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Many funding bodies require progress or final financial reports.

In most cases, the financial reporting requirements will be met by the Research Grants Office. In some instances, however, the Research Grants Office may contact the researcher directly if they require additional information to complete a report. If a researcher receives a request from a funding body for a financial statement, it should be directed to the Research Grants Office in the first instance

Progress, milestone, final reports

Researchers may be required to complete progress, milestone or final reports according to conditions in the award. Details of reporting requirements are usually found within schedules attached to the award agreement or in the funding rules. All reports should be submitted through the Research Grants Office.

The report will be forwarded to the funding agency on behalf of the researcher, and a copy will be placed on file to become part of the project’s records.

If you are in doubt about the timing of reports or any other reporting matter, please contact the Research Grants Office.

UWA Internal Guidelines

 NHMRC Reporting

'Close out' of projects

Researchers should ensure the timely completion of projects and grants.

All funds must normally be expended by the completion of the project. In some cases, funding bodies will require return of unspent monies, especially if a 'carryover of funds' was not requested or approved.

Alternatively, some funding bodies withhold a certain percentage of the funding until they receive a final report. Certain funding bodies may require the deposition of data in a central database or archive, or they may require that the funding body be acknowledged in publications arising from the grant. Again, details such as these are stated in the award agreements or funding rules and must be noted carefully at the outset of the project.


Report forms for UWA internal schemes