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The Australian Research Council’s Laureate Fellowships scheme aims to attract and retain outstanding researchers and research leaders of international repute.

The scheme, and the Federation Fellowships scheme, which it replaced in 2009, is also intended to:

  • build and strengthen world-class research capability in Australia
  • provide an excellent research training environment and exemplary mentorship to nurture early-career researchers
  • expand Australia’s knowledge base
  • forge strong links between researchers, industry and the international research community
  • support research that will result in economic, environmental, social and cultural benefits for Australia.
Professor Mike Tobar
ARC Laureate Fellow, Western Australian Scientist of the Year 2010, Physics
Professor Tobar's work on precision measurement has led to the development of an array of measurement instruments including the sapphire oscillator, which gives the most exact measurement of time developed to date, and commercial and space applications for the atomic clock. 
The world-leading work undertaken by Professor Tobar and his colleagues is testing the very fundamentals that underpin physics.
Professor Richard Hobbs
ARC Laureate Fellow, School of Plant Biology
Professor Hobbs' research is focused on the crucial issues that affect the world's ecosystems. 
His work on the impacts of land-use and climate change, invasive species, changed nutrient regimes and other factors that lead to increasingly rapid and unpredictable change in the world's ecosystems, is essential to the analysis and management of ecosystems in a rapidly changing world.
Winthrop Professor Cheryl Praeger
ARC Federation Fellow, Western Australian Scientist of the Year 2009, School of Mathematics & Statistics
Professor Praeger is in the top one per cent of highly cited mathematicians in the world and is best known for her works in group theory, algebraic graph theory and combinatorial designs.
She has been recognised for adapting a 19th century theory by a now celebrated rebel French teenager, Evariste Galois, for use in today's information technology.
Professor David Pannell
ARC Federation Fellow, Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy
Professor David Pannell is director of the Centre for Environmental Economics and Policy and is a prominent commentator on environmental policy in Australia.
His research has included work on bio-economic modelling, economic and policy aspects of natural resource management and the environment, adoption of conservation practices by landholders, and economic decision-making under uncertainty. In 2009, he was part of a winning team recognised with the Eureka Prize for Excellence in Research by an Interdisciplinary Team for their "Investment Framework for Environmental Resources".
Professor Mark Randolph
ARC Federation Fellow, Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems
Professor Randolph was the driving force behind the Centre for Offshore Foundation Systems, an Australian Research Council Special Research Centre that has an active research group in geotechnical engineering.
The Centre is composed of some 40 staff and research students who have devised geomechanical solutions for the many challenges of anchoring oil and gas platforms to the ocean bed.
Professor Leigh Simmons
ARC Federation Fellow, Centre for Evolutionary Biology
Professor Simmons is director of the Centre for Evolutionary Biology at UWA.
He has attracted researchers from all over the world to work with him in the field of evolutionary biology, with work on sexual selection and the evolution of mating systems. His research group adopts a multi-disciplinary approach to the study of sexual selection, using behavioural observation, molecular genetic, quantitative genetic, comparative, physiological, and morphological analyses.
Professor Ian Small
Professor Ian Small
ARC Laureate Fellow, Plant Energy Biology, ARC Centre of Excellence
Ian Small's PhD at Edinburgh University (awarded in 1988) was followed by a career with France's National Agronomy Research Institute (INRA) first as a postdoc and later as a tenured research scientist. He held the Vice-Director position at the Plant Genetics & Breeding Station in Versailles and the Plant Genomics Unit in Evry. In 2005 he was awarded a WA State Premier's Research Fellowship and moved to Perth to become the Director of the ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Energy Biology early in 2006.

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