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null Students keen to explore an area of personal interest, contribute to knowledge and develop important skills may consider a research degree.

These entail a project of supervised but independent enquiry at an advanced level, resulting in the submission of a research thesis (or equivalent) to be examined by experts in the field.

Research degrees include:

  1. Masters by Research
  2. Research doctorates and Doctors of Philosophy (PhDs)

Master's by Research

Master's by Research degrees normally require the equivalent of at least four semesters (two years) of full-time study and include a supervised research component that leads to a thesis which represents at least two-thirds of the course requirements.

Research doctorates and PhDs

Research doctorates (including professional doctorates) are for research-oriented graduates and professionals wishing to undertake a program of independent, supervised research executed in a creative medium.

A Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) enables graduates to complete training at an advanced level, and to pursue research leading to a thesis that makes a substantial and original contribution to knowledge in their chosen area of specialisation.

Normally, doctorates require a minimum of four years full-time study.

The University of Western Australia is among the top 100 universities in the world and offers an outstanding, international research culture across all disciplines. Find out what our postgraduate students are currently researching.

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