Australian Competitive Grants

A focus on research of an international quality and the fostering of an outstanding research culture have positioned UWA as one of the best universities in Australia and in the top 150 in the world.

The Department of Education uses the research income and publications returns, as well as the Higher Education Student Data Collection, to determine higher education providers (HEPs) grants for the following schemes:

  • Research Training Scheme
  • Institutional Grants Scheme
  • Research Infrastructure Block Grants Scheme (ACG research income only)
  • Australian Postgraduate Awards Scheme
  • Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarships Scheme

Income from other grants and for other research purposes is also taken into account, but is given a lower weighting.

Additional details about the qualifying criteria for inclusion in the Australian Competitive Grants Register (ACGR) and the list of eligible programs are provided on the Department of Education website.