ARC Progress Reporting by Exception

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Amendments to ARC reporting requirements: The ARC has introduced annual project reporting by exception for all grants. 

Progress reporting by exception

Commencing in 2013, reporting on progress for ALL ARC-funded projects is to be by exception, due by the 31st of March each year.

An Exception Report on Progress – ARC-funded Research - must be submitted only if there are significant issues affecting the progress of a project during the last calendar year. 
A significant issue can be taken to have arisen in circumstances in which:

  1. a delay to the project’s research program could result in the project exceeding by more than 12 months the number of years for which funding has been allocated; and/or
  2. a disruption to the project has occurred which could potentially compromise the successful achievement of the project’s outcomes.
    Such a disruption might, for example, be in the form of:
    - a project transfer to a new Administering Organisation;
    - the loss of a lead Chief Investigator, Fellow or Award recipient;
    - changes to project elements funded as Special Conditions;
    - Partner Organisations not meeting their agreed contributions.

These examples are not exhaustive and are not meant to be prescriptive – Project Leaders should exercise judgement as to the need to submit an Exception Report, on a case-by-case basis.
Please note that where issues arise for a project that require a request for approval to be made to the ARC, the request must be submitted through the appropriate channel – for example, an End of Year Report for carryover of funds, or a Variation to Funding Agreement request for changes to investigators or organisations, or transfer of a project or Fellowship – and not as part of progress reporting. 


Progress reporting for ARC funding 

The  Exception report on Progress template is available

Exception reports on Progress should be submitted electronically to