Research Integrity

A focus on research of an international quality and the fostering of an outstanding research culture have positioned UWA as one of the best universities in Australia and in the top 150 in the world.

Research Integrity, within Research Enterprise, is your main contact for administration and policy relating to research involving people, or animals and for biological safety.

Research Integrity incorporates:

These sections of the Office of Research Enterprise are coordinated by Associate Director for Research Integrity Dr Mark Dixon.

Administrative staff receive and process research applications for consideration by the Human Research Ethics Committee, the Animal Ethics Committee, and the Biosafety Committee to ensure procedural and policy compliance with State and Federal Government legislation and associated regulations.

The Research Ethics and Biosafety team

Dixon, Dr Mark Associate Director, Research Ethics and Integrity +61 8 6488 7613 M459
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Animal Ethics

Grant, Ms Jennifer Administrative Officer +61 8 6488 3033 M459
Hockley, Ms Denise Manager, Animal Ethics +61 8 6488 7887 M459
Oldham, Prof Carolyn Chair, Animal Ethics Committee +61 8 6488 3531 M019
Page, Prof Andrew Chair, Animal Ethics Committee +61 8 6488 3577 M460
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Animal Welfare and Veterinary Advisers

Bourke, Dr Deirdre Animal Welfare and Veterinary Adviser +61 8 6488 4700 M459
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Animal Welfare Office

Lindeman, Dr Melissa Animal Welfare Officer +61 8 6488 7882 M459
Sharp, Dr Michele Animal Welfare Officer +61 8 6488 7882 M459
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Biological Safety

Dixon, Ms Gail Senior Biological Compliance Officer +61 8 6488 8782 M459
Kahler, Assoc/Prof Charlene Chair, Institutional Biosafety Committee +61 8 6457 2058 M504
Li, Dr Caixia Biosafety Safety Manager +61 8 6488 4701 M459
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Human Ethics

Davies, Mr Mark Manager, Human Ethics +61 8 6488 4703 M459
McDonald, Sue Human Ethics Officer +61 8 6488 3703 M459
McLean, Mr Neil Chair +61 8 6488 3580 M304
O'Leary, Adj/Prof Peter Chair M459
Rowe, Kate Human Ethics Officer (Thur-Fri) +61 8 6488 3703 M459
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