You need proof of training if:

  • You are named on an OGTR dealing (Biosafety 2-Gene technology training required).
  • You are working with or in the same lab as an agent assessed to be Risk Group 2 or above (Biosafety 1 required).

This proof of training will be requested at the time of application, and should also be kept in the lab safety book inside the lab.

Online Enrolments for Biohazard, Gene technology, and Biosafety Induction signoff

  1. Login to the LMS ( using your Pheme account details
  2. Once logged in to the LMS, now click this link
  3. On the left of the screen, use the "Clink here to enrol" link.
  4. From the Self-Enrolment screen click the "Submit" button.
  5. The system will provide you with confirmation that your self-enrolment was a success. Click [ok].
  6. You can now take the modules Biosafety 1 (Biosafety Principles) and/or Biosafety 2 (Gene Technology Awareness) with the associated quizzes.
  7. Save a copy of your certificate after completing the quiz. Provide your certificate to your lab manager or supervisor. Submit your certificate to the Biosafety Office when applying for approvals.
  8. Problems with your online enrolment? Please contact the Biosafety Office on [email protected]

UWA biosafety induction signoff

This induction must be completed by:

  • all staff and postgraduate students in Science and Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences; and
  • all heads and managers of all schools and centres at UWA.

This induction must be repeated every time your status at UWA changes (for example if you graduate from a PhD student to a Research Assistant, or you are promoted from an Assist/Prof to a Professor, etc) or at a minimum, every three years.

There are various free training courses available online from non-UWA sources, as follows: