Food security

Environment, sustainability, quality of life.

Author Title Publisher Date
Kaur, S., Kaur, N., Siddique, K.H.M., Nayyar, H.Beneficial elements for agricultural crops and their functional relevance in defence against stressesArchives of Agronomy and Soil Science2016
Clements, K.W., Si, J.W.Price elasticities of food demand: compensated vs uncompensatedHealth Economics2016
Jacoby, R.P., Che Othman, M.H., Millar, A.H., Taylor, N.L.Analysis of the sodium chloride-dependent respiratory kinetics of wheat mitochondria reveals differential effects on phosphorylating and non-phosphorylating electron transport pathwaysPlant Cell and Environment2016
Tran, H.S., You, M.P., Khan, T.N., Barbetti, M.J.Pea black spot disease complex on field pea: dissecting the roles of the different pathogens in causing epicotyl and root diseaseEuropean Journal of Plant Pathology2016

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Food security

Human rights

Culture, economy, quality of life, society, public policy.

Author Title Publisher Date
Ben-Amar, W., Chang, M., McIlkenny, M.Board Gender Diversity and Corporate Response to Sustainability Initiatives: Evidence from the Carbon Disclosure ProjectJournal of Business Ethics2016
Wallace, H.J., Duke, J.M.Acid and burns violence against women: The role of the courtsBurns2016
Denemark, D., Chubb, A.Citizen attitudes towards China’s maritime territorial disputes: traditional media and Internet usage as distinctive conduits of political views in ChinaInformation Communication and Society2016

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Human rights

Health for all

Health, Quality of life , technology , society.

Author Title Publisher Date
Kruger, E., Tennant, M.Hospital admissions of older people for oral health-related conditions: implications for the futureGerodontology2016
Hirani, K., Payne, D.N., Mutch, R.C., Cherian, S.Health of adolescent refugees resettling in high-income countriesArchives of Disease in Childhood2016
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Page, A., Hamilton, S.J., Hall, M., Fitzgerald, K.W., Warner, W., Nattabi, B., Thompson, S.C.Gaining a 'proper sense' of what happens out there: an 'Academic Bush Camp' to promote rural placements for studentsAustralian Journal of Rural Health2016
Kisely, S., Lawrence, D.A time series analysis of alcohol-related presentations to emergency departments in Queensland following the increase in alcopops taxJournal of Epidemiology and Community Health2016
Yawary, R., Anthonappa, R.P., Ekambaram, M., McGrath, C., King, N.M.Changes in the oral health-related quality of life in children following comprehensive oral rehabilitation under general anaesthesia  International Journal of Paediatric Dentistry2016
Porter, M., Charles, A, Nathan, L., French, N., Dickinson, J.E., Darragh, H., Keil, A.D.Haemophilus infuenzae: a potent perinatal pathogen disproportionately isolated from Indigenous women and their neonateAnzjog2016
Francis, A., Didsbury, M., Lim, W.H., Kim, S., White, S., Craig, J.C., Wong, G.The impact of socioeconomic status and geographic remoteness on access to pre-emptive kidney transplantation and transplant outcomes among childrenPaediatric Nephrology2016

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Health for all

Sustainable Cities

Health, public policy, sustainability, The environment, technology.

Author Title Publisher Date
Sigler, T., Searle, G., Martinus, K.R., Tonts, M.Metropolitan land use patterns by industry group: firm headquarters and branch office locations in Australian citiesURBAN GEOGRAPHY2016
Aslani, F.Mechanical properties of waste tire rubber concreteJournal of Materials in Civil Engineering2016

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Sustainable Cities

Climate Change and Energy

Climate change and energy, the environment, public policy, technology, sustainability, climate change.

Author Title Publisher Date
Bryan, B.A., Runting, R.K., Capon, T., Perring, M.P., Cunningham, S.C., Kragt, M.E., Nolan, M., Law, E.A., Renwick, A.R., Eber, S., Christian, R., Wilson, K.A.Designer policy for carbon and biodiversity co-benefits under global changeNature Climate Change2016
Abberton, M., Batley, J., Bentley, A., Bryant, J., Cai, H., Cockram, J., Costa de Oliveira, A., Cseke, L.J., Dempewolf, H., De Pace, C., Edwards, D., Gepts, P., Greenland, A., Hall, A.E., Henry, R., Hori, K., Howe, G.T., Hughes, S., Humphreys, M., Lightfoot, D., Marshall, A., Mayes, S., Nguyen, H.T., Ogbonnaya, F.C., Ortiz, R., Paterson, A.H., Tuberosa, R., Valliyodan, B., Varshney, R.K., Yano, M.Global agricultural intensification during climate change: a role for genomicsPlant Biotechnology Journal2016
Tang, K., Gong, C., Wang, D.Reduction potential, shadow prices, and pollution costs of agricultural pollutants in ChinaScience of The Total Environment2016
Ma, C., Polyakov, M., Pandit, R.Capitalisation of residential solar photovoltaic systems in Western AustraliaAustralian Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics2016

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Climate Change and Energy

Healthy Ecosystems

Healthy ecosystems, environment, the environment, technology, sustainability.

Michael Considine
John Considine
On the language and physiology of dormancy and quiescence in plantsJournal of Experimental BotanyMay 2016
Golladay, S.W., Martin, K.L., Vose, J.M., Wear, D.N., Covich, A.P., Hobbs, R., Klepzig, K.D., Likens, G.E., Naiman, R.J., Shearer, A.W.Achievable future conditions as a framework for guiding forest conservation and managementForest Ecology and ManagementJan 2016
van Katwijk, M.M., Thorhaug, A., Marba, N., Orth, R.J., Duarte, C.M., Kendrick, G.A., Althuizen, I.H.J., Balestri, E., Bernard, G., Cambridge, M.L., Cunha, A., Durance, C., Giesen, W., Han, Q., Hosokawa, S., Kiswara, W., Komatsu, T., Lardicci, C., Lee, K., Meinesz, A., Nakaoka, M., O'Brien, K.R., Paling, E.I., Pickerell, C., Ransijn, A.M.A., Verduin, J.J.Global analysis of seagrass restoration: the importance of large-scale plantingJournal of Applied EcologyNov 2015
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Sinclair, E.A., Hovey, R., Statton, J., Fraser, M.W., Cambridge, M.L., Kendrick, G.A.Comment on ‘Seagrass Viviparous Propagules as a Potential Long-Distance Dispersal Mechanism’ by A. C. G. Thomson et alEstuaries and CoastsJan 2015
Ong, J.W.L., Phillips, R.D., Dixon, K.W., Jones, M.G.K., Wylie, S.J.Characterization of the first two viruses described from wild populations of hammer orchids (Drakaea spp.) in AustraliaPlant PathologyMay 2015
Fraser, M.W., Statton, J., Hovey, R.K., Laverock, B., Kendrick, G.A.Seagrass derived organic matter influences biogeochemistry, microbial communities, and seedling biomass partitioning in seagrass sedimentsPlant and SoilOct 2015

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Healthy Ecosystems

Knowledge and Education for All

Knowledge and education for all, public policy, national security, society, technology, quality of life.

Author Title Publisher Date
Ann Grand, R. Holliman, T. Collins A. Adams“We muddle our way through”: shared and distributed expertise in digital engagement with researchJournal of Science Communication2016
Caspersz, D., Olaru, D.The value of service-learning: the student perspectiveStudies in Higher EducationSep 2015
Osborne, M.S., McPherson, G.E., Faulkner, R., Davidson, J.W., Barrett, M.S.Exploring the academic and psychosocial impact of El Sistema-inspired music programs within two low socio-economic schoolsMusic Education ResearchSep 2015
Clarke, S.School leadership in turbulent times and the value of negative capability   Professional Development in EducationMar 2015
Dey, D., Roy, P., Purkayastha, T., De, D.A first principle approach to design gated p-i-n nanodiodeJournal of Nano ResearchNov 2015

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Knowledge and Education for All


Governance, national security, public policy, quality of life.

Bennett, J., Cheesman, J., Blamey, R., Kragt, M.E.Estimating the non-market benefits of environmental flows in the Hawkesbury-Nepean RiverJournal of Environmental Economics and PolicySep 2015
Horan, J., Israel, M.Beyond the legal barriers: institutional gatekeeping and real jury researchAustralian and New Zealand Journal of CriminologyMar 2015
Bryan, B.A., Runting, R.K., Capon, T., Perring, M.P., Cunningham, S.C., Kragt, M.E., Nolan, M., Law, E.A., Renwick, A.R., Eber, S., Christian, R., Wilson, K.A.Designer policy for carbon and biodiversity co-benefits under global changeNature Climate ChangeNov 2015

UWA latest sustainability research publications - Governance