Research finance and personnel

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Further Information


Please liaise directly with Human Resources regarding personnel to be employed on research grants.

In general, personnel cannot be employed until the Acceptance of Offer form has been sent to the Research Grants Office, contract documentation is signed and a PG has been opened.


In general, purchases cannot be made until the Acceptance of Offer form has been sent to the Research Grants Office, any contract documentation is complete and a PG has been opened.

Once a researcher has been notified that a PG has been created, the researcher should liaise directly with School administrative staff for ordering and purchasing.

Once a signed Acceptance of Offer form has been received by the Research Grants Office, an agreement between the funding body and UWA has been signed, and all necessary ethics clearances have been obtained, a project grant (PG) is set up.

The PG is used by the Research Grants Office, the School and the researcher for the receipt of award monies and for expenditure against that research project.

The PG opening process can take a week to ten days. Once the PG is set up, the researcher and the School Manager are contacted by email with the PG number.

Request for interim access to a project grant (PG)

There are some instances where an award has been made, but receipt of the funding is delayed owing to changes to agreements, resolution of Intellectual Property matters or other ongoing negotiations.

Researchers can request access to a PG by submitting an Interim Access to a Project Grant form:

This form must be approved by the Head of School and submitted to the Research Grants Office.

Expenditure on grants

Many grants today are "one-line" grants. This, in general, means that researchers can vary expenditure from the budget from time to time when necessary to take into account the increase or decrease in prices of equipment, personnel and so on .

However, some grants are not "one-line", or are only partially so: for example, they say a specified amount of money must only be spent on travel. In this case, requests for variation (and subsequent approval) must be made (via the Research Grants Office) to the funding body prior to expenditure. If in doubt, please contact the Research Grants Office.

Carryover of funds

Each funding body, in general, has its own procedures regarding carry over of unexpended funds. Where permissible, a case should be forwarded to the funding body as to why the funds have been uncommitted or unexpended. Please read the conditions of award carefully to ensure compliance with carryover requirements.

In addition, in the final year of a project, carryover may not be permissible in some instances. Again, researchers should ensure they are fully apprised of this in order to avoid the need to return funds to the funding body.

The folllowing link leads to the NHMRC website dealing with an NHMRC Request to Carry Forward

A pro forma is available to request a carryover on ARC awards.

This pro forma should be submitted to the Research Finance Team in December each year.