The University of Western Australia provides the online software product PIVOT as an information source on international funding opportunities to its academic staff.

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PIVOT is based on the previously available online database COS (Community of Science) which has now been enhanced to not only provide information on international funding opportunities but also to allow a search for researchers worldwide with regard to particular research interests.

PIVOT works in web browsers: Firefox, IE7+, Chrome and Safari.

Research Funding Opportunities

PIVOT is a comprehensive database of international and Australian funding opportunities, and includes opportunities in all academic discipline areas.

Many of the international schemes are open to Australian researchers, and most Australian schemes are included.

Any UWA staff member or postgraduate student with an expertise profile on PIVOT can access this database from any internet-connected computer in the world via their user login. Staff who do not have a profile can access the database from any UWA-networked computer.

Expertise profiles

PIVOT pre-populates profiles using institution websites, professional websites, online publication citations and proprietary databases. Once a profile has been claimed by a researcher it is then maintained by the individual academic.

Profiles provide comprehensive information on past, current and emerging research interests, together with contact details, keywords, publications, grants and patents. Each profile has a unique URL, and can be used to generate a Word-formatted CV.

Any UWA staff member or postgraduate student without a profile is welcome to create a PIVOT Account.

For UWA, information held in the profiles provides a searchable database of all UWA expertise, which can be used to identify research interests of colleagues from within UWA.

Saved searches; tracking and sharing funding opportunities

A researcher requires a PIVOT user ID to make use of the following PIVOT features:

  • Individual staff can set up queries that search the funding opportunities database using keywords and other criteria.
  • Queries can be saved and revised at any time to make them broader or more precise.
  • Results of these searches can be viewed online or sent to a defined email address. Additionally, funding opportunities can be tracked and shared with other researchers.

Create a PIVOT account to make use of saved research funding opportunities searches and share research funding opportunities with your colleagues.