UWA provides strategic funding for a variety of internal schemes to support our research activities. In the allocation of these strategic funds, UWA commits to the principles of inclusion and diversity.

UWA Research Collaboration Awards Deferred

The UWA Research Collaboration Awards (RCA) have the dual purpose of promoting either international research collaboration or industry research partnerships.  The overall goal of the program is to facilitate collaborations that will lead to long term research alliances. The RCA scheme aims to provide enhanced research opportunities for UWA research staff and students in relation to publications, research grants, industry and international linkages and research training.  Grants of up to $30,000 are available.

UWA Research Priorities Fund

he Research Priorities Fund (RPF) is intended to provide a source of cash support for applicants seeking external competitive research funding. Applicants will need to show evidence that a UWA cash co-investment is a specific requirement of the external funding scheme.

RPF allocations will only be made with the approval of the relevant Executive Dean(s) and Associate Dean(s) (Research) and by applying the following criteria:

  • Research excellence
  • Alignment with faculty and university research priorities
  • Leverage (at least 1:6 funding)
  • Impact and collaboration 

Key Dates

There is no formal submission deadlines associated with this scheme. Applications can be made at any time.

Key Information

Allocations from the RPF will be restricted to cases where there is evidence that University cash co-investment is a specific requirement of a competitive application for external funding.

In cases where cash co-investment is not a requirement of the funding scheme, applicants may include a HDR scholarship(s) as a UWA cash commitment by applying for the UWA HDR Scholarship Priorities Scheme.

On occasion, RPF can be used to support other research priorities at the discretion of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

In cases where a proposal to obtain external funds is not subject to recognised peer review, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) may seek an external assessment of the quality and viability of the proposal.

Decisions on RPF applications will be made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).

Submission Process

Applicants for RPF must submit their case using the application form provided and must include a copy of the application for external funds. Alternatively, if the application is not available, the purpose of the request for funds should be set out in detail.

Key Documents

Research Priorities point of contact

UWA Research Impact Grants  Deferred

Knowledge transfer and research impact are priorities for The University of Western Australia as our goal is to serve our stakeholders and communities.

The UWA Research Impact Grants scheme will provide funds to promote academic impact on a discipline through high quality publications and presentations at international conference. More importantly, it will also focus on supporting interactions with non-academic users and beneficiaries of research through events such as industry showcases, public awareness campaigns, and stakeholder and community engagement activities.

UWA Fellowship Gap Central

The Office of the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) supports excellence which will enhance the University’s research reputation.  UWA Fellowship Gap Central funding is available to provide salary support for fellowships awarded through the Australian Competitive Grant schemes and fellowships funded from other sources to be agreed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on a case by case basis. The central support is provided to the Fellow when there is a salary shortfall in the amount received by the external funding agency and the equivalent UWA level.

Key Dates

There are no formal submission deadlines associated with this scheme.

Key Information


The following will be eligible for gap central funding:

  • Fellows funded by schemes listed on the Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR) and fellowships funded from other sources to be agreed by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) on a case by case basis
  • The Fellowship/grant must be administered by UWA
  • Fellows who hold a fractional fellowship appointment at UWA to undertake research will be funded at a pro-rata rate commensurate with the fractional appointment.
  • Fellows who transfer their fellowship to UWA, assuming they adhere to all other eligibility and conditions of award
  • UWA Fellowship applicants; including current fellows re-applying, will be required to  submit their application and UWA Application Cover Sheet to the Research Grants and Contracts Office by the internal deadline. Internal deadlines will be specific for each scheme and included in the internal guidelines for major ARC and NHMRC Schemes. The internal deadline for all fellowship schemes will be 3 weeks prior to the external deadline. Please contact the Research Grants and Contracts Office for clarification about relevant internal deadlines.

The following will not be eligible for gap central funding:

  • Adjunct staff who are employed by another organisation
  • Fellows who may be covered under affiliation agreements with alternative arrangements

Level of Funding

While the expectation is that applications will be made at a level that's commensurate with the applicant's track record, taking account of the equivalent UWA levels, Fellowship Gap Central will cover the full gap.

Conditions of Award
  • The Fellow is expected to supervise research students (Honours, Masters and PhD), mentor early career researchers, and may teach in coursework units where possible and appropriate.
  • During the period of gap central funding, all publications must carry the UWA by-line and all other grants should be submitted through UWA.
  • The Fellow is expected to review the Australian Competitive Grant applications of others and participate in cultural change that will enhance UWA’s Australian Competitive Grant competitiveness.

Submission Process

This scheme does not have an associated application process. This award is allocated to all UWA Staff members that meet the eligibility criteria

Key Documents

UWA Fellowship Gap Central point of contact

Young Lives Matter Foundation - UWA Grants  Deferred

The Young Lives Matter Foundation - UWA Grants have been established to distribute philanthropic donations, which have been received by Young Lives Matter Foundation - UWA (YLM), through a competitive and transparent process. Through these grants, YLM will only fund research projects which focus on practical outcomes and that have the potential to result in tangible benefits to the community.

The objectives of this scheme are to seed fund research projects with a primary goal of reducing the number of people that die by suicide. Priority will be given to projects that will contribute to YLM’s key objective, the creation of a Developmental Vulnerability Index

UWA Industry Research Projects Seed Fund

The University Research Committee resolved to establish a $200,000 fund (reviewed annually, depending on IP income each year) to support activities that assist the preparation of high value research funding applications via schemes such as the MRFF, CRC/CRCPs, ITRP, NHRMC Partnership and Development Grants, NESP, ARC-Linkage Project grants and any other schemes which engage industry and/or community partners.

Initiatives should preferably align with the UWA research strategy to sustain (ERA 5) or improve (ERA 4 or 3) our ERA FoR ratings and/or to support activities related to our ARWU rankings for UWA subjects currently in the top 200; although faculties/SIS/institutes can extend this to include other clearly articulated priorities for their area. The initiatives must support proposals designed to leverage significant industry partner funding and/or additional HDR stipends.

Key Information

Funds will be allocated to the faculties [$30k each], Institute of Agriculture (IoA) [$10k], Oceans Institute (OI) [$10k], and the School of Indigenous Studies ($10k), to make decisions on the strategic use of the funds so as to maximise the benefits to the research productivity of the University. The DVCR will hold $50k centrally to support one or two major bids for funding by cross-faculty/SIS/institute teams to address the Grand Challenge(s) identified by the University.

Activities that could be supported by the Industry Research Projects Seed Fund include, for example, consultant fees or other expenses for bid preparation, workshops to bring industry and other partners together, and expenses to facilitate research collaborations.

There is no formal submission deadlines associated with this scheme. Applicants should discuss their intended request with the relevant point of contact.

Industry Research Projects Seed Fund points of contact

To access the faculty, Institute or School of Indigenous Studies allocations please contact your faculty Associate Deans Research, the Directors of IoA or OI and the Head of SIS.

For the central DVCR allocation, please contact