Not-for-profits UWA (NFPs UWA) was formed by a group of scholars with a deep interest in the Not-for-profit sector. With the objective of fostering interdisciplinary research, collaboration and engagement with the Not-for-profit sector, NFPs UWA itself reflects the diversity and significance of the Not-for-profit sector. As such, NFPs UWA is interested in issues ranging from the nature and function of the sector, to the performance, governance, reporting and regulation of Not-for-profits. We are also cognizant of the increasingly blurred boundaries with the government and business sectors and so our focus extends to increasing our understanding of these key relationships. Our key strengths lie in the broad spectrum of sector experience and research inquiry of our researchers. 

Focus Areas

The primary focus of NFPs UWA is to encourage, perform and disseminate research practice and results. It is intended to build on the university’s already significant engagement with the sector by ensuring the research profile it builds is seen as industry-centric, prioritized toward key problems, and results in outcomes that can be applied. As such, the following research areas are currently prioritized. However, any research that is of high quality and aimed at enhancing the capacity of the Not-for-profit sector to fulfil its role is encouraged strongly.

Key research themes:

  • NFP law, governance and accountability
  • NFP sector development and philosophy
  • Performance, reporting and strategy
  • NFP regulation, taxation and legal compliance
  • NFPs, government and commerce
  • Not-for-profit reserves and intergenerational benefit.
  • Human services policy and service delivery
  • Philanthropy and engagement
  • The ontology of NFPs
  • NFP advocacy on human rights

Members & Affiliated Researchers


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