Animal Ethics Committee

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Guidelines and procedures


The Animal Ethics Committee oversees the care of animals that are to be used for scientific purposes at UWA.

You should be aware of the Committee's membership and its composition.

  1. Terms of reference
  2. Meeting and submission dates

Terms of reference

  1. The Committee is responsible to the Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) for:
    1. monitoring the acquisition, transport, production, housing care, use and disposal of animals;
    2. recommending any measures needed to ensure that the standards of the Australian code for the care and use of animals for scientific purposes, 8th edition 2013 (the Code) are maintained
    3. examining written proposals relevant to the use of animals in scientific and teaching activities and either approve, approving subject to modification or rejecting such proposals provided that the Committee approves only those studies for which animals are essential and which conform to the requirements of the Code, taking into consideration ethical and welfare aspects as well as scientific an educational value
    4. examining and commenting on all institutional plans and policies which may affect animal welfare
    5. ensuring that a register of approved proposals is maintained
    6. performing all other duties required by the Code.
  2. The Committee has the power to withdraw approval for any project or authorise the treatment or humane killing of any animal.

The Committee reviews all protocols for work involving the use of animals in all University facilities and the Queen Elizabeth Medical Centre.

Ethics approval for animal use for projects involving University staff at Princess Margaret Hospital and Royal Perth Hospital has been delegated to the relevant ethics committees at those institutions.

Any researcher submitting an application for funding to the National Health and Medical Research Council is required to obtain ethics approval from the Committee for any project using animals stating that it complies with the principles outlined in the Code. The Committee also reviews all protocols using animals in teaching classes.

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Meeting and submission dates

The distribution of animal ethics applications to the two UWA AECs (Blue and Green) is now based on animal species.

The forms to prepare an application are on one page - follow this link   Application forms must be sent electronically to the Animal Ethics Office (contact:  Late applications will not be accepted and applications received after 4pm on the agenda closing date will automatically be held over for consideration at the next meeting.

  • It is strongly recommended that you consult with the Animal Welfare Veterinary Advisor in the preparation of your application (contact:
  • You also need to consult with the manager of the animal facility you will be working with, this may involve a pre-application process.
  • Incomplete and unsigned applications will be returned to the Chief Investigator listed on the application.
  • The Committee recommends applications be submitted a minimum of four months before the intended project start date.
  • Teaching units involving animals will require submission of ethics applications to the Committee for consideration before the unit is advertised.
  • The Chief Investigator is responsible for ensuring applications are fully completed and signed by all respective parties (Chief investigator and all co-investigators, Head of School.) The Director, Animal Care Services or the Curator of other UWA facilities is also required to sign the application prior to submission.
  • To arrange an appointment with the Director, Animal Care Services, to discuss animal housing and sign applications ahead of submission closing dates, please contact Animal Care Services on (+61 8) 6488 6606.

The AEC Blue will review laboratory based animal projects: 

  • rodents
  • guinea pig
  • rabbits
  • zebra fish (located at the Biomedical Research Facility)

The AEC Green will review:

  • agricultural livestock applications including sheep and pigs for medical research
  • marine species
  • wildlife 
  • native animals including native fish species

Closing date for AEC (Blue)

  • Monday - 18 June 2018
  • Monday - 30 July 2018
  • Monday - 27 August 2018
  • Monday - 01 October 2018
  • Monday - 05 November 2018

Closing date for AEC (Green)

  • Monday - 25 June 2018
  • Monday - 06 August 2018
  • Monday - 03 September 2018
  • Monday - 08 October 2018
  • Monday - 12 November 2018

AEC (Blue) Meeting dates

  • Thursday - 5 July 2018
  • Thursday - 16 August 2018
  • Thursday - 13 September 2018
  • Thursday - 18 October 2018
  • Thursday - 22 November 2018

AEC (Green) Meeting dates

  • Thursday - 12 July 2018
  • Thursday - 23 August 2018
  • Thursday - 20 September 2018
  • Thursday - 25 October 2018
  • Thursday - 29 November 2018