
ID: 7679

November 8, 2018 UWA noisy guts project wins an Innovator of the Year Award >>

Noisy Guts, led by Nobel Laureate Professor Barry Marshall won the Emerging Innovation Category at the WA Innovator of the Year
Awards with their "Fitbit for the gut" to diagnose common gut disorders and IBS.
ID: 8721

November 22, 2018 UWA Researcher profiled in WA STAND UP for White Ribbon >>

Prof. Len Collard’s research on Aboriginal men, social and cultural wellbeing including the Quop Maaman: Aboriginal Fathering project has a social impact.

Len has been profiled in the WA Department of Communities STAND UP for White Ribbon 2018 Campaign.

The STAND UP Project highlights Western Australian men of influence who are willing to make a stand to encourage others to condemn violence against women.
ID: 12666

November 28, 2018 2018 UWA Research Impact Series: Germaine Greer >>

Germaine Greer spoke about her latest publication during the UWA Research Impact Series.
ID: 11623

November 28, 2018 The Bruce Veitch Award for Excellence in Indigenous Engagement awarded >>

Congratulations to Professor Jo McDonald who received the Bruce Veitch Award for Excellence in Indigenous Engagement at the Australian Archaeological Association 2018 conference.
ID: 7616

November 29, 2018 Associate Professor Lisa Wood improving the health of homeless people >>

Congratulations to Sax Institute Research Action Award winner Associate Professor Lisa Wood for her research on reducing health inequity for the homeless.
ID: 11624

November 29, 2018 12 UWA academics named in the list of 2018 highly cited researchers >>

Highly Cited Researchers are identified by Clarivate and are defined as the preeminent individual researchers, in each of 21 subject categories, who have demonstrated great influence in their field as measured by citations to their work.
ID: 11625



December 3, 2018 ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award received >>

Congratulations to OFFshore ITRH Chief Investigator Dr Wenhua Zhao who was awarded an ARC Discovery Early Career Researcher Award (DECRA) for his project entitled “Unlocking lab to field scaling in design for floating offshore structures”.
ID: 12647

December 4, 2018 The offshore ITRH delivers real impact for Woodside >>

In working with Woodside Energy, Dr Ian Milne has delivered research outcomes that have been translated to create real impact for industry sponsors.

This collaborative work is a clear example of how the Offshore ITRH has provided high value outcomes for its research partners and had a significant impact on Australian operations.
ID: 11634

December 11, 2018 UWA Engineering and Mathematical Sciences researchers awarded $6.4M in funding from the ARC >>

Scooping half of the awarded projects, researchers from The Faculty of Engineering and Mathematical Sciences (EMS) have been awarded $6.54 million in funding from the Australian Research Council for 16 projects across Engineering, Mathematics and Physics.
ID: 12686

December 12, 2018 First Australian elected to African Academy of Sciences >>

Hackett Professor Kadambot Siddique, director of UWA's Institute of Agriculture, is the first Australian to be elected fellow of The African Academy of Sciences.

The AAS is the only continental academy in Africa, and provides advisory and think-tank functions for shaping Africa’s Science, Technology and Innovation strategies and policies addressing Africa’s developmental challenges.
ID: 12679

December 13, 2018 PerthNow talk to UWA researcher to find out which is best: glass, plastic or metal reusable water bottles >>

Professor Anas Ghadouani, who heads the UWA’s water and environmental engineering team, backs food-grade stainless steel as an expensive but environmentally friendly and long-lasting option.

Stainless steel and glass are the safest options for drink bottles, some plastics are OK, but the cheap, mass-produced supermarket water bottles should not be reused.
ID: 11701

December 13, 2018 OncoRes, Pitch@Palace Award winners >>

Congratulations to OncoRes, a UWA biomedical engineering startup, that has been developing a probe that will assist surgeons treating breast cancer. OncoRes gained international recognition, named as one of three Pitch@Palace entrepreneur of the year winners!
ID: 12622

December 13, 2018 Could new cyber bullying laws help victims? >>

The ABC interviewed Prof Michael Douglas from UWA's Law School about the new cyber bullying laws. The proposed "right to be forgotten" legislation could be a good boost for Australians' privacy - but of course, the devil is in the detail.
ID: 12623

December 13, 2018 UWA Medical researchers awarded $10.8m in Federal funding >>

Researchers at UWA received $10.8 million in Federal Government funding to tackle issues ranging from new life support systems for preterm babies, to respiratory diseases in children and how genetic background influences the development of mesothelioma.
ID: 12624

December 21, 2018 National and World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conferences >>

The Second National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Suicide Prevention Conference and the Second World Indigenous Suicide Prevention Conference provided opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities, policy makers, and researchers to network and collaborate.
ID: 12669