Research Priorities Fund

A focus on research of an international quality and the fostering of an outstanding research culture have positioned UWA as one of the best universities in Australia and in the top 150 in the world.

The Research Priorities Fund (RPF) is intended to provide a source of cash support to applicants normally seeking external funds on a competitive basis, or for support of other research priorities including fixed term strategic appointments. 

Allocations from the RPF will normally be restricted to cases where matching funds will strengthen the University's case of winning external funding in areas of strategic importance to the University's research priorities.   This is most likely to arise in situations where matching funds are a specific requirement of an external funding scheme or in one-off circumstances where it can be demonstrated that a University commitment of funds will provide the leverage necessary to attract external funding .

A RPF contribution requires a matching cash commitment from the centre/school/faculty/institute and will not normally exceed 25% of the total cost of a proposal.


Applicants for RPF must submit their case using the form below

This must include:

  • A copy of the application for external funds (or alternatively, if the application is not available, the purpose of the request for funds should be set out in detail)
  • The total capital cost of the equipment, or facility, or alternatively, the cost of the academic staff position
  • The amount being sought from the RPF
  • Details of other financial contributions towards the total cost: school, centre, institute and/or faculty contributions must be significant and in writing
  • Details of the recurrent, or operating costs of any equipment or facility and their accommodation requirements
  • Details of how the operating costs of any equipment or facility will be funded in future years
  • The case for RPF funding; in other words, how will the overall benefits to the University outweigh the overall costs?


  • The applicant's head of school, centre or institute and deans (as appropriate) must confirm in writing that they support the application, including any commitments that may have been outlined above. Deans should indicate how the initiative fits into the strategic plan of the faculty and how it aligns with the University's overall research priorities.
  • In cases where a proposal to obtain external funds is not subject to recognised peer review, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) may seek an external assessment of the quality and viability of the proposal.
  • Because of the nature of the RPF, it is unlikely that all applications will be assessed at the one time. RPF applications should be submitted at least three weeks before the closing date for external funding, unless an alternative closing date is set by the DVC(R).
  • In exceptional circumstances, an application may be submitted after an offer conditional upon obtaining matching funding has been received from an external source, but before the offer has been accepted.
  • Decisions on applications will be made by the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research).